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Author's Note: This chapter is dedicated to my dad, who was laid off last month. Also, this is my first Psych fic, so any constructive criticism would be great.

Story Notes: No Character Death Here. However, Definitely Some Angst.

Sitting alone in the Psych office, Burton Guster could barely breathe. How could this happen? What did he do wrong? He wished his best friend, Shawn, would get here quicker, because Gus really needed to vent.

As if on cue, Shawn Spencer barreled into the office. He had a worried frown etched on his face.

"Gus," He said, "I got here as soon as I could. What happened? And aren't you supposed to be at work? You told me you had an important meeting that I couldn't disturb, which I wouldn't any way because it's like 8 o'clock in the morning. I mean don't know how people function this early. You'd think there would be a law against it. A law that said "Only Roosters get up at the crack of daw…"

"Shawn!" Gus said loudly. "Can I tell you what happened?"

"Sure," Shawn sheepishly replied, "It's all about you."

Gus produced the pink slip he was given this morning and handed it to Shawn. Shawn read through the note, and instead of frowning, he smiled.

"This is great," said Shawn, "Now, you can work at Psych full time."

"Great?" Gus snapped, "This is horrible. My whole future is at risk. My salary, my 401k, my health insurance… Shawn, I need this job. I really need the income.

"But…" Shawn said.

"Plus, Gus continued, ignoring his friend, "I'm a good salesman, and I love what I do. I always made my quota on time. I can't believe this happened. In a month, they're even going to take away my car"

Silence filled the room.

"I thought I had an agreement with your boss," Shawn quietly said.

"He was laid off too," Gus grumbled.

"This job is really important to you," Shawn said.

"Yeah," Gus sighed.

For a very small moment, Shawn seemed completely speechless. Gus didn't say anything, because he really didn't care. He didn't do anything wrong, and now, his life was falling to chaos. Gus started to sob. This wasn't fair.

"Gus," Shawn slowly started to smile and said, "don't be a snickerdoodle. I have some tissues on my desk. Go grab some tissues, and then go to the police station. I'm sure the Chief has some cold case files we can solve. Let me take care of Central Coast Pharmaceuticals."

Although Gus didn't want to go over to the station, he did what he was told. He didn't bother to stop and talk to anyone besides the Chief, who took one look at him and then gave him a file.

Gus went straight back to Psych and started reading the file. At first he couldn't concentrate, but Shawn was right, the case did take his mind off of his ex-job.

Or at least it was his ex-job until a couple of hours later, he got a call. His company had decided to hire him back. In fact they offered him a raise and a week of paid vacation before he had to return to work. Although Gus did turn down the raise (no fair getting more money while so many good people are being laid off), he took the vacation time. His nerves needed it.

Later on, Shawn returned to the Psych office smiling and whistling. He had a pineapple smoothie in each hand and proceeded to give one to Gus.

"What did you do, Shawn?" Gus asked, "They called and offered my job, a raise, and an extra week's vacation time."

Somehow, Shawn's smile brightened even more, "I took care of it."

Gus decided to let the topic drop. Knowing Shawn, he'd probably never get a straight answer.

"So," Shawn asked, "did you get a case?"

"Yeah," Gus said, "A John Doe was found at a theme park. The police suspected foul play, but they never found anything.

"A theme park," Shawn happily exclaimed, "This is going to be the best case ever! We're totally going to be like Scooby Doo. We need to get a talking Great Dane and a van . We can totally paint it green. Ooh, and bring Scooby Snacks."

As Shawn chatted on about the cartoon, Gus had only one thought on his mind. Although he would never tell Shawn this, Gus had the best friend ever.

"And we're totally going to pull the mask off of old Mr. Cratchett's face. And we will…"

Definitely the best friend ever.