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"Mornin', Evans."

That's what he'd say to me every morning at the Great Hall. I always answered with a stony glare, an angry retort, or I'd just ignore it. Of course, no body knew that those two words made my day.

Maybe that's why I snapped when I stopped hearing them. James' antics and his endless pursuit of my affections had become such a constant in my life that it somehow felt vacant without them. I could always count on him to boost my self-esteem with his incessant compliments, to lift my mood when I was feeling down with one of the many jokes he told in the common room, and —I admit guiltily— to have someone to blame when anything went wrong with my life. So, after sitting one night in front of the fire in the common room for a while, I decided to take a step.

The next morning, I sat with my friends near James and his friends.

"Mornin', Potter," I said.

His expression was priceless.