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Haine had a feeling that he would regret the decision of sparring with Naoto earlier that morning.

It was their rare attempt at getting along, in which Haine would infuriate her to the point where she would reply with blows. With nothing else to do, and using the time as an opportunity to refine their fighting skills, the strange pair would battle it out behind the church. It was almost like their awkward way of getting to know each other.

He wasn't too sure when the tension between them had died down a notch, but there was less hostility between them. Still, no matter how big the improvement, he still felt fear.

Fear for that instability that grips the edge of his nerves each time he gets too close. Fear of the untamed beast that was also drawn to the katana wielding woman.

So, to stop this fear, Haine would have no choice but to push away, to reopen old injuries, to inflict mental pain, anything to stop her from growing closer.

To his disappointment, he found himself simply being pulled even closer and that his plan had resulted in their little brawls.

Today's battle, as he predicted, ended badly as the knife she used broke in two from the force of his gun pressed down on the blade.

He knew very well that that knife was another possession handed to her by her father and was most likely quite precious to her. While he watched her carefully picked the broken knife, a question flitted through his thoughts;

Would he break her like that one day too?

Would he rip her to shreds, as he did to Lily? He pondered the possibility and the slight feeling of panic became welling up again.

He grew frustrated at his uncontrollable emotions, and shook his head with a growl, trying to shake the feeling away. Jumping down from the ledge he had been sitting on, Haine started down the street, his mind trying to recall the knife shops nearby.

Perhaps, he thought, it would be best if he thought of a good apology so she wouldn't be too mad at his sorry ass.

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