It is now 1985. Tony and Jeannie are still happily married. In 1974, they had twins Jennie (me) and Anthony, Jr. (TJ). They are now 11 years old.
The Nelsons are living in Houston, Texas. Tony is a colonel now and Jeannie is a housewife and mother, something that she has always wanted to be ever since Tony found her and she became his genie.
Jeannie is very involved in the twins' lives and their school.
She no longer wears her harem costume but she still has her bottle. She tells the twins how Tony rescued her, how they eventually fell in love, got married and had them. The twins never get tired of hearing it.
Jeannie was the exception to the rule. All genies lose their powers when they marry a mortal, but Jeannie didn't. She still uses her powers but is more careful with them now. Most everyone knows she is a genie, anyway so it is no longer a big deal if she uses them. The twins' friends don't know she is a genie, though. She tries not to use them when they are visiting. Tony has never tried to stop Jeannie from using her powers. Being a genie is who she is, just like being an astronaut is who Tony is.
Dr. and Mrs. Bellows and their 12 year old son Tyler come to visit during summer vacation. Eventually, Tyler takes a liking to Jennie and won't leave her alone. After she discovers her powers, she does things to him so he will leave her alone. (Those will come later.)
Roger still lives in Cocoa Beach and is engaged to a girl named Julie. They come to visit The Nelsons quite a bit.
Tony and Jeannie have been thinking about moving back to Cocoa Beach. The twins know nothing about it yet.
The twins are both very smart. Jennie is more into dancing and theatre than sitting with her nose in a book. She likes to write though and keeps a journal and writes in it every day.
TJ is more into reading. He also likes aeronautics and planes like Tony. Jennie looks more like Tony, she has his brown hair and hazel eyes, and (I really do!) But has Jeannie's personality and stubbornness. TJ looks more like Jeannie; he has her blonde hair and blue eyes but has Tony's personality and perseverance.
They are beautiful children. Exactly what you would expect Tony and Jeannie's children to look like.
Jeannie is the only person who gets away with calling TJ Anthony. Everyone else calls him TJ.
Who would have known that when Tony found that bottle on the beach back in 1965, containing a beautiful 2000 year old genie he would eventually marry her and have children with her?
Some things have no reason or explanation.
Tony and Jeannie were meant for each other, that's all there is to it.
This story begins at where The Nelsons would be in their life 20 years after they first met. Sit back, relax, and enjoy…