Sorry it's taken so long to update. But here it is. It's supposed to be short.

Third person

Gins hand, still clasping the release button on the stun-gun watch, was held suspended in the air, his lips broken in what can only be described as a cocky grin. His cold glare fixed in one place, staring at the unconscious body of a child laying limply on the hospital bed in front of him. The only sound was of breathing. Gin's, the small girl's, and the raspy, labored breathing that came from the motionless bodies behind him, the ones that had been in this room to see him enter. He tossed the watch over his shoulder, in the direction of the small boy he had taken it off of.

Then, roughly, he scooped the girl from her pristine hospital bed and threw her over his shoulder. Gin stopped at the boy, a thought occurring to him suddenly. This boy, who was the same size as the mysteriously young Sherry, was the owner of the stun-gun watch. Sherry had muttered something about Kudo when she had been his with the tranquilizer needle. Same hair color, striking resemblance…

Without further delay or questioning, he threw the boy over his other shoulder and strolled out the door, heading back to his car. He then, after dumping the two unconscious bodies into his back seat, he opened the sleek, dark door for his back Porsche, slipping into the driver's seat. The engine growled to life and the car drove away, leaving only the silver watch that had slid off the boy's body.