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One more thing:

Max/Fang/Iggy/Omega- 24 yrs old

Nudge- 18yrs



Total- (human) 15 yrs

Maxine POV (I love calling her that)


There once lived a very beautiful lady, by the name of Maxine Jade Ride. She was a peasant girl, in the kingdom of Itex. Ruled by Queen Marrian and Prince Omega. He thought he was so perfect and strong when in all truths Maxine could kick his but. Maxine, Max for short, lived with her two siblings. Angelica Deviel Ride, Angel for short, a very knowledgeable 14-year old. Jackson Gazzy Ride, but he prefers Gazzy, a very flatulent 16-year old. Their parents, Jeb A. Batchleder and Valencia S. Martinez died recently leaving Max to take care of her siblings. She wanted her own life, so she made up a new last name and moved into a new house. Right next-door was her life long friends, Nick Gonzalez and his younger sister Tiffany-Krystal on the right, and on the left, James Griffiths, Tiffany's boyfriend. They lived peaceful for a few months until Queen Marrian announced a ball...

~end of prologue~

From the Royal Highness, Queen Marrian:

Prince Huestes Leroy Omega the 2nd's Masquerade Ball.

April 15th, 7 o'clock sharp, the palace

I read it over again and again and again.

Ok, few things.

One: Huestes Leroy Omega? Oh my. I had only ever known him as Sir Prince the Pompous, well that's what everyone in town knew him as. He never get out much so we know almost nothing about him. Except the fact that he is spoiled rotten, what with all the taxes we have to pay to accommodate his royal needs.

Two: A ball? Ha, insert invitation in trash now.

Three: There's more to read, what else could there be!

People under the age of 25 and above 18 are invited, no one else. The prince is to pick his bride.

Hope to see you there!

His bride? Jeez, what is this, the 15th century? If he wants a bride he should get out and mingle more often, not just sit about the castle. What does he expect? Cinderella? You just don't go picking brides this way.

Especially if your name is Huestes Leroy Omega.

I was pulled out my thoughts by Angel tapping my shoulder. "Max are you going to go?"

She had obviously read it over my shoulder, I didn't even hear her enter the room.


She must of noticed the look on my face because she continued, "At least think about it, Max."

I then stuck my tongue at her and thought about it. Hmmmmm...dresses, dancing, and Huestes Leroy Omega, Prince Pompous himself. NO thank you, but before I could answer her she continued speaking, "It says you can bring anyone you want. Why not Fang?" She asked with that innocent look in her eyes.

Nick Gonzales (Fang is what we call him though) was my life-long friend, next door neighbor and life-long crush. Everyone BUT him knows it and I just don't have the guts to do anything about it. I guess the ball could be bearable if he came with me, though I think it might be a little hard to convince him to come.

I sighed, "Angel, why would I bring Fang?"

"Because." She smiled, I glared.

"Sweetie, I believe we've had this conversation before. Because is not an answer, AND there is no reason for me to bring Fang. Well except to have someone to keep me occupied and out of the prince's slimy clutches, but if that's the case, I could just take Iggy. Speaking of Iggy, Nudge will for sure go meaning he will go also, meaning I will have them to keep me company IF I go, which I haven't agreed to."

"You're delusional and rambling like Nudge." And with that she skipped out of the room, leaving me with my finger in the air and my mouth wide open. I probably look like an idiot.

"MAAAAX!" My name being screamed from the other room broke me out of my idiotic trance.

Oh good god.

You see Nudge is a good kid, her real name is Tiffany-Krystal, but we call her Nudge because...Oh because she has this problem *coughMOTORMOUTHcough* that has her constantly talking so we have to constantly nudge her. Over time we called her Nudge because when we would have to nudge her we'd yell out "NUDGE HER!" Over time it was just nudge then it was her name. (lame I know)But when you give her sugar, that motor-mouth transforms into the Megatron of all motor-mouths. Super scary.

I shook my head and tried to make a break for it before she could assault me with that mouth of hers. I walked out of the back door only to be pulled back in by the motor-mouth herself.


"Yeah I got it Nudge, but I'm not going?" I said ignoring the last comment.

"Are you kidding me! You're going and that's final. I will NOT I repeat NOT accept 'no' as an answer, you hear me? Or I WILL send evil bunnies to kidnap you into oblivion until you agree to go." Is it me, or is Nudge a little hyper?

That's when I realized, much to my horror, that someone...had given Nudge...SUGAR!


This mantra kept running through my mind as I slowly backed out the door to their back yard...

"!" I yelled ( ok maybe it wasn't as dramatic, but you get it, right?) as I dashed through their door.

I slowed as I entered the living room, deciding to go to the kitchen, I picked up pace again only crash into something warm, muscular, and...FANG! Oops.

"Hey." He smirked, wrapping his arms around my waist to keep me from face planting. I scowled and tried to wriggle free of his grasp. Key word: tried.

His touch was warm and the look in his eyes sent a chill up my spine, the good kind, not the "oh no that's scary" kind.

"Where are you screaming to?" He smiled that rare smile that only he gave me, and made me weak at the knees, melt in his arms, his to control...wow what a smile. Thank god he was holding me or I'd be a big pile of mush on the floor. He cleared his throat and smirked. Shit, he caught me staring. It's just that damn smile…

"I'm running from Nudge. Someone gave her sugar and she keeps going on and on about the ball the queen is holding." There now I can go, but his grip didn't loosen. Instead he wrapped his arms around my waist as he looked into my eyes... god his eyes were amazing, when he looks into my eyes its like he sees right through me. Group that with his smile, the tight hold he had on my waist, and the unrequited love I held for this man, and I was definitely a big pile of mush.

Fang stood at about 6'3 with the darkest "You-can't-see-my-soul" eyes ever. His long black hair usually reaches a little below his shoulder blades, but his recent haircut has it shoulder length, which he keeps in a pony tail. With his height, it was a given that he towered over my, and that my chest barely reached his strong chiseled one. Or that my nose was at perfect position to nestle itself into the crook of his neck.

I didn't see it coming but he was slowly, way too slowly, leaning towards me. I leaned in closer, quicker than him (dam tease), and as his firm, warm lips brushed mine, he whispered, "I gave her a coke," letting go of me and running the other way.

I screamed in both frustration and anger. I chased him into the woods, he was quick but I was quicker. He made it to this clearing before I reached him. I tackled him to the ground; we rolled around a bit until we stopped with me on top of him.

We rolled around for a bit, just laughing and tickling each other.

I couldn't resist he was right there, in my arms, how could I let an opportunity like this pass? I kissed him. He tensed and I pulled partly away just staring to those eyes for not but a second before he turned us over and kissed me hard.

My brain shortened out and I lost all coherent thought. Having his warm lips against mine was so amazing. He kissed me hard but so gently. I moved my lips against his as we slowly sat up with me now straddling his lap.

Somewhere, way off the cloud I'm on now, someone cleared their throat. I paid no mind because I was cloud nine with Fang.

Again I heard someone clear their throat. It was getting real annoying, so I had to reluctantly pull away. I almost whimpered at the lost of contact from his lips, almost.

I looked towards where the sound was coming from. I could not believe who I saw standing there…with a camera.

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