"Happy Valentine's Day"

Everyone of Mana's classmates had gotten something from their boyfriends. Boy, they were lucky to be in love, and not have to feel lonely.

She would give anything to be in love. She wanted to know what it felt like. Mana had wished Kaname felt something towards her. Sadly, he only considered her a friend.

I wish that I could have a boyfriend…Mana thought, sadly. What the teenager didn't know was that Tsukasa had feelings for her. The only thing was, he was too shy to even tell her.

I want to tell Mana how I feel… but I'm too shy. Tomonori noticed Tsukasa looking at Mana, with a nervous look on his face.

"Tsukasa." Tomonori replied, trying to hide the smile creeping up on his face.

"Yes, Tomonori-san?" Tsukasa asked, turning to face his teacher/care taker.

"Don't be too shy to tell Mana how you feel." Tomonori said, with a smile.

He began walking towards Mana, with a determined look on his face. Tsukasa soon stood behind her, and gently tapped her on the shoulder.

"Hello, Tsukasa-kun." Mana replied, a smile on her face.

"Uh.. M-Mana… I just wanted to that I.. I love you." The teen boy replied, his cheeks turning a shade of red.

"I-I love you too." Mana replied, smiling.

"Happy Valentine's Day you love birds!" Before Itsuki could tease the couple more, he was dragged off by the ear no less!

"Ow! Ow!" The last thing Tsukasa and Mana could hear were Itsuki's cries of pain as Tomonori dragged him off to the principal's office.

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* This is another TsukasaxMana one-shot I did.. and I wrote it for Valentine's Day… sorry that it's late—or that it's short! So very sorry!