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I'll save you, Yagami

Athena Asamiya was on her way home from school with her friends and fellow competitors Malin, and Hinako Shijou.

"Hey Athena" Malin said.

Athena addressed her. "What up Malin?"

"Nothing. I can't believe that sham Yuri Sakazaki had the nerve to call my fighting cowardly. She may have defeated me last time but this time I will be victorious!"

"I'm sure you'll beat her this time, Malin. I doubt anyone has trained as hard as you have this past year" Athena said.

"That's right, Malin! Show her who's boss!" Hinako cheered cutting in.

"You're right. I'm going to show that Kyokugen-ryu show off just who the true coward is. YURI SAKAZAKI I'M COMING FOR YOU!" Imaginery flames then could be seen from Malin's eyes. Anyone near her vicinity can see she was definitely more high-spirited than usual and that's saying alot for such a cheery young lady such as herself.

Athena and Hinako shared a look with one another. 'Poor Malin' they both thought.

"That reminds me, have you both received invitations to the KOF being held in a couple weeks?" Athena asked.

"I have mine right here" Malin responded as she pulled out her envelope.

"I'm sorry but I don't think I'll be able to compete in this tournament. I promised Goro I would accompany him to his judo championship next month" Hinako informed them.

"That's alright Hinako. Please say hello to Goro for me" Athena said.

"I will. Athena who do you plan to team with this year?"

"I was going to ask Kensou and Momoko if they wanted to compete together again. If not, I would've wanted us to reunite again. That reminds me, Malin who do you plan to team up with?"

"Kasumi asked me to team up with her again so we can finally take down those Kyokugen-ryu dogs. I haven't heard anything from Eiji yet but I'm sure we'll hear from him soon."

Athena smiled. "I see, well good luck to you Malin." She looked at her watch and realized she had completely lost track of time. "Oh no, no, no. I've got to hurry home and get changed." She then turned to both of her friends. "I'm sorry to cut the conversation short but I've got to hurry home. I'll see you both later." Athena rushed off and waved before either of them got to say their goodbye's to her.

"See you later Athena!" they both shouted before they each went their seperate ways.

"I can't believe I let this much time go by. I hardly have enough time for a shower." Just as Athena made that statement, she immediately came across a dark alley. She spotted a man who could've possibly been perhaps a year or two older then she. He looked pretty banged up. His clothes were torn and he had many cuts across his body.

"Miss, help me" the man struggled to utter as he fell down to the ground face first.

Athena quickly made her way over to the fallen man. She got on her knees next to him and turned him over, getting a little blood on her clothes in the process. "Mister please try to get up" she panted trying her best to tend to him until help can arrive. Quickly pulling out her cell phone, she dialed 911.

"911 What's your emergency?"

"I have a young man who has been badly injured and is in need of medical attention right away" Athena told the personnel.

"Where is your location, miss?"

"I'm in between the streets of Okinawa and Dango! Please hurry, he's bleeding out much too quickly!" she panicked.

"We're on our way miss."

"Thank you." Athena then ended the call. She turned back to the man. "He's coming to."

The young man grabbed Athena's shirt and spoke "pl-ease, ne-ver come back to this place. It's this man with red hair. He just ripped me to shreds and spoke like someone possessed. He kept saying" 'Kyo Kusanagi and I'll kill you' over and over again."

Athena felt her heart rip in two. Kyo Kusanagi had always triumphed over Iori Yagami in every fight that they've had but she couldn't help but worry for him. She was partially still in love with Kyo and now Iori is back to threaten his life again. Athena couldn't let any harm come to Kyo. She would enter the tournament with the sole purpose of defeating Iori once and for all. To confirm her suspicions she began to ask the man what does his attacker look like.

"He had red hair, he wore a black or navy blue shirt with a moon on the back, red pants with a leather strap near the bottom, and he wore a black choker around his neck."

'I knew it. Yagami is a lost soul who's desperately looking for his place in the world. Him trying to kill Kyo is scary enough but him attacking innocent people is insane and he must be stopped. Looks like it's up to me to defeat him and set him free. Kyo, help me defeat your greatest rival and to become stronger.' "Don't you worry, everything's going to be fine. Hey I know, I'll sing a song just for you" but before she got the chance, the man passed out. "Today is definitely not my day." The medics arrived soon thereafter.

Athena decided the only way to make up time was to rely on her powers, so she quickly teleported home. "Mom, I'm home!" she called out. "Mom!" Receiving no answer she made her way to the kitchen to see if her mom left her a note.


I'm out doing some grocery shopping for dinner. I will be back home later.

Love you,


"Mom must've forgot that I was leaving today. I really wanted to say goodbye to her before I left." Athena proceeded upstairs shortly after that statement and quickly discarded her bloodied school uniform into the dirty clothes. She ran her water and twisted the knob to operate the showerhead. "I must take a quick shower and then to the airport." The psycho soldier goddess stepped in, immediately grabbing for her lilac body wash. "I should come up with a song about Kyo. It will be my surprise song to the fans tomorrow night." She stepped out of the shower soon thereafter and slipped on the first decent outfit she could find in her larger than life wardrobe, grabbed her suitcase and headed for the door. She left a quick note letting her mom know she would be out of town for a concert and wouldn't be back for a few days.

Athena stepped outside her house to see if she could find a taxi. Lucky for her, one was posting near the convenience store that sat on the corner of her block. "Teleport" she called out, reaching the cab in a mere second. "Sir, I'm really in a big hurry, can you get me to the airport in less than 15 minutes. It'll be 10,000 yen in it for ya."

The taxi cab driver looked outside his window. This young girl looked so familiar. "Tell me what's your name young lady?"

"Athena. Athena Asamiya" she informed him.

"You're the Athena! The Athena my daughter just can't get enough of! Let me see, you do have purple hair like her and you do seem to dress similar to how she does. If you're the real Athena, tell me where your next performance will be."

Athena was already running late. She had absolutely no time for this. She loved her fans, she really did but if this man makes her miss her plane, she will snap. Keeping her bright smile, she answered the man. "Okinawa."

"You're right and I bet that's where your headed. Say no more, hop in. I'll get you to that airport in 8 minutes, free of charge for the biggest pop star ever!" The man stepped out, grabbing the young singer's suitcase and placing it in his trunk.

"Oh my gosh, thank you so much!" Athena wasted no time hopping in. Before she got the chance to even properly fasten her seat belt, the cab sped off.

"You don't mind if I break the speed limit do ya?" the cabbie asked.

"NO, NOT AT ALL!" the psycho soldier goddess replied back. She really wanted him to obey the law but because she was already late, she had no choice but to let it be.

Athena and the driver were surprised to know that they made it to the airport in 6 minutes instead of the estimated 8.

"Oh my gosh, you are the greatest ever! Thank you, thank you, thank you!" she exclaimed. She opened the door and stepped out. She stood up and stretched her arms, before stepping back towards the trunk to grab her belongings.

"Not a problem but please before you go, do you think you could find it in your heart to autograph this photo for my daughter?" he asked in a hopeful tone.

"I'll do you one better." She reached into her breast pocket to retrieve something. "Here are two backstage passes to my show in Esaka next week."

The man did his best to suppress his joy. His daughter will be estatic, even if they have to take a train for 45 minutes to get there. This had to be the greatest dream come true for him. "Are you sure? I mean I did say the ride was free of charge so you don't have to give me those passes as collateral."

"Of course I'm sure. Please, take these tickets and I hope you both will enjoy the show. I'm sorry but I really must be going now. It was nice to meet you."

Then man removed himself from the car briefly to take the tickets and shake Athena'a hand. "You have yourself a safe trip, my dear."

"Will do. Bye bye now!"


With that, the purple hair psycho goddess pulled the handle to her luggage and made her way inside. She was immediately bombarded with crazed fans, much to her somewhat dismay. She did her best to bypass them all and find her personal entourage but the more fans she encountered, the more she felt like she was running around in his circles.

"Athena, oh my god!"

After what seemed forever, she found her manager Hiroshi and the rest of her tour crew. Finally able to rest and catch her breath, she was relieved.

"What's up Athena baby? I almost thought you were held up in traffic but I'm glad you're here." The older gentlemen reached for the young woman's hand.

She gladly took his hand and they both made their way to her private jet.

They were greeted by security. "How's it going, superstar?"

"Great, great. I'm off to Okinawa, wish me luck. I hear it can be a pretty tough crowd out there."

"Ah a singer like you, I doubt luck even exists for a woman like you" he winked.

Athena smiled. "I hope so, thank you."

Everyone in her crew boarded the plane and within a moment it was ready to take off.

As many of her fans gathered on the runway, Athena waved to as many as she possibly could before the aircraft took flight. Relaxing back in her seat, she only had one thought on her mind.

"Kyo, I will become strong for you."

Author's Notes: I hope that is a decent start to what I perceive to be a well rounded story within my mind. I had this idea on my idea for quite some time and now I finally get it down on paper. Hopefully you all enjoy and I'll be sure to update by the end of the week. See ya soon! :)