"FUCK!" Carla swore as she tripped over a wire, in tall black boots. It was just before the concert and they were doing a final sound check and correcting the lighting. Carla was wearing her tall black boots, a camo mini skirt, and tight camo belly shirt, showing of her glittery skull belly ring, her hair pulled back by a camo head band. Topaz sat down on one of the speakers, her knee high black boot making her legs look impossibly long with her mega short yellow gold camo shorts. She wore a black spaghetti strap shirt with the backyard junk logo of the guitar sticking out of the trashcan, a drum next to it leaning up against it, the mic hanging off the guitar.

"You okay Carla?" Emerald asked as she tuned her guitar standing in black army boots, tight black leather pants and tighter dark green camo t-shirt. Chase stood near her also tuning his guitar, wearing camo cargo pants, army boots, and a black tank top with the backyard junk logo. Chris was practically identical to him expect his shirt was grey camo with the logo.

"Yeah." Carla answered as she stood up, glaring at Tia who was laughing her off near the curtains, wearing black go-go boots and dark green camo mini dress, her hair displaying a lavender yarn braid that was braided around a strange of her green hair that held up a three beads, one green, one silver, one purple.

"Anyone seen Aria?" Tina asked, walking on stage in pink camo mini dress and knee high leather boots with spike heels, her hair in two puffy pig tails. Chase pointed toward the girl's dressing room. They watched as the door opened and a shadow appeared in the hall. A foot, well manicured, dressed in a silver strappy heel, appeared, quickly followed by the rest of the leg, clean, nicely shaven, and smooth, the skin creamy and soft. A light blue shimmering dress dress, reaching just above her knees, flowing and smooth, with a tightness around her chest, cling to her curves, slinging down between them, revealing them slightly. Her sliver blond hair was held up at the back of her heard, making her look formal and elegant. Aria looked at them nervously.

"Oh wow… she looks pretty…. But she clashes… a lot!" Tia exclaimed. Darla frowned. Aria frowned herself.

"She's supposed to stand out. She looks beautiful no doubt; it's a silvery color, which makes her eyes stand out." Chase exclaimed. Aria blushed at the compliment.

"She does look lovely but she clashes way too much. WE've gone with a wild and crazy theme while she look civilized, formal, and elegant. She's helping the entire concert, she'll stand out too much. Topaz, Go mess he up a little bit. She's too clean. And get her in something more matching to you guys, if she matches completely it doesn't matter just get her in something else." Darla exclaimed. Topaz grinned and grabbed Aria's hand and dragged her into the dressing room. Piper pretended to snore out in the empty audience seats. Saphire laughed loudly at Piper who was mocking the band, insulting them and saying they were bland and boring all with one action. Emerald smirked as she walked over to the speakers, grabbed a knob and turned it, taking the volume way way up. She then stuck a an out of tune note, making the speakers shriek and squeak, making everyone in the audience fall over as Emerald, Carla, and Chse started laugh as Emerald turned it back down and went back to tuning.

"you guys are immature." Darla exclaimed, causing them to continue laughing.

"You tell us this every week! You really think it's gonna make any difference now?" Tia asked. Darla sighed and walked off the stage and into the audience seating to make sure the sound balance was good.


"Rock and roll Jesus!" Emerald sang into the mic they finished the rock and roll number. Aria stood swaying in time with the music singing her backup singer lines, her blue camo mini dress standing out from the darkness of the rest of the stage behind her, yet getting lost into the lights that shined down on her, her silver blond hair done up a crazy way.

"So let's ROCK!" Aria chimed with the rest of the band, watching a few girls in one of the front few rows wave a silver banner Aria smiled and rang off stage to change as the song ended. She came back just in time for the next song to end and for chase to put down his guitar and grab the mic. Aria was in the dress from ealier but her hair was down and flowing. Darla handed her a mic as well as Chase started the song. She sang her response, walking on stage, listening to the crowd cheer as he reached out to her, and she took his hand. They danced the song away, singing their parts perfectly.

When the song ended, the concert ended. They bowed, and suddenly, silver flashed and crimson flew. Screams sprouted left and right. Aria collapsed as Saphire scrambled onto the stage to her friend who clutched at a dagger now embedded in her stomach, Chase clinging to Aria, shouting for security as Aerrow dove at Marla who stood in the third row laughing. Security arrested Marla as Emerald Yanked the dagger out of Aria's stomach, causing the wound to gush until Saphire and emerald put their hands on the wounds to keep the blood in. The world seemed to stop.


"I got her! Ha-ha! I told her! I told her!"


Cliff hanger… cause I'm mean. Don't worry, I'll update this before the week is out. Hee-heee. While Aria live? Will Marla win? Will Chase ever admit to Aria he's in love with her, or the other way around? Stay tuned for the next chapter.