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" -Talking

` -Thoughts

Bold – Lucario Talking

Blooming Friendship

"Bye Mom", shouted 14 year old Dawn as she started out the front door. "Call me when you get to the next town, okay", answered Dawn's Mom from a chair in the living room. "Kay! Bye!" Dawn ran out the door and out into the long, empty street, waving goodbye before beginning to run down it.

She had just started her pokemon journey and was very excited. Thoughts flew through her head quickly. `I can't believe I'm getting my first pokemon today! I wonder which one to chose…Piplup…Chimchar..or..Turtwig` Walking along the path to Sandgem town, she started day dreaming, looking up at the clouds. The sky was bright with sun rays and fluffy clouds, the little warm breezes filling the cool air. It was a perfect day.

Suddenly a dark shadow fell over the path and a shady fallen figure appeared in the middle of the road. Dawn walking closer to figure. `….Who or what is that` Getting even closer to the figure, she saw that it was a pokemon. ` What is a pokemon doing laying in the middle of the road? `

It was a badly mangled Lucario. Kneeling down by his side she saw bloody pooling under him. He had a wound on his head that was dripping blood down his face. His fur on his chest was tangled and tinted red from a large cut on it. The worst was his torn up right leg which had a giant slash through it and the bone was fractured at the midpoint. Right between his knee and ankle. He was in bad condition.

"I have to help him" she mumbled out loud. Carefully picking him up in her arms, she started walking again. Dawn walked for a few minutes before a raindrop hit her on the face. `No..it can't be raining` Suddenly it started pouring. `I have such bad luck` Looking around she saw a cave and ran toward it. Reaching it she realized how soaked she was. Giggling softly at her wet clothes, she stepped farther in. Soon, Dawn being blinded by a light from a crackling fire. `Is someone camping here?`

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