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Kyo froze in shock. He hadn't expected Athena of the Pyscho Soldier Team to become the third member of his team. A part of him knows he is running out of time for a third partner, although he hadn't discussed teaming with Yagami. "Asamiya, I don't think I can let you join up with us. Ash is a feminine loser who needs cookin' and I wouldn't want to break your little heart."

The purple haired goddess paused for a moment. "Wait a minute Kyo, you're saying Yagami's powers have been stolen. How can that be? I know Iori couldn't have possibly been defeated by someone who isn't you."

Kyo sighed. He hated reliving the final moments of KOF XI but seeing no other choice, he started from the beginning. "The tournament had just ended with Shingo and I deciding to head back to Esaka for training. Before we were able to board our plane, we encountered Yagami. His eyes were red, so I cursed my luck. We did our best to bring him back to sanity but being so tired from our previous battles, we bit the dust. I guess while Shingo and me were napping, the little prick must've waited for him to tire out and then stole the Orochi flame from under Yagami's nose. When I woke up, this freaky chick Elisabeth and my pal Benimaru, told me I was next."

"Oh my god! Kyo! I'm not giving you a choice. I will be the third member on your team, no if's, and's, or buts." Athena smiled to herself. This could prove to be her opportunity to impress Kyo and she wouldn't let it slip from her fingers.

"Asamiya..." he was interrupted.

"Kyo, please don't try to argue. I know you're thinking this will be dangerous and I might get hurt but you don't have to worry about me. As long as my adoring fans keep cheering for me, I can never be beaten" she spoke triumphantly.

Kyo wasn't in the mood to reason with her. She was pretty talented in her own right but could Athena really help him put a stop to Ash's evil plot? "Alright Asamiya, are you in town right now?"

"No I'm in Okinawa for a big concert. I should be back home in three days, I so can't wait." The purple haired goddess did her best to stop from bursting out in excitement. "Kyo, you'll finally see me shine for you. I won't let you down, I promise."

"Cool, cool. I gotta' get goin'...so I'll catch ya' later."

"Bye, bye Kyo."


They both ended the call.

Just then, Athena's phone rang once again. She looked to her caller I.D. to see her long-time teammate Sie Kensou's number. She hadn't accounted for an excuse to tell him or her master, seeing as she would be with Kyo and Iori this year. Answering the call, the psycho soldier hoped to let him down easy.


"Athena!" Kensou cheered. "I've been looking for you everywhere. Master Chin asked me to bring you back to China with me, so where are you?"

"I'm so sorry Master Chin. Please forgive me." "Kensou...I have something to tell you" she said with seriousness in her beautiful voice.

"What is it?" he asked.

Athena sighed and took a deep breath. "I've...joined up with another team" she announced quietly.

"What was that? I couldn't hear you very well."

"I'm joining Kyo Kusanagi and Iori Yagami for the tournament this year!" she announced again but with a lot more feeling in her voice. A ping of guilt filled her heart because she knew she was hurting Kensou and Master Chin. However, she feels they will somehow forgive her and that's all one could ask for.

"But Athena...why are you leaving us?" he cried.

"I'm sorry Kensou. It's just that they need my help beating Ash Crimson and you know my feelings for Kyo."

"Yeah I do but I love you. Please don't leave us Athena, please!"

She could tell her friend was taking the news hard. One day she would do her best to make it up to him.

Her hotel room door opened.

"Athena baby, it's about time for your big performance. Time to get a move on dollface" Hiroshi informed her.

Athena wished she could've consoled Kensou before the concert but fate wasn't on her side this day. "I must go. I hope you'll find a partner. Please don't hate me Kensou."

She disconnected the call before he had a chance to respond back. Gathering herself, Athena allowed her manager to lead the way to their RV. Not much was exchanged between the two except a quick glance here and there. Nerves coursed through the young girl's system. She always felt this way when making an appearance in an unfamiliar territory. "Kyo, I hope you're watching. I've got a song just for you, cute boy."

Hiroshi observed the superstar fidgeting a bit before the limo took off from their hotel. "What's wrong dollface?" he asked trying to break the silence.

Athena wasn't in the mood to discuss things with anyone, including Hiroshi. She just wanted to do this concert and get it over with. She excused herself to get dressed. When they both arrived, cheering fans went bananas at the sight of the beautiful R&B singer. She looked stunning in her outfit. It consisted of: a sky blue skirt with a cut on either side, a pink half top with a sun in the middle, high heeled pink boots, and her long, purple locks were curled with the utmost perfection. She decided to wear a light touch of makeup over her eyelids to bring herself out more.

She and her crew blew kisses to the fans before making their way backstage. Once there, Athena asked her entourage not to disturb her until it was time to go on.

Fifteen minutes went by rather quiet, perhaps a little too quiet. Out of nowhere, a mysterious figure barges in and attacks the pyscho soldier.

She dodged the incoming attack. "Who are you?"

The figure laughed. "My, aren't you a work of art young lady. It's such a pity I must carve you to your marrow."

Athena prepared herself for combat. "I hope you're ready villain!" she shouted.

The psycho goddess teleported behind her assailant and launched her first attack, "Psycho Ball! Wha-" she sounded off in surprise.

"Humph, that was amusing. Now let me show you a true attack, RYUSEI HEKIREKI KA!" Three rock pillars fall from the ceiling above Athena. She narrowly avoids two of them but the middle one could be fatal. She prepares to teleport when suddenly said pillar became nothing more than feeble pebbles.

A red headed fiend with a violent aura stood in front of her. He immediately lunges for the figure, clawing its chest.

"Bastard!" The person was forced out of hiding. "I'll kill you!"

"Kill!Kill!" Iori repeated over and over again.

The stranger wielded their staff, looking to impale him. Iori easily sliced the staff in half. He has his opponent close enough to perform his patented, Maiden Masher. He ripped his into his opponent's skin fourteen times before holding them up to which he followed with a two handed claw attack, forming a visible X. A huge amount of blood from the mysterious figure splattered everywhere.

"Kill!" the last of the Orochi yelled before retreating for another opponent.

Athena shook in fear at what just occured in front of her. While she was thankful to not be the recipient of such brutal attacks, she couldn't help but feel sympathy for the figure lying on the ground before her in cold blood.

Struggling to get to their feet, the figure shouted, "Get back here! I'm going to slice you to a slow painful death!"

The psycho goddess finally got a good look at her attacker. He or she has two long violet braids in the front while

the rest of their hair remained well kept and retained a natural brown. They also wielded a staff and a dart.

"I'll be back for you later, Miss Prima Donna. Don't go too far away otherwise I'll prolong your upcoming death. Remember the name, Shion, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!"

Athena watched the figure retreat back to the outside world. Just what in the world could this Shion want with her? Well whatever this person wants, I'll make sure they never succeed with their evil plan.

Of course she can't forget about Iori. Those red eyes and the malicious intent. "He must be suffering from Riot of the Blood again. It looks like I must save him from himself. Kyo, wait for me."

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