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Somewhere, way off the cloud I'm on now, someone cleared their throat. I paid no mind because I was cloud nine with Fang.

Again I heard someone clear their throat. It was getting real annoying, so I had to reluctantly pull away. I almost whimpered at the lost of contact from his lips, almost.

I looked towards where the sound was coming from. I could not believe who I saw standing there…with a camera.

Fang's POV

Ok, calm down Fang, no big deal right?

My breathing was picking up as I freaked out, this has never happen before, and she's never like this. Hopefully there'll be no doctor needed, hopefully.

I mean, she only fell, and hit her head on a really sharp rock, no blood at least. And, it's not like the spin she took down the hill could've done anything to her right?

I checked her breathing, which for some reason had picked up; just to make sure everything was alright. Then I checked her head for any cuts or bumps, only finding one slightly bruising spot. Putting an ice pack there, I laid her down on my bed checking the rest of her body. Well, not so much as checking as, feeling up, but I can assure you I checked! Just more so in unneeded places.

Out of nowhere Max started to moan, and move her hips in a, uh er, um suggestive manner. It was a little weird, and I admit I was a little freaked out, also curious. What could she be dreaming of while unconscious? More importantly, who?

As I sat there debating who the mystery guy or girl (hopefully guy) was in her dream, she started to come to mumbling these exact words. I sear I didn't change anything; instead I laughed my ass off:

"Ugh, no wait! What are you doing with that camera! Elmo get back here!… You better not show anyone that or I swear you'll NEVER see your goldfish again!"

And with that she woke up. Still breathing, rather heavily, cheeks flushed and looking quite flustered and confused, she looked around the room.

"What? Fang, what happened? Why are you laughing? What's so funny? Weren't we-?"

"Weren't we what?" My intrest peaked, Max had gone completely red…hmm?

"Um, never mind, just uh, tell me what happened. Why am I in your bed?"

Calming down I explained, "While chasing me, you tripped and hit your head on a rock, followed by you tumbling down the hill and crash landing into Nudge's flower garden. You have a few brusies, but other than that you should be fine."

"Oh, ok, that explains it, I guess." She was sitting up in my bed but now looking at me in confusion; I let it slide and decided to ask her a few questions myself.

"Your turn, tell me what you were dreaming about. Fess up, I know you dreamt something." She looked down at her lap so I couldn't see her blush, but I did anyway.

"I don't have to tell you." I was appalled. I just possibly saved her life and she won't tell me who this mystery fantasy was! Oh hell no!

I pounced then, straddling her lap and holding her hands in one of mine, ready to carry out with my revenge. For a split second she thought I was going to do something completely different from what I was actually going to do, she got this look in her eyes. It went to quick for me to process, so I ignored it as she realized what I was actually gong to do.

"Fang, no! Get off now! I swear if you do what I think you're going to do, I will kill you!" I thought this over for a second. Deciding it was worth it, I tickled her. I was relentless; eventually we ended up on the floor both tickling the hell out of each other. (am I using that to much? The tickling thing I mean, should they do something else?)

I was pretty much out of breath by the time we started to wrestle around. She had me in the scissors lock, and I had her in the same. Neither of us would let up so I reached over to my desk, Max gave me a weird look; I returned it in a mimicking manner and stretched as far as I could to reach my sharpies.


"Yea?" Her grip on me loosening as she shied away from me…and my multi-colored sharpies.

"Which do you think is more your color? Red, black, brown, blue or orange? Hmm?" I asked taking the caps off of each marker as I called out their colors.

"Um…actually, I think pink is more me. Oh! Too bad you don't have it! Oh well, better luck next time, right?"

"Au contraire," reaching over to my trash bin I picked up the pink sharpie, courtesy of Nudge, "Remind me to thank Nudge for this later." I said smiling and slowly stalking over to Max.

"I should have guessed, I wondered why the great and almighty emo Fang would have a pink sharpie!" I growled and pounced on Max and her smirking stance.

She quickly dodged to the left, missing, I banged my head against my desk drawer.

"Fuck!" That's definitely going to bruise.

"Language Fang!" Max tisked from my left as I held my forehead together.

"Yes, 'cause that's what I should be worried about right now Max! Really!" I yelled right back.

"Well it's your fault, if you hadn't gotten out the sharpies and tried to get me then we wouldn't be in this mess now would we?"

"Well, then I guess its all Nudge's fault for giving me the sharpies, eh?" A sly smile creeping up my face.

"Hmm, you have a point there, Fnick"

"Wipe that smile off your face; I'm letting that one slide this time!" Pointing a pointed finger in her face.

"Whatever, what are we going to do to get back at Nudge for the sharpies and your "aching head"? Max asked using the universal sign for fake, otherwise known as quotation marks.

I thought for a second, we couldn't really do anything to Nudge just because she gave me sharpies. But we could if we just wanted to! But would you? Awe! Damn conscious! Why does it have to be so right! Why do I have to be the responsible one?

"Well, we can't do anything just because she gave us sharpies, and after all, she is my sister." Yep there's my eternal monologue in a nutshell, gee I have such a great thought process! (a/n: did that sound should of.)

The excited look was wiped off Max's face and was replaced with a mischievous one, quicker than I could process.

"What are you thinking about, Max?" Cautiously walking towards her and grabbing her wrists.

"Well, she is your sister, and she's like a sister to me also, so I guess you're right."

Whoa, double take, what? "I'm just going to go and see what Angel wants to eat for dinner…bye Fang, see you later!"

"Uh…uh….? OK." What was that? Jeez.

Max's POV

I'm not going to do anything to Nudge, oh no, she's not my target…

"GAZZY?" I called out for my special man, he would know what to do in a situation like this.

"What can I do for ya my beautiful sister?" Gaz said with a bow to my feet, and like the queen he treated me to be, I snorted.

"Oh no, it's to late to start sucking up, I know exactly what you're trying to do and its not going to work, but I know what might…"

His worship façade dropped and was soon replaced with a relief filled one.

"Oh thank bombs, I did NOT want to have to go shopping with Nudge, that woman does not know when to stop it's always " OH I HAVE TO HAVE THIS" or "I HAVE TO HAVE THAT" or my personal favorite, "IGGY-KINS IF YOU DON'T BUY THIS FOR ME NOW I SWEAR I WILL NOT ONLY CASTRATE YOU WITH A SPOON BUT I WILL PERSONALY MAKE-UP THE COUCH FOR YOU TO SLEEP ON." Nudge and Iggy share a bed if you know what I mean.

"Wow Gaz, you said that all in one breath, maybe this is a good thing, you've been hanging out with Nudge way to much. His eyes widened, haha, "OK, here's what I want you to help me with…"

Together Gazzy and I came up with an excellent plan. Fang won't know what hit him. Plus I was getting a date for the ball out of this, which is a plus.

Huestes POV (a/n hee hee)

"Too blue…No, red is so not my color…Ugh, don't insult me…Try again…What did I say about red? Ugh, is there no one competent enough to find me a suitable suit for the ball! MOTHER!"

"Yes sweetie pie?" God my mother was so weird.

"Your tailors are incompetent, fire them."

"But that's the fourth time this week, Huestes you are going to decide on something soon or I will just call off the whole thing!"

"You can't do that!" I screeched finally past the brink of insanity. I need a girlfriend. I am practically a prisoner in my own kingdom. Granted, I'm the most well treated prisoner in the entire world, but that's beside the point. The ball was less than a week away and nothing was finished, I do not have time for mother's bickering.

With a sigh, I relented, "Fine, Hugo!" The short stub of a man dashed quickly to my throne, bending on one knee, bowing his head. "Give me that lovely blue suit, it will simply have to do." Disgusting, I hated the blue suit, it was absolutely repulsive. At least it fitted well, I wanted to look my best for her.

That green eyed beauty, with the most amazing and musical laugh. Gah, I watched her everyday when she hung out at the town centre (that make sense?) with those ghastly people she calls friends. I especially hated the dark one, he was to close to her for my liking.

I could see her from my game room, from the large glass windows that faced the sunset every evening. It was quite a sight, my mother thought so to because the room used to be hers, until I got extensively bored with my studies and needed a little fun.

At first she didn't let up, she loved the room, and after my father passed, could barely stand to part with it. Yet it still haunted her with thoughts of my dad, which is the point I made to get the room.

Don't get me wrong, I felt a little bad, but the woman should know when to move on. I mean seriously, King Chu Omega (yea I know, not his name but it has to fit with the story) died when I was 15, I'm 24 now and honestly? I didn't really like the guy, barely knew him, he was always so busy with "ruling a kingdom" and the "good of the people" and "individual rights." The man was a dreamer.

I was pulled out my thoughts by my mother's sickly voice, "What do have in mind for food hun?"

Hun? What was I? Six?

"Well I want I nice buffet, no formal dinners, this is a ball, a place to dance and find my wife. So I'm thinking a nice chicken dinner with caviar, steak, assorted cheeses, desserts of all kinds, including those to-die- for chocolate chip cookies, they're simply divine. Oh and that crème bru le (spelling?)! As for drinks, red and white wine, along with basic punch for those who don't feel like walking a crooked line that night, if you know what I mean." I finished off with a wink, which my mother simply rolled her eyes at and wrote it all down, mumbling something about being ungrateful. Pssh, as if, I deserve everything I get and more, so to say I was ungrateful was an insult to my mother's parenthood skills.

Which were a bit sketchy to begin with.

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