Lilly's POV

I remember feeling so horrible after seeing him bow his head, as if he was shamed to have been with me in the first place. I had ran in the bathroom not knowing where else to go to since I needed to keep my "tough" personality intact, I'm new so I can get a bad reputation really quickly. I looked at myself in the mirror and ran my hand through my hair. My face was red, my makeup smudged, my hair had become a mess. I turned the valve and water poured out of the spout. I stuck my hand under the rushing water and wiped it on my face to cool myself down. I washed away my smeared eyeliner and eye shadow. My hair was puffed out a bit from the crying. I took the hair tie off my wrist and put my hair up in a messy bun, then went out of the bathroom hearing the first bell ring of the day - first period, math.

I walked into the classroom and took a seat next to a cute brunette, with eyes, so brown, they were lakes of chocolate pudding. She looked about 5'4. Even though her outfit wasn't the best, she looked like a suitable friend. She was wearing a v-neck pink and green shirt and very light jeans and pink flats. Her hair was down and very lush. She looked like the most beautiful person around. She might have saw me staring at her but I think she would've said something to me anyways. She looked at me with her huge eyes and blurted out "hi my name is Miley, oh my god ! I love your hair, what's your name ? I love you !" she started to blush after she told me she loved me. I don't think she's very good at making friends, she might thought she screwed up her chance to be my friend.

I answered slowly and in monotone (pretending not to care) "hello Miley. thank you, and my name is Lilly" I made sure not to say anything about the "I love you" since I know that could hurt her feelings. She smiley ever-so-sweetly. And then the teacher came into the room - Mr. Gabs. Everyone began to take their seats. Miley flew her head directly at the teacher as if it was an emergency to stare at him contently. He was a decent looking man - in his early 20s, his cheeks and chin were a little darker then the rest of his face (assuming he gets 5 o'clock shadow), his ass was like thunder tushy - I understood why the girl had her eyes on him 24/7, other than because he was the teacher.

Mr. Gabs wrote on the board "a^2 x b^2 = c^2" then repeated it out loud. He began babbling on about math and other junk of the sort. I couldn't stop thinking about what had happened. I stared out the window watching the birds perch themselves on the branches of the oak trees outside. I kept hearing sounds behind me. I pushed them to the back of my head until I got snapped back into reality. Mr. Gabs had hit my desk with a book and yelled "Miss Truscott I have been calling your name for the past 5 minutes ! This is not the best way to begin as a new student here and blooming dale high school !" I nodded my head and paid my apologizes, then for the rest of the period I stared at him at least pretending to listen, even though I was in another world thinking about the love of my life, Oliver. (I don't care if he doesn't love me back, I will try my best to win him over with my extreme charm.. Yeah, sure, I totally have that)