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How could a desert be so cold? How could the sands which once warmed his pale skin have dimmed so much? He raised his eyes, dark and uncaring, emotionless and green, to meet the sky, a sky just as dark and uncaring as his gaze. Shadows not caused by the lights absence underlined his eyes; a testament to the burden he had once born. Crimson hair flicked over his face and he sighed, raising a slender hand to his forehead, as if it would push his thoughts away. Lonely. The word hissed past him, the sand whispering to him as it fluttered around his form. He sighed once more, lonely? Not him, he was not one to be lonely, he was used to the feel of emptiness beside him, but, never, never had he felt the emptiness inside him; not like this.

He looked up to the sky once more, when he had arrived it had been bright and clear, filled with clouds and unhindered sunlight; now it was dark, dark and troublesome, a mystery filled with glittering stars, each one, winking, calling him, beckoning him, mocking him. The desert had never seemed so crowded, and yet so alone. Stars mocked him as they hung in the sky; sand taunted him as it danced by. 'Yes.' He decided. This open space, consuming and condemning him. It was crowded, crowded in a way he'd never thought it could be. He'd always felt peace here, always thought it to be serene; but now, it was different now, now it was just him. Alone in the middle of a mighty sea of sand, and yet, the loneliness he accepted was accelerated as he looked up at the crowded sky. After all, the loneliest place to be; is in the middle of a crowd.

Desperately he searched within his mind. Closing his eyes to block out his surroundings. A wind picked up, his clothes fluttered around him. The swirling sand seemed to reach out to him. Eyes still closed he sighed, it tugged at him. These strange emotions. Though he did not allow it to be shown on his face, they were there, inside of him. Strange feelings, things he'd never really understood before. He gave a soft sigh slightly surprised by the conclusion he had come to. Sand whirled around him as he opened his eyes, staring blankly at the scenery in front of him. Looking once more at the sky, realizing just how late it was. Shaking his head he released the grains of sand which had settled in his hair. The desert seemed mournful; both for him and that he was leaving. The wind around him gently caressed his face before dancing off to flirt with something or someone else. Making his way to his village he walked undetected to his rooms, looking through the window of his room his eyes caught the desert and the stars, so far away. He shook his head again, not quite understanding the conclusion he had come to.

He missed the demon.



~ For those who are reading this, this is just a take on what Gaara might have been thinking when he finally realized that Shukaku was indeed gone. Please forgive any errors, spelling and otherwise. Also, have another version, which is slightly different, that could morph into a longer story. If anyone wishes to see this, or read a longer story, please say so and I will consider it. Thank you for reading and if you do, reviewing.