Hi! Well here's my first story, hope you like it:

In the war, many families were destroyed or separed, in hands of the adversaries,but… what happened to the ones that survived?

Eloise was on her bed, hugging the teddy bear that her brother gave to her on the last birthday they were toghether, she was 12 and now she was 14, she was a blue bear with black hair picked on a ponytail, wearing a camo t-shirt and dog tags.

That day she had been thinking in her brother, they get separed when she get kidnapped by the Tiger general and his soldiers, since then, she hadn't hear anything about her brother.

She was very depressed and bored, so she get up and walk to her computer to chat, she nedded to talk to someone, inmediately her session was on a window get opened and it says:

Sneakspyhotmail has added you as a friend, you want to:

*add this person

*refuse it

Eloise desided to accept it, she likes to meet new people by chat and she clicked the first one, then another window opened saying "hi eloise"

She, a little confuse and worried ask "how are you?" and the extranger responded "eloise you can't remember me?" she write "no, please tell me your name" getting this answer "I'm sneaky"

Eloise after reading this smile and laugh writing this "sneaky?! Its really you?! OMG! How have you been? Do you know something about my brother?"

"I'm ok and I now where's your brother" "where? tell me tell me" "ok ok calm down, he lives in a town named "happy tree town" you only have to take a train to the south" "thak you so much, well, see you later, bye"

Eloise turn off the computer and started to make her bags, she didn't have many things only clothes, toothbrush, hairbrush, her video camera, a photo album and a few CDs, and a backpack whit her ipod, cellphone and other stuff, the furniture was part of the little department she rented.

She close the door with key and run downstairs to the reception and give the keys to Al, an old gray wolf that was the owner of the building

"hi Al" "hi Eli, are you going to the beach, or for what is the bag?" "no, I'm going to look for my brother, so I come to leave the keys of my department" "so you're not going to come back uh?" "hum…no" "ok, good luck, and I hope you find your brother" "thaks Al, bye" "take care little girl"

Eloise was eager to arrive to the train station and see again her last relative: her brother.


Well, there's the first chapter of my first story yay! don't ask if Al is going to appear again, because the answer will be NO, I just needed someone that pick Eloise's keys ^ ^, wait for next chapter!

All the characters that apperar in this chapter belongs to Mondo Media

With the exception of Eloise and Al.