AUTHOR'S NOTE: I know, I know, I suck. It's been far too long since my last update and I have no excuse that will make it okay. Real life has been really bad and I've been devoid of all inspiration. So all I can do now is beg for forgiveness. I'm committed to finishing this story though, so please don't worry, I won't leave you hanging. We've got one or two more chapters left, so I hope you're still with me…

Night & Day, part 1

Brennan let out a deep sigh as she leaned back in the tub and continued to let the warm water work its magic. The day had truly taken its toll on her, from her confrontation with Booth, to the talk with Hodgins, to her own personal revelation about what she really wanted. Or who she really wanted. Only now, in the comfort of her own bath, with the softly scented bubbles surrounding her, could she allow herself to relax fully. She was done thinking, done talking, done questioning for the day. For a non-emotional person, today was overwhelming.

She heard her door creak slightly open and turned her head to see Annabelle stride in, head held high, before jumping on the ledge of the tub to observe this bizarre ritual her human seemed to enjoy. Brennan couldn't help but laugh when she saw her little paw snake out to "chase" some of the bubbles. This little creature who she hadn't even known a month or two ago, was no such an integral part of her life that she couldn't imagine not coming home to that little face every day.

Yet another good thing Booth has brought into my life that I hadn't even known I needed, she thought.

As if the thought had conjured the man, her reverie was interrupted by a persistent knocking on her door. She knew that knock.

As she quickly got out of the bath, toweled herself off and put on a robe, she had a little internal battle with herself. He's just checking on me because he's concerned. He's not intentionally pushing me, he's just needs to be sure I'm okay. And while everything she was telling herself as she walked to the door was true and she knew it, she couldn't help being slightly annoyed that he hadn't given her the time she'd asked for.

"Hey Bones," he said, giving her a large smile as she opened the door.

"Booth, this is not tomorrow." She said simply, stepping aside to allow him entrance.

He looked at his watch and smirked as he said, "Well actually Bones, since it's past the midnight mark, I think it is. But don't worry, I get your point and I won't stay long. I just needed to make sure that everything went okay tonight. That you're okay."

She smiled despite herself. No matter how bad she was at reading people in general, she had gotten good at understanding him. Which was, she supposed, more important to her life anyway. "Yes, Booth, everything went find and I'm not upset at all. I'm just exhausted. I came home intending to have a long soak and then hit the blankets."

"The sheets, Bones. It's hit the sheets." He reached out and twisted his finger around a damp curl that had settled on the side of her face. "I interrupted your bath, huh?"

"Yes, but I needed to get out anyway. Annabelle was about to have an unfortunate incident with some of my bubbles and I can tell you from experience that a wet cat is not a happy cat."

Booth smiled and then looked around for the cat, settling for calling for her when he couldn't see her. She responded immediately to his voice and quickly began rubbing herself around his legs, begging for attention. As he lifted her into his arms and began to scratch under her chin, she let out the loud open mouthed purr that signaled her supreme happiness. Both Brennan and Booth had to chuckle whenever she did that—it really sounded more like a snore than a purr when she did that! "And how's my little girl tonight? You fighting the good fight against rogue bubbles?" He asked as he noticed her wet paws.

"Absolutely," Brennan laughed. "She's the ultimate bath warrior."

He gave the cat a small kiss on the top of her head and then reached over to bring Brennan's eyes to his. "You sure you're okay, Bones?"

"I'm fine, Booth. I promise. Just tired. I'll tell you all about it tomorrow."

"Are we okay?" He looked at her with such concern as he asked this question, she had to wonder if that was his main reason for coming tonight. Maybe for once, he needed her reassurance.

"We're fine." She said simply, giving him a smile and small kiss. "I just need to go lie down before I fall down. If you want, you could stay here tonight…in the guest room, I mean. Then I can tell you all about everything first thing in the morning."

"I'd love that Bones. Are you sure though, I don't want to intrude."

"No intrusion Booth, I promise. Yesterday was laundry day so the sheets and towels are all clean. I think Russ left some pajamas here last time he stayed, just check the dresser." She paused as a huge yawn hit her, causing tears to form in her eyes. "Is there anything else you need?"

"No, I'm good Bones. You go on to bed. I'll make sure our girl has food and water, lock everything up and all that—you go to bed, you're exhausted. I'll see you in the morning."

"Good night, Booth." She said simply, giving him another small kiss.

"Good night beautiful." He said softly, pulling her in for a gentle hug and placing a soft kiss on her forehead. "Sleep tight."

She smiled at his sweet phrase and then headed to her bedroom. She was asleep in record time, the smile still on her face knowing he was close-by.