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Chapter One

Ai Haibara lay in her bed, unable to sleep once again. This would not be her first sleepless night. Far from it, in fact, for she must have more nights where she lays awake than when she actually sleeps in a disturbed dream that caused her to toss and turn in her unconsciousness.

Tonight, her thoughts were bitterly occupied by Shinichi Kudo, who she could swear was hiding something from her. He was downstairs, whispering to Hakase again. Though Ai strained her ears, she could not hear their full conversation, only picking up bits and pieces.

"I have this feeling…No, I only didn't say anything…wouldn't …files…..Please?...Yea, I agree…."

It was extremely frustrating to Ai that she wasn't being told this as well. Why wasn't she, in fact? She wasn't some little, innocent girl, she could handle it!

Suddenly, she heard her name. Ai tried to focus her attention back to the whispers that just barely carried to her ears, straining them harder at the mention of herself.

They must have lowered their voices, though, because Ai couldn't hear anything, except for a low murmur that proved they were still talking. She rolled over, about to lay down on the floor with her ear pressed against it to try to make out some of their conversation.

In her haste, though, she misjudged her position, rolling off of the bed entirely with a loud, echoing THUMP that hurt her side immensely.

She was just lying there, curled in slightly toward her aching flank, when she heard the door creak open.

"Are you alright, Ai? I heard-" he suddenly cut off, apparently noticing me in a heap on the floor. "Ai! Ai? Are you alright? Ai?!"

I swallowed hard, my voice a high squeak when I replied, "I'm fine. Don't worry about me. Just fine."

"What happened?" Hakase demanded, almost hysteric. Well, I heard you and Kudo down there, then I heard my name, and when I tried to listen, I fell. Yeah, right. Like I could just say that. So I lied, smoothly replying the most believable story I could think of.

"I was running…from Gin. He had a gun, and he shot, and it hit my side, and I fell… It was all a dream, but the next thing I knew I was lying on the floor, with nothing all that different, except the scenery. Same pain in the side. So apparently, HE still manages to hurt me even when he isn't here." My voice still had a strange squeak to it, and I tried to cover my nerves and my lie with a sarcastic remark. I'm fairly certain it worked, because he didn't question my story. I laughed weakly, a raspy, hollow sound that bubbled up my throat. The sound had a dark lilt to it after it passed roughly over my tongue.

Hakase just stood there, staring at me for what must have been at least five minutes, before walking over to me very, very slowly, like I was some shaking rabbit that would flee if he made one wrong move. He reached down and picked me up, all at the same painstakingly slow speed.

He sat me down on my bed, turning his attention to my side.

"Are you…Does it hurt?" he asked, eying me strangely. I must have been giving him a funny look, or something, because he suddenly added, "Don't want to give you pain, if you're injured."

He extended his hand down towards my side, to examine it, but I pushed it away. "I can check it myself." Hakase winced at my tone, which was layered at the anger and annoyance I felt towards him and Kudo for keeping a secret from me.

I ignored the raw ache that shot through me when I put pressure on my side. I pushed harder, though, brushing the bone, until I felt something. My bottom right rib was cracked. Of course. What a stupid damn way to hurt yourself! I was mad at myself, paused in the same position while I festered silently. I could feel my face drain of heat.

I looked back up at Hakase's worried face. "Oh, it's just a bruise. I'll be fine. But I hit my head to, and I'm going to go take some Advil," I said, trying to come up with an excuse. I could treat a crack myself, but I wasn't stupid. Pain medication would be very nice right now. Extremely good, in fact, I thought as I walked around Hakase and to the door.

"Wait! I'll, um, get it for you," Hakase said, a little fidgety. Ah, so apparently Kudo was still here.

"Oh, no, don't bother yourself, I can get it." I wanted to catch that Kudo, who I was especially mad at now, for all of it. For keeping secrets, for saying my name, for whispering then so I couldn't hear, and I even slightly blamed him for my cracked rib. I knew it wasn't his fault, but it felt good to blame someone, nonetheless.

I hurried through the doorframe before Hakase could react, keeping a hand at my side to numb the prickles of pain I felt crawling there. I had the odd sensation of being wrapped in barbed wire, which was rubbing against me with every breath I took.

I pretended not to see the surprised 7-year old looking Kudo who went by Conan as his cover-up name, and went straight for the medicine cabinet. It annoyed me to have to pretend I didn't see him, but I knew that I had better take medicine immediately. And let me tell you, I certainly wanted that medicine. The pain was a searing burn now, engulfing my mind. I downed the small pill quickly, taking two instead of one. Then I turned until I faced Conan, and let my expression slip to that of shock.

"K-Kudo?" I raised my voice an octave at the end, making my tone sound questioning and slipping on my regular mask of cold indifference. If he saw the pain I was feeling written across my face, he would know, and make me go to the hospital. I won't go. I will be kicking and screaming. I thought.

Conan was still reeling at my presence, obviously annoyed that he had been found out. He seemed to notice my lack of a reaction, though, because I could see suspicion creeping into his expression. Not the best feeling, to know that a detective realizes something is off when you're hiding something from him.

I glared at him. "Here for a midnight snack?"

Hakase came rushing down the stairs, murmuring "I'm sorry" and other things to that effect.

Conan spared him the briefest of glances that practically oozed anger and discomfort.

"Well?" I asked, forcing him to give me his attention once more. "What are you doing here?"