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Eloise smiled and then she remember that she still had to get her bags to the hospital so she start running while she shout " I must go! Bye!"

When she was far away Flaky say "hee hee, you like her don't you?" Russell just blused a bit and say "w-what?" Flaky giggle and continue "you blush when she kissed you and you didn't wanted Disco Bear kiss her"

Russell just look at the purcoupine and say "w-well, yeah, I-I think she's really cute" he kneed down and beg Flaky "but please don't tell anyone! Especially her!"

Flaky say "don't worry, I wont tell anyone" the sea otter get up and say "yaar! Thanks Flaky!"


Meanwhile, Eloise was running to the hospital, when she arrived, she take some time to catch her breath again

Inside the hospital, there was a lot of people injured and even death, Eloise just look stunned and she remember when she was on war, people injured, dying and having lots of pain, she felt something weird inside her, like if something evil and dark wanted to get out of her

Eloise shook her head, take her bags and get out of there, outside, the strange feeling dissapear

"hmmmm, that was weird" she said for herself and ccontinue walking


Eloise had walked like 30 minutes, she was tired and now she didn't know where she was

"fuc*! Now I'm not only tired, now I'm lost!" she sit on a bench and put her bags on the floor

She take her backpack and open a little box, inside it, there was a golden necklace with a heart shape pendant

Eloise sighted, she really missed her mom, she was looking at the necklace when a green raccoon wearing a fendore approvach her and touch her shoulder, she turn aroundand ask "yeah?" but when she turn her head, another raccoon take the necklace and start running

Eloise get up and start shouting "HEY gimme that!" she turn around and noticed that the raccoon with the fendora had dissapeared

"those damn thieves" Eloise say for herself and start chasing the two raccoons, when she was close enough, she take one of the raccoons' tail and make him fall off, then, she noticed that the one that was still running had the necklace

"if you move from here, you are dead" Eloise say to the raccoon and take out her bowie knife, approvaching it to the raccoon's neck "you get it?"

The racoon just nodded in fear, Eloise continue running chasing the other raccoon while the one that was on the floor say for himself "she kinda remind me someoneā€¦"

Eloise was really near to the raccoon, but she couldn't get him, so she jumped and fall on him, she take her necklace and get up, then she start walking away

Then she got an idea, she look at the raccoon and smiled, then she say "you know Flippy?"

The raccoon answer "the war veteran?" Eloise nodded and say "you know where he lives?"

The raccoon nooded and say "why you want to go?"

The blue bear answer "yes, he's my brother and I'm lost, so you are going to help me, ok?"

The raccoon look at her and say a bit nervous "F-Flippy is you b-brother?" Eloise say "yes, why?"

He just say "nothing and, why I must take you there? What if I don't want to help you?" Eloise think of a moment and say "I'm going to act like if I were in war again" she say and take out her bowie knife "and if my brother is like I see yesterday, I'm worst than him"

The raccoon just get stunned and say "ok ok, I'll help you" Eloise smiled and keep her bowie knife "ok, lets go" but the raccoon stopped her and say "can we go for Lifty?"

Eloise say "who's Lifty?" the raccoon answer "is my brother, and I haven't introduce myself, I'm Shifty" and he take Eloise's hand and shake it

Eloise just look at him and say "hum, ok, comn lets go for your brother and my bags"


Eloise arrived ther brother's house helped by the twins, she waved them godbye and nocked the door of the house, then, the door open, and Flippy get out

"Eloise?" Flippy asked

"yup" the blue bear say and smiled, then she get into the house "I hope you dont mind if I live here from now, you know, I'm new here and I dont have money for buy a house or a department"

Flippy just see how his sister was talking and talking and looking all the house, then he stand infront of her and say "ok sis, you can stay here, but, you dont care what happened yesterday?"

Eloise look at her brother and answer "that's another reason I'm here bro, I want to know what happened to you?"

Flippy sit on the couch and sigh, he look at his sister and say "I...I dont want to talk about it right now"

The little bear approvach Flippy and say "awww comn bro tell me!"

The war veteran look at his sis and say "ok, when I look or hear something that reminds me the war, my evil side came out and..." "and?" Eloise asked

"and he kills everyone around, that's why I almost never get out, I dont want to hurt anyone, especially..."

"who?" Eloise asked "whowhowhowhowho?!" Flippy blushed abit and say "hum..."

Eloise noticed the red color on her brother's face and say eager "IS A GIRL! you dont want to hurt a girl! you are in love! who's it?!"

Flippy look at his sister and say "no one!" Eloise smile and say "ok" then she remeber Flaky and asked "is Flaky?"

Flippy blushed more and nodded yes

Eloise shouted and say "that's great! now you two can be togheter!" Flippy look at her and say "what?!" "as you hear" Eloise continue "she likes you too! she even change her image for caugh your attention and look prettier!"

Flippy just blushed and he didnt say anything

"ok, then, I want to ask, since when or why your evil side came out?" Eloise asked

"I dont want to talk about it" Flippy say angry, Eloise say "ok, then I think I now who can help me" she take out her bowie knife and put it on the palm of her hand, she pressed and some blood start puring to the floor "look Flippy, blood, does this remind you something?" she say and approvach it to Flippy's face, who look at Eloise's hand covered in blood, then his evil side get out, his eyes were yellow and his teeth were sharped, he look at Eloise and smiled

"hehe, hi again" Eloise look at him and say "ok, first I'm going to say that I want you to tell me why you exist and since when"

Evil Flippy look at her mad and say "hmmm, what if I dont want?"

Eloise say "you are going to know me mad" and smiled


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