1 Chapter 1: Journey to Hogwarts

The Hogwarts Express started moving. Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Ron Weasley sat in their compartment. Hermione, who had become a prefect, was supposed to sit in a compartment with the other prefects, but preferred to be with her friends. Ron and Harry were talking about Quidditch, as usual, and Hermione was reading Hogwarts, a History for about the fifteenth time. It was very quiet. Suddenly two girls burst in. One was a tall girl with light blond hair and deep brown eyes. The other was of average height with hair of a dark red color not unlike the Weasleys' and eyes as blue as the sea after a storm.

"Sorry, but could we sit here?" the blond girl asked. Hermione nodded and moved her books over to make room.

"My name is Cyn James, and this is my cousin, Jane Murray. We're sorry about barging on you like this, but we were sitting with this really nasty girl called Pansy. Jane and I couldn't stand her so we left," Cyn explained. The boys were unusually quiet.

"You don't need to explain yourselves to us. Oh, by the way, my name is Hermione Granger. These two are Ron Weasley and Harry Potter."

"Harry Potter, the Harry Potter?" Cyn was shocked.

"Cyn, don't be such an idiot. He's practically your cousin, my dad being his godfather and all."

"Jane, you idiot! Now we have to explain everything." Blurted out a very angry Cyn.

During this exchange it suddenly dawned on Hermione that they had very thick Liverpudlian accents. She had also never seen them before, so they couldn't have ever gone to Hogwarts.

"Oh, who are you two?" Ron had apparently gotten his speech back again.

He and Harry had finally stopped talking about Quidditch and realized there were two strange girls in their compartment.

"I'm Jane Murray and this is my cousin Cyn James. We just transferred here from America."

"But you have British accents," Harry pointed out.

"Yeah, but we moved to the states when we were about nine. Before we lived in Liverpool. Home of the Beatles," Cyn explained.

"You like the Beatles?!" Draco Malfoy practically yelled. He had just come into the compartment.

"Go away, Malfoy," said Harry.

"No, if I come out of here Pansy will start bugging me again. Now back to what I was saying. I thought I was the only one our age who liked the Beatles."

" So did I! Everyone thinks they're bad just because they're from the sixties. I'm Cyn, by the way. Cyn James."

"Draco Malfoy."

"So, what's your favorite song? I personally enjoy ' Strawberry Fields' a lot".

Ron snorted. "So Malfoy actually likes muggle music? Give me a break, we all know why you're here."

"What, the Weasel wants to fight?"

"You're on, Malfoy-" But before any of them could draw out there wands, Jane stopped them. "Stop acting like 2 year olds, you two! There's really nothing to fight over; Cyn was just having a nice conversation with Draco, and you KNOW THAT RON!" Ron's ears immediately turned a brilliant shade of red, and he blushed, not meeting Jane's glaring eyes. Meanwhile, Harry had chosen to continue up the fight.

"What are you up to, Malfoy?" he asked in a challenging voice.

Draco glared back with an equal challenge in his eyes. "If you prefer to know, it's none of your business. You really are pathetic, Potter, choosing to stop us just because Cyn and I were having a civil conversation for once." And with that he walked smoothly out without a backwards glance. Hermione hissed, "Look what you did! You two totally ruined everything!" And she started after the others. Ron and Harry stared after them, to shocked for words. In two minutes three people had already walked out in anger, following their arch-nemesis Malfoy!

In no time at all they were there. They stepped off the train and got into the horse-less carriages. Jane and Cyn followed the first years so they could get their first glimpse of Hogwarts the same way everyone else had. They were soon met by Professor McGonagall. She led them into the building, where they would be met by the Sorting Hat.

The rest of the ride Cyn and Draco talked about the Beatles. Ron and Jane had gotten into an interesting conversation about what it must be like to be a muggle and Harry and Hermione were discussing a new Quidditch book Hermione had read. In no time they at all