Hey, I'm gonna make an attempt at being serious for once, if ya don't like that, don't worry, I probably won't succeed.

Chapter- Whatever (By now does it really matter? I have gone passed too many chapters at this point!

The next Defense Against the Dark Arts class Draco noticed that Professor Black had a big black dog with her. No one ever saw her without that dog after that. Jane was of course very embarrassed by the fact that her father was a dog. Well, not exactly a dog, but still. Cyn found Jane's embarrassment silly. She personally found the fact that her uncle was an animagus very gear (my attempt at Beatle talk!)

"Bullocks!" she shouted. Pansy had just knocked over her bag, spilling the contents everywhere.

"Oh sorry, was that you're bag?" Pansy asked, trying to sound innocent. Cyn just gave her such a nasty look that Jane thought even Draco Malfoy had never looked nastier. Cyn was looking very dangerous and Pansy was scared. It was actually quite amusing. Pansy was scared stiff. Draco was quite amused, ands grateful. Pansy had actually stopped flirting for a moment and just watched in terror as Cyn raised her wand.

"Wingardium Leviosa!" Pansy floated into the air, Cyn using her wand to move Pansy until she was almost outside the common room window. Cyn was concentrating so hard that she didn't notice Blaise Zabini applauding, followed closely by the other Slytherins who all found Pansy annoying and repulsive.

"Watch out for the big rocks Pansy," said Cyn and dropped her wand, causing Pansy to fall out the window. Unfortunately, she missed the big rocks and landed in a pile of leaves that Hagrid had raked into a pile.

"Thanks Cyn, Pansy had that coming to her for a long time now," said Blaise. They got to talking and became friends after that, united by their hatred for Pansy. She, Cyn, Jane, and Draco soon became like the marauders of their generation. Draco personally enjoyed the time that they enlisted Ginny, being a friend of Hermione, who was a friend of Cyn and therefore expectable by Draco, (lots of commas there) to change Ron's shampoo to green hair dye. After this prank Ron's hair was green for a month. Needless to say, much of that time was spent hiding away from everyone, and when he couldn't hide he was wearing a hat to cover the green hair. John, Paul, George, and Ringo were having a great time making fun of him. Draco and Cyn couldn't walk by without sniggering. Blaise felt a bit guilty, and Jane had been against the whole thing. Jane thought they should have done it to Harry. No one listened to her though. Cyn had a sneaking suspicion that Jane liked him. She had a wonderful time teasing her about it. Everything seemed to finally be back to normal, or as normal as things got at Hogwarts, until someone said,

"It's not like I expected the Spanish Inquisition!"

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