Chapter 4

Later that evening...

Dear Diary,

Hi, it's Jennie again.
Well, I talked to my parents about how I felt about my mom being a genie and they were both really cool about it. They both listened to what I had to say and understood how I felt. They truly do love me and are willing to do anything to make me happy. I really do feel bad about the way I feel, though. I mean my mom is a genie and I can't live with that. I feel like such a brat. I love my mom and she is the most beautiful, wonderful person in the world. My twin brother TJ and I are the best things that have happened to her, as well as my dad, and she loves everything about us but I can't accept the fact she is a genie. I really wish I knew why I can't accept it. I wish I could love everything about her.
That is the reason why I love my mom so much. She sees the good in everyone and loves me for me and doesn't try to change me. Why I am I trying to change her?
Maybe I am more like my aunt Jeannie than I realize. My aunt Jeannie is very selfish and manipulative. I couldn't do some of the stuff that my parents say she has done but I could still have the selfish gene from her in me. I have never met her but my parents say it's just a matter of time because she pops in anytime she wants, anywhere she wants. The reason why she hasn't popped in in the last few years is because my mom said that Aunt Jeannie was and is still very jealous and angry that my mom married my dad when she tried so many times to get him and never succeeded. Why should she see my mom happy when she hasn't been able to find the right man to marry? She has been married many times, but it was never to the right person. At least that's what my mom tells me. She was even more upset when she found out about me and my brother." My neice and nephew are half mortal? That is an abomination to have mortals in the family. My sister would be stupid enough to have children with a mortal." She is very ashamed and embarassed to have us related to her, that's another reason why she hasn't come around.
Even after all that I still want to meet her. Is that wrong?

TJ takes more after dad's side of the family. He's more into aeronautics and things like that than I could ever be. I am more like mom's side of the family. I am a bit stubborn, mischievious, and love to have fun. I love to do things for people and make them happy, just like my mom. Maybe that's why I have such a problem with her being a genie. She and I are exactly alike except she's a genie, and I'm not. I look like my dad but am so much more like my mom. I like to go out and enjoy life. TJ just sits around reading his airplane magazines, building models, and hanging out at the base with our dad. I would rather be at my dance recitals, or in drama club and theater, listening to music, and writing in my diary; like I am doing now. Our parents named us very well, our names fit us perfectly. I am named after our mom and TJ is named after our dad. I was named Jennie instead of Jeannie so it wouldn't be confusing having three Jeannie's. Our mom is named Jeannie as well as our aunt, so it was time to stop that pattern. Besides my mom has always liked the name Jennie and didn't want to name me Jeana. My dad wanted to name me Jenna, but Jennie won out. My mom's reason was that she carried me and gave birth to me, she should pick what I was named. With TJ, he prefers to be called TJ instead of Anthony or Tony because dad is called one or the other. Our mom is the only one allowed to call him Anthony because of the same reason as above. At least that's what she always tells TJ anytime he complains about her calling him Anthony. Boys will be boys. Our dad didn't want his son named after him but once again, he didn't really have a say in it. What can I say? She's stubborn and she's a genie.
We may be twins, but we are nothing alike. We may have been born on the same day and have the same parents but that is where the similiarites end. I do love my twin brother very much though.
Even though I am more like mom's side of the family I love my dad so much. He is the coolest dad. I wish everyone could have a dad as cool as mine. Even though he and I don't share the same interests, we always find things to do together because he is my dad and I'm his daughter. Sometimes he asks me how I could look so much like him but not share the same interests as him. I tell him that it's all just a coincidence and to at least be happy that I don't have any genie powers like my mom. He just laughs and hugs me. Many of my friends think it's cool that my dad is an astronaut and can go up in a rocket into space. I just tell them that I'm used to it, it's no big deal. It's his job and he enjoys it. They ask me what my mom does and I tell them that she's a stay at home mom and housewife, which is true. I just don't mention the fact that she's a genie. Sometimes I wonder how my dad was able to hide it from everyone for so long.
My mom said that she is going to talk to my dad about having my friends come over for the weekend and while they are here, I can tell them about her. My mom is even willing to only use her powers when I'm not around or only when absolutely necessary. She is so awesome. How many kids can say that their mom is willing to do anything for them because they love them so much? Probably not many.
I hope my friends understand when I tell them. I love all my friends and if they are truly my friends they will understand and if they don't understand then I don't need them in my life.
Sometimes I wonder why my brother and I don't have powers of some kind. My mom's whole family are genies, yet neither my brother or I are. It could be that our father is mortal and his genes overrule the genie genes. Who knows? I am kind of glad, though. I don't know what I would do if I had my mom's powers. I don't think I could handle it. I don't know if my dad would be able to handle genie children, he already has a wife who's a genie. I believe it's a blessing in disguise.
I am tired so I am going to go to bed. I will write more later because I just love to write. Good night.