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Last Gift:

It is something a shinobi will face; that decision. Whether to run away, or to go ahead. Throwing their life away willingly for another's. Spilling their own blood for another's, ending their own heartbeat for someone else. Many are faced with this choice. A decision they must face. Many run away. After all, who would be loyal enough, loving enough, brace enough, to die for another.

It was the time between dusk and day. The mission was ending badly. Things were going wrong. Yet, now, he did not care, he did not see what he was supposed to see, instead all he saw was life, his teammates life, flashing past his enhanced eyes. He knew what would happen. He could see it happening. In a moment the rocks would fall, Kakashi would be crushed. Warm blood spilling in pools on that cold harsh ground, forming rivets among lifeless tears. His blood covered face, caused by his missing eye would be forever transfixed in the grimace of death. Obito steeled himself. His now red eyes watched as he suddenly realized that his teammate, no, friend, was about to die. Rushing forward with the speed of the Uchiha he shoved him out of the way. The crushing weight of the rocks pressing into his body was diminished by the weight lifted off of his heart at the choice he had made. The remaining battle flickered in his fading eyes and he barely registered when Rin and Kakashi joined him.

His once laughing face parted in a pained grimace slowly faded to a tired and weary grin. His mouth opened and his last words were uttered with a soft tone, the tone of one about to fade forever. It no longer mattered to him. All those fights, the disregard, the insults, the choices, they faded away as his last choice doomed him to die. He gave them a small smile, his last smile. His red eyes had replayed what would have happened; and he smiled. For now it was not Kakashi trapped dying, blood spilling, face ended in a grimace. It was his own blood which pooled around him. It was him lying on the cold hard ground, trapped by rocks; it was Rin's tears which formed rivets as Kakashi took his departure with denial. And he did not regret his choice, not even for a moment. As the last spike of pain shot through his body and he saw Rin replacing Kakashi's eye with his own, that was when he uttered his final words, almost too silent for them to hear.

A gift, for you.


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