He doesn't know.

This is spoken by Saphira to the reader after she dies

What he doesn't know

Is putting me in pain

For I love him, my rider

He doesn't know my lineage, my royalty

For it is spoken in prophecy

He still wants cold-heart-arya

But nay, should he love me

That stupid boy, why can't he see?

That I love him for all eternity

He and I go to war

Against the black king

That traitor, murderer, oath breaker

Slew me in battle but he and shruiken went with me

I told eragon, who was at my side

I finally told him, I love you,

Just before I died

He sits now at my grave, Arya at his side

And told me

He loved me

Finally after I died

He realized, what he was to me,

What he doesn't know now

Is that I watch him

With my father and mother

And I whisper back

I tried and you broke my heart,

Go to hell, shadeslayer.

For that is where you should reside

For he never really loved me

Until after I died.