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Epilogue: A New Destiny

Queen Nereida opened her eyes, and gazed out into the night. She had been reminiscing on her life with her beloved Serenity while she waited. The balcony she was standing on, overlooked the gardens of the Lunar Kingdom's royal castle. When her wife saved Earth from another ice age, the moon kingdom was revived, and the entire silver alliance along with it. The planet Neptune had returned to its former glory first because of its ruler's connection with the silver crystal's bearer. The rest of the planet's soon followed with the former inhabitants returning or reviving. All of the planets, including Earth, signed peace treaties with the moon, and sent flowers for its gardens. The queens of Earth, Beryl and Nehellenia sent tiger lilies, instead of the presumed roses, to show a deeper connection to the moon, with its flower being the mountain lily.

"What are you doing out here?" Someone called out to Nereida. She turned and saw Zephyra, Queen of Uranus, walking towards her.

"Just thinking," Nereida replied, looking back down to the gardens. The part that caught her attention and made her smile fondly was the section of the garden where plants and flowers from Neptune and the Moon wove and mingled together.

"About?" Zephyra asked, curious as to what her friend could be thinking about at a time like this.

"About how this all started."

"Ah, well, I supposed that makes sense," Zephyra said hesitantly. Both she, and Eternia were always reluctant to talk about that time period in their lives.

Nereida giggled, "Water under the bridge. Honestly, you and Eternia really need to lighten up."

Zephyra simply shrugged in response, and the two friends shared a small laugh before lapsing back into companionable silence. Serenity had released Zephyra and Eternia from their punishments after the second rise of the silver millennium. This future had turned out differently than the one planned for Crystal Tokyo, and everyone agrees that it is better that way. The Earth never entered a frozen state because Serenity stepped up and stopped it, so really only a few years have passed. The Moon Kingdom was revived because of the amount of silver crystal power that Serenity used to keep the ice age at bay, and after that, everything just fell into place.

"Do you think you'll be any good?" Zephyra asked, bringing Nereida out of her thoughts.

"Honestly, I don't know, but Serenity believes that I will, that's all that really matters."

The sandy blonde paused for a moment, "You really love her, don't you?"

Nereida knew that this was more of a statement than a question, but answered it anyway, "More and more everyday."

"Nereida-mama, Zephyra-papa, it's time!" Nastusia yelled from inside the room. Before anyone could blink, Nereida was back in the room, holding her wife's hand, as she was about to give birth to their children.

"This is so exciting," Delphia whispered to Nehellenia and Beryl, who were there for the big event.

"I know," Nehellenia whispered, "I'm about to be an aunt again! I almost can't believe it."

"Now I know all of you want to be in here for the birth," Sofia said, gaining their attention, "But I really think it would be best to wait outside in the lobby."

Some of the scouts began to protest, but were silenced with a look from the unrelenting Queen of Mercury. Eternia chuckled softly, and shooed everyone out, returning to Mercury's side by the moon queen in order to assist with the delivery.

"Nereida," came a soft whisper.

Nereida squeezed her wife's hand lovingly, "I'm here my love. I'm here."

"Alright Sere," Sofia soothed, "We're almost done, now I need for you to push when I tell you to, all right, PUSH!"

Serenity cried out as she pushed, clutching onto Nereida's hand for support. Pretty soon cries filled the room, and all of the occupants smiled. Sofia handed the little princess to Eternia to clean and turned back to Serenity. "Okay, now her sister would also like to come out and meet you," Sofia said, checking on where the second baby was.

"I don't know if I can do this," Serenity murmured, exhaustion evident in her voice.

"You can do this Selia," Nereida whispered that only her wife would hear, "I know you can do this."

Serenity looked into her wife's eyes, drawing strength from them. "Assana," she whispered as the pain started again.

"Sere, I know you're tired but you've got to push this little one out," Sofia ordered softly in full doctor mode. "On the count of three, one… two… three-PUSH."

The silver haired queen of the Moon and Neptune screamed out as she pushed her second child into the world. A small cry could soon be heard as a little crystal blue haired baby emerged into view; an answering cry emitted from her silver haired twin.

Both Nereida and Serenity started crying when they saw their children for the first time. Serenity sagged back down on the hospital bed in relief, squeezing Nereida's hand slightly in the process.

Sofia and Eternia wrapped the two babies in blankets before handing them to their mothers. They excused themselves to give the family sometime alone to bond. Outside the room, they were rushed by the other senshi, the queens of Earth and Serenity's family.

"Is Sere okay?"

"Are the babies all right?"

"Are they cute?"

The jumble of questions came at the two before Zephyra silenced them with a shrill whistle. Eternia kissed her girlfriend in thanks, before turning back to the group of people who wanted to know about the state of the Queen and the new princesses. "Sere is okay," Sofia started, "and the babies are beautiful. I will let you go inside in a few minutes. Leave them alone for a bit, they are bonding, and I am sure that Serenity will need some rest. Delivering twins is never easy, even if you're queen of the galaxy." The group gave an impatient sigh, but decided that the Mercurian doctor was right.

Inside the room, the two queens stared down at the little bundles in their arms. Nereida kissed the top of Serenity's head, "You did well my love. I am proud of you."

Serenity tore her eyes away from the perfect little gift in her arms to look at her wife and the small bundle in her arms. "I couldn't have done it without you my love." The two shared a small kiss, before a tentative knock broke them out of their own little world.

"Come in," Nereida called.

Delphia poked her head in, "Hey, can we come in and meet the new members of our group?"

Nereida waved the group into the room. Ikuto Tsukino was the first to the new family, checking on her daughters and her granddaughters. "How are you doing pumpkin?" She soothed, brushing hair out of her daughter's face.

Serenity gave a tired but happy smile, and nodded. Even though she was a queen, she still loved to babied by her mother and missed her family whenever they returned to Earth after visiting her and Nereida.

"What are you going to name them?" Beryl asked, looking down at the baby in Serenity's arms, while her wife stared at the baby in Nereida's arms. It was at that moment that the new princesses decided to open their eyes for the first time, as if they too wanted to know what they would be named. The entire room gasped and cooed as the princesses gazed upon their mothers' faces and their new family. Their eyes were a fantastic combination of both of their mothers' eye colors: blue-green eyes mixed with flecks of silver. As they looked around, they let out a little giggle before promptly falling back to sleep.

The room fell silent after that display before Aydan broke it with the unanswered question, "What are you going to name them?"

Nereida and Serenity looked at each other, before looking back down at their children. "Well," Nereida started, looking at the silver haired bundle in her arms, "I've always been fond of the name Serena." She winked at Serenity, who blushed straight to her the roots of her silver hair.

Still blushing, the queen looked down at the crystal blue haired angel in her arms. "Michelle," she murmured, "I like the name Michelle."

"Those are beautiful names," Brigitte said. All of the members of the room nodded in agreement. They lingered just a while longer before dismissing themselves. Each of them had rooms in the palace for whenever they visited, and so they retired to their chambers, leaving the royal family alone.

Sofia allowed Serenity and the babies to be moved back into their rooms but with explicit instructions that no "funny- business" to take place. Serena and Michelle were placed into cribs in the room next to the Queens' chamber so that they could be heard if they cried.

Back in their own room, Nereida held her love close to her as they thought about the events of the day. "Thank you," she whispered in her ear.

"For what?" Serenity asked, turning in her wife's arms to look at her fully.

"For giving me children, giving me a family, but most importantly, for loving me with your pure and kind heart. I don't know what I ever did to deserve you, but I must have done something amazing."

"You did," Serenity whispered, kissing her softly, "You loved me, for me. That was all I ever needed, that was all you had to do." Nereida kissed her wife more fully, before silence descended upon them once more.

Suddenly, the silver haired one let out a little giggle. The teal haired queen gazed down at her wife with a question in her eyes. Serenity answered, "I guess I should thank you as well."

"For what my love?"

Serenity smiled, before moving her head so that there lips were only a breath apart. "For agreeing to be part of my new destiny, our new destiny." The two kissed passionately once more, before succumbing to the calls of sleep. Their family was finally complete, their destinies were met, and they lived happily ever after.

The End

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