Chapter 1 : Pikachu, I Choose You!

NOTE: I Am saying now that this fic will be het, as in M/F when the pairing actually gets started (By the way, who should Ashley be with?

Summery: Ever wander 'What if Ash had Been Ashley? Would anything have changed in the series?' well I have, and this is the answer I came up with.

Disclaimer: I do not now, nor have I ever, owned the rights to Pokemon or pocket monsters in any way, shape, or form. Please do not sue me, if you do, I think you should know that I do not have a diem to my name. I am also not affiliated with Nintendo, Gamefreak, or any other establishment. The only thing I own is my original content such as my OOC and such.

NOTE #1: The story will get further and further away from the anime, with chapter seven being the first chapter that is almost nothing like it's corresponding episode.

NOTE #2: Please note that this is the only chapter that will have a long explanation before the actual story begins, this is do to the fact that I want to explain a few things before the readers get to the story, so that there is no confusion in the future over any of these facts.

Firstly: Every single time I read one of these 'if Ash was a girl', 'if this character was a girl', or a 'I changed the gender of the main character!' types of stories, I always find myself extremely disappointed at the fact that the person that wrote it has the emotional capacity of a five year old.

I say this because they always follow the same, overly emotional storyline. Girl sees guy, girl cries a lot, girl screws guy. I can't stand stories like that. They drive me nuts. Though there are other types as well, ones that are just as bad, such as the 'Guy turns out to be a girl and cries a lot while informing everyone s/he knew about this fact, ever girl hates her, and a guy she likes picks her up and carries her away while telling her how long he's been in love with her' types. Who else hates these types of fics? Who else thinks that these fics must be destroyed? Everyone? Good.

Now, I am fine with fics where someone everyone thought was a guy turns out to be a girl. I am fine with them, I really am, I actually like one, (and I have a couple in my favorites, though I actually hate several of the ones in that list, I simply haven't deleted them from it yet) I simply can't stand it when the main character hits every emotion possible in every paragraph. Every Paragraph? Really? Is it that necessary to make her that emotional?

So, now that I have finished with that little rant, I think I should state that this fic will not be like that, I have no pairings planed, and if any come up in the future, I shall ask the readers, that would be you, weather or not to put it in the story. I also shall make it where some people DO think that Ashley is a guy, owing to the fact that she is an tomboy, but the only people that will think this are the guys from Pallet town. Why? Well because I kind of think of Gary as a jerk in the beginning of the series, and I also think that he would never think of Ashley as a Rival if it wasn't for the fact that he thinks she's a girl.

Secondly: There is not a pairing for this fic, if I decide to add a pairing later, it will be WAY later. As it stands, this fic is simply my idle of what would have happened in the series if Ash was a girl, and was somewhat intelligent, not a genius, but not as clueless as Ash tends to be in the early part of the series.

Thirdly: Please understand that this story will not follow EVERYTHING in the manga/anime series do to the fact that I am a strong believer in the ripple effect (which states that a single event can change everything in the future, and in this case some of the events will change because of Ash's new gender), and I also don't think that some of the events can happen with Ash being a girl in this story.

Fourthly: I do believe we need to start this fic. Sorry for my rant.

A young girl of about sixteen years of age shot up out of bed in a cold sweat, her short jet black hair sticking to her face and covering her strange zigzag like markings on her cheeks. She was unsure of what had woken her, and a little confused in her have asleep state.

"Huh?" She asked dumbly, looking around for whatever it was that had woken her up. She had been having such a wonderful dream. It had been about all the Pokemon she was going to catch after she got her Pokemon license that day. It had been a great dream, there was even a Bulbasaur, a Charmander, and a Squirtle in it, as well as a few legendaries.

She took in the room as she looked around and realizing that she should have tidied it up the night before. It was nothing more then a disaster zone, something she was kind of used to in her room.

The room looked as though it had been hit by a massive gust attack, or like a few Tauros had run through it in a stampede. Her clothes were all over the place instead of being packed up in her backpack, ready to leave with her on her big adventure. The bunk bed she was now sitting on was a bit strange for the room, owing to the fact that she was an only child. Her mom had gotten it for her, thinking that it would be a good thing to have in case she ever wanted to have friends stay the night.

There were also a bunch of supplies laying around the room where they could get broken or damaged when she should have had them all in her backpack, ready to go. For instants, she had saved up all her money for the past couple years so that she could order a few pokeballs before she left, so that she could catch some Pokemon the moment she started her journey. The pokeballs had been delivered the day before, and now where all over the floor of her room. Some of them were even sitting with her unpacked socks sitting on top of them.

'Crap' she thought, getting off her bed and sorting through the items, shoving the things she was taking with her into their proper pockets of the backpack she had just bought, silently berated her self for not packing the night before.

'I've been waiting for this day my whole life, and I'm not even packed yet. What the heck was I thinking?' She thought as she quickly stuffed the Pokeballs into their special compartment, pausing when she came across the ones that she had been so excited over managing to get.

Most of the people in her town didn't know, but there were actually several different types of Pokeballs. The ones you see everyday were just called Pokeballs and were found in just about ever Pokemart, but then there were also Pokeballs like the Net Ball, which made it easier to catch water Pokemon and bug Pokemon, or the Moon Ball , which was made out of a special type of apricorn that gets stronger at nigh, making the Moon Ball twice as good as a normal Pokeball at night, but only half as good during the day. There were a bunch of other ones as well, but she hadn't been able to afford them.

When she first started buy Pokeballs, she had bought a lot of regular ones, but had started saving up her money when she had learned about the other pokeballs from a magazine a pen pal she had somewhere in Johto had sent her, where ever that was.

In the magazine it had mentioned a man named Kurt, who makes special pokeballs out of the different colored apricorn. He was apparently the worlds best Pokeball maker, and was the only manufacturer of most of these special Pokeballs.

It had cost her quite a bit to get the balls made, she had to order some of the apricorn from other people, then send them to Kurt with her order and money. After all was said and done, she had wound up with 30 Pokeballs, 7 Air Balls, 4 Grass Balls, 3 Net Balls, 1 Ice Ball and a Premium ball. That made 46 pokeballs, and would make 51 empty pokeballs when she got her Pokemon. (She had found out yesterday, when her pokeballs arrived, that Prof Oak would be giving her 6 pokeballs when she got her Pokemon. One with her starter Pokemon in it, and five empty ones so that she could catch her first group of Pokemon.)

When she had first gotten the Premium Ball she had been so exited that Kurt had thrown an extra one in for her, but the excitement went down a little bit when she found out that you always got one when you ordered 10 or more Pokeballs from anywhere at the same time. It also dampened her excitement a little bit more when she realized that the Premium Ball didn't have anything special about it, it was just a fancy looking Pokeball.

'A Pokeball is a Pokeball, I guess. It's always a good idea to have some extra Pokeballs with you, you never know when you might need them.' she thought, simply happy that she had gotten more then what she had payed for. The only downside of spending all her money that she had saved up on Pokeballs was that she was now broke, and would have to find stuff to sell on her way to the next town.

'Good thing my mom got me that book on herbs and plants a few years ago!' she though looking around for said book. 'Herbs always sell at medicine shops.'

She quickly searched her bookshelf for the book, but was unable to find the book. Instead, she found found the box her father had sent her a few months ago when he had heard that she was going to get her license soon. She hadn't opened it yet, but the letter that he had sent her with the box had said that there was some stuff inside it that she might need on her journey, so it was probably a good idea to put it in her backpack with everything else she was taking.

"OK, that's the box, but what I really need is that book." she said as she stuffed the box into her backpack, and began searching the room again.

After a few minutes of searching, she finally spotted the book, which was sitting on her windowsill. Getting up from her spot on the floor, she quickly walked over and picked it up, pausing when she saw her cheap collapsible fishing rod laying next to it.

'That's right,'she thought, 'the last time I went fishing I found the Sillion Weeds.' Thinking about the Sillion Weeds, she unconsciously scratched at her arm, remembering the river plant that had given her hives all over her arms where they had touched it.

It had happed several weeks ago when she had gone fishing out of sheer boredom. The line of her fishing rod had gotten tangled up in a strange plant that was growing in the river, and when she went to untangle it, anywhere her arms touched the plant, they started itching and what had to be the worlds largest bumps started to appear all up and down them, causing her to scratch at them even more.

When she had finally had enough of the itching, she went home to ask her mother to look at her, which she did. When she saw the bumps and hives that were on her arms, she had put a strange ointment on them and bandaged them up, telling her to read up on the plant so that she would know what to watch out for in the future, reminding her that she had a very good book on herbs in her room.

That had been the first time that her mother had told her to look the plant up instead of telling her about it, which was probably because she wanted her to be able to deal with these kinds of things on her own on her journey.

Her mother, being a gardener, had taught her many things about plants over the years, giving her books and lectures on their veering uses in medicine and cooking. She had never really been able to cook with them no mater how hard her mom tried to teach her, but she still liked learning about them. She had also shown her how to take care of them by giving her her own area in the garden to take care of. It had taken her a long time to figure out how to not kill the defenseless plants, but she was eventually able to keep them alive.

The girl finally snapped out of her reminiscing and came back to the present, knowing that she should probably finish up with her packing. Looking down at the two object on the windowsill, the girl paused, wandering if she should take the rod. It took her only a second to decided to take it.

'Well, it's either I take it, or I try to catch a water Pokemon by hand, which would probably put me in danger of getting eaten by a Gyarados.' she thought, rolling her eyes at the stupid thought. 'What kind of a moron would try catching a water type Pokemon barehanded with Gyarados swimming around?' She added, not knowing the irony of her thought.

As she picked up the the Botany book and the fishing rod, something out the window caught hey attention, causing her to freeze in horror.

"Oh my Vaporeon, please tell me that's not what I think it is!" she said, looking up out the window, only to have her worst fears confirmed.

The sun was already up high in the sky, signaling that she was running extremely late..

It was already midday, and she was supposed to have met with Prof. Oak that morning at his lab at 7am, which meant that she was extremely late.

"Why the heck didn't I wake up on time?!" She screeched, looking around for her alarm clock, only to find it shattered into a million little pieces on the floor across from her bed.

'Oh, hehe. That's why. I must have thrown it in my sleep again.' she thought to herself with a sweat drop as she quickly turned and headed for the door, knowing that she had to get to Prof. Oak's lab as quickly as possible.

"OH no!" She shouted, throwing the rod and book into her backpack as she ran out her bedroom door and down the hall, almost knocking her mother over in the process.

"Ashley! Aren't you supposed to be at Prof. Oaks?!" Her mother called after her as she ran out the house and down the street, a little perturbed at the fact that her daughter had just run out of the house in her Pjs. 'Well, at least they're pajamas and not a nightgown.' she thought with a smile as she turned and went into her daughters room, knowing full well that her baby girl would forget to take her backpack with her.

"Is this all she packed?" she asked out loud, wandering why Ashley hadn't packed anything else. All that was in it were pokeballs, a book, a fishing rod, and some clothes. "Maybe I'll add a few things." She said with a smile, pulling the stuff she had been keeping in her pocket out and sticking it in her daughters backpack. She had been putting things together for her baby girl for the past couple of weeks, knowing that Ashley was going to forget to take a few things.

When she was done adding things to her daughters backpack, she took the bag downstairs and went to the phone, calling all her family and friends to remind them about Ashley leaving home today.

Ashley was running down the road, trying to get to Prof Oak's place as quickly as possible. She was already late and didn't want to make it worse by taking her time to get there. When she finally arrived at the front gate of the lab, she was a little surprised to find that there was a small crowd of people there screaming for Gary.

"Let's go Gary, Let's go! Let's go Gary, Let's go!" They chanted, repeating there mantra over and over again as Ashley pushed past them.

"Oh great, Gary-nites. The Worlds most dreaded Pokemon." She whispered to herself, wishing they would just drop off the face of the planet. "I will never understand how anyone can be so obsessed with that jerk!"

When she finally got the the front of the group, she started walking up the path to Prof. Oak's lab, only to be stopped in her tracks by the bane of her existence himself.

"Well, if it isn't Ash! Better late then never I guess, at least you get the chance to see me." He said, slowly pissing her off. (A/n: Gary is one of the people that thinks she's a boy.)

"Ug, Who let you out, Gary?" She asked, trying to stop her anger from making her kill him. It wouldn't do to kill the little Magikarp before she even started her adventures, that would be bad.

"That's Mr. Gary to you! Show some respect!" He said, smirking at her while trying to seem superior, something he always seemed to do.

'Don't kick him in the balls, Don't kick him in the balls, Don't kick him in the balls.' she thought to herself, repeating it over and over again, trying her hardest not to hurt him. He was always a jerk to her, and to everyone else for that matter, it really pissed her off.

"Well Ash, you snooze you loose and your way behind right from the start! I've got a Pokemon and you don't!" He said while smirking.

This statement caused Ashley to stare at him in shock.

'He has his first Pokemon? Already?' she thought miserably, hanging her head in horror.

"That's right, Looser! And it's right her in this Pokeball!" He said, spinning the Pokeball in question on his index finger, as though it was an undersized basketball.

At this statement, everyone started up there chanting again.

"Let's go Gary, Let's go! Let's go Gary, Let's go!"

When Gary heard his adoring Gary-nites cheering at him, he started to give a speech, something that made him seem vary pompous.

"Thank you fans! Thank you all for this great honor! I promise you that I will become a Pokemon master, and make the town of Pallet known all around the world!" he shouted, causing More people to cheer, while making Ashley stare at him blankly.

"Isn't Pallet town already known all around the world, thanks to your grandfather?" She asked, causing everyone to stop and whisper about the fact that she was right. He was world famous after all, and his lab was just as famous as he was.

Gary face faulted at this statement, knowing that there was very little he could do to argue against that statement.

"Anyway, can you tell me what Pokemon you got?" Ashley asked, trying not to smile to much at having destroyed Gary's moment of glory.

"None of your business! If you would have shown up on time, you would have seen that I got the best Pokemon of all from Prof. Oak. It's good to have a grandfather in the Pokemon business, isn't it?" Gary said making it a statement instead of a question while smirking as he started walking off.

"How come I didn't notice that car there before?" Ashley said out loud as she watched Gary jump into the backseat of a red hot Thunderbird. When Gary was safely in the backseat, one of his many Gary-nites started the car, and drove off out of Pallet town, causing the huge group of fans to disperse and leave for home.

"Gr! I'll show you!" She shouted after him, waving a fist in his general direction before turning around and coming face to lab coat with Prof. Oak himself.

Prof. Oak was dressed in his usually outfit of a purple t-shirt, tan khaki pants, and a large medical coat. He also had gray hair that looked as though it had been light brown or dark blond at one time, giving it a slight tan color.

"So, you decided to show up after all." He said, looking down at her as he took a step back.

"Oh yeah!" She said as she rubbed the back of her head in nervousness.

"So, um...," Ashley started, hoping that she hadn't come so late that all the Pokemon were gone. "Where's my Pokemon?"

"Your Pokemon? You look more like your ready for bed then for Pokemon training, I hope you don't think you're going to train in your Pokemon pajamas." He said, laughing slightly at his own joke.

Looking down, Ashley realized what he meant. She was still wearing her Pajamas. Turning slightly red from embarrassment, she looked back up at him to assure him that she was ready for a Pokemon.

"Sorry about that, I was running a bit late and didn't think about that, but I am ready for a Pokemon." she stated assuringly, trying to convince him.

'There is no way I am going to wait another day to get my first Pokemon, I don't care how i'm dressed!' she thought, a fire burning in her eyes.

'She seems ready. Maybe she is...- he thought, thinking about what he was going to do about the Pokemon, they were all gone. It was really going to be a problem.

"Alright, in that case, follow me." Prof. Oak said, turning and heading up the path to the lab. He wasn't really sure what he was going to do about the Pokemon, but he knew that he had to do something, and would think of it later.

The two of them started walking up the long path to the Pokemon lab. The front yard of the Pokemon lab was covered in trees and grass, and seemed to be as big as a really large park, if not a small forest.

When they were finally in his lab, Prof. Oak showed Ashley to where the 3 Pokemon were currently being held, or so she thought that was what he was doing, but as it turned out, there was a little problem.

"There all empty?!" She asked in horror. She had waited all her life for this moment, and it just had to turn out like this. All the Pokeballs that were supposed to hold the new Pokemon were empty, the Pokemon inside them had all been picked by the trainers that had come before her.

"Yep. The early bird gets the warm, or in this case, the Pokemon." He said, scratching his chin while still trying to figure out what he was going to do about the Pokemon situation. "If you had been on time, instead of sleeping in, this wouldn't be a problem. Were you trying to get more beauty sleep?" He asked, still scratching at his chin.

"Don't make me hurt you." Ashley stated, narrowing her eyes at the aged man. Her mother tended to make those same comments, something that always drove her crazy.

"Calm down, there is one other Pokemon, but there is a bit of a problem with it..." He said, thinking of the little electric rodent he had recently gotten as a backup Pokemon when he realized that there was a slightly larger amount of Pokemon trainers this year then normal.

"I'll take it!" She said, giant stars shooting out of her eyes in happiness. 'I'm not going to have to wait! I'm getting my Pokemon!' she thought happily while jumping up and down.

"OK, but I think I should worn you, there is a slight problem with this Pokemon..." he said, pushing a button and causing the Pokeball with the Pokemon in to appear.

"I have to have a Pokemon!" She said, grabbing the Pokeball.

"Well, in that case..." He said as he backed away slowly, not wanting to get electrocuted again. He had been electrocuted by the Pokemon several times already today, and didn't want it to happen to him again.

The moment the Pokeball opened, there was a flash of lighting as a large yellow rodent with a red spot on each of its cheeks appeared.

"Pikachu." It said, looking up at her from it's spot on the table.

"It's name is Pikachu." Prof. Oak said, moving a little farther away, knowing what was about to happen.

"Oh! It's so cute, it's the best of all! Hi Pikachu! I'm your new trainer." she said, picking up the electric mouse and finding out what he had meant by 'problem'.

"It's also known as electric mouse. It's usually shy, but can sometimes have an electrifying personality." Prof. Oak stated, careful to avoid the bolts of electricity at all costs.

"Shocking." She said sarcastically, wishing that he would have told her that before she picked Pikachu up.

"Now take these, it's your Pokedex and some pokeballs." He stated, as he handed the seven objects to Ashley, careful not to actually come into contact with her. If he did come into contact with her, there was a chance that he himself would get electrocuted. "The Pokedex is programed to give you information that will help you in your training, it also has a slight AI to it."

(A/N: This is not something I'm making up, the Pokedex does have an AI in the anime series, it's just not talked about like that. The AI is why the Pokedex sometimes mentions it's own opinion about ash, like how it says he's stupid in the first episode. PS, this will be my only A/N Note for this chapter.)

"Thanks. Oh, let me guess, the one with the lightning bolt on it is Pikachu's?" she asked, already knowing the answer.

"That is correct. Though, I think I should tell you that this particular Pikachu does not like to be put into it's Pokeball. It's rare for a Pokemon to act this way, but it does happen." He said, backing away from the two as Pikachu was showing signs that it was about to shock them again, and it didn't disappoint him.

A few minutes later, Ashley and Prof. Oak found themselves standing in front of a small crowd at the end of the Pokemon labs walkway. The crowd was full of everyone that Ashley knew, and they were all cheering for her.

"Mom! What is all of this?" She said, running up to where her mom was standing as Pikachu followed her on the ground.

"Oh, it's nothing. Everyone in the neighborhood just wanted to say goodbye before you left." She said, smiling down at her raven haired daughter. "I am so proud of you, you are finally going to fulfill your dream and start your Pokemon journey!" she said, handing her daughter the backpack she had forgotten at home.

"I took the liberty of adding everything that I think you might have forgotten." She stated, causing her daughter to sigh in relief. She had been scared that he mother was going to start telling everyone what was inside the backpack, that would be really embarrassing.

Unfortunately for Ashley, her mother was, at least at the moment, the definition of embarrassing.

Her mother unzipped the backpack and promptly started shoving things into her arms while listing them for all the world to know.

"I packed your sneakers and jeans, clean shirts and socks, nice clean bras and underwear, and your favorite snacks, and some hot chocolate in case you want something hot, but be careful not to burn your self! And I also packed rubber gloves to do your laundry, a nice new clothes line to hang it out to dry-"

"Mom! You're embarrassing me! In front of all of these people? Don't you know you should be showing your daughters bras and underwear off in public!" Ashley shouted, snatching the backpack away from her mom and shoving the stuff back into it, careful to make sure the bras and underwear were the first things to be put inside it.

"Huh? Oh! Sorry!" She said, smiling in embarrassment. 'I got carried away again, didn't I?' she thought, trying to just push it off with a smile. "Huh?" She said, looking down at the yellow mouse on the ground. "That's your Pokemon?"

"Pikachu." Pikachu stated, looking away from her and his trainer.

"Yep! That's my Pokemon! His name is Pikachu, and with him, I'll catch all the Pokemon in the world!" She shouted, jumping up and down at the thought of doing what no one else had ever done, catching one of every Pokemon.

"I thought all Pokemon stayed inside there Pokeballs, why doesn't this one?" She said, still looking at the small electric mouse.

"Oh, that's because some Pokemon don't like to stay in there pokeballs. Some Pokemon hate cramped spaces." She said, hoping that it would keep her mother from saying anything that might cause Pikachu to electrocute her.

"Oh, I didn't know that. I guess that explains it." She said, nodding her head. She had thought that it was strange at first, but if it was somewhat normal, then that was a different story.

When they were done talking, Ashley picked up Pikachu and ran off up the road, causing everyone to yell after her. Even though they called after her, she didn't stop running, she was finally on her Pokemon adventure.

After only a short amount of time, it became very apparent that Pikachu wasn't to thrilled with having Ashley as his trainer.

Pikachu had been purposefully lagging as far behind as possible and was currently pretending to sleep on the side of the road.

"Pikachu, are you going to be like this the whole time?" She asked while trying to get Pikachu moving again.

"Pi." (Translation: Yes.) Pikachu said, nodding his head.

"Is it because you don't like me?" Ashley asked, trying to come up with the saddest puppy dog face she could, but failing miserably.

"Pi." (Translation: Yep.) He said, nodding his head again.

"Great, you just met me! How can you already hate me? I don't hate you." She said, looking at the yellow Pokemon while trying to plead with him.

"Chu!" He Pikachu said, running off and climbing up into the tree, completely ignoring the shouts of his trainer.

Ashley kicked the tree in annoyance, this was really not something she needed right now, it was kind of ruining her big day. "Dang it! What's wrong with being my Pokemon?!" She shouted up the tree to Pikachu before smacking her forehead against the tree. "Great. This blows."

Scratch scratch scratch.

Ashley looked from her position near the tree. She was sure she had just heard something scratching at the ground.

Scratch scratch scratch.

There it was again. It was definitely something scratching at the ground. Ashley looked around at the tall grass nearby, trying to figure out what it was that was making that sound. It took her a few minutes but she finally spotted it, it was a Pokemon.

"A Pidgey!" She whispered, jumping up and down in excitement. "Pikachu! It's our lucky day!" She shouted, pointing at the Pidgey, which simply looked at her. "OK Pikachu! Thundershock!" She shouted.

Ashley looked over her shoulder when nothing happened, wandering what the problem was, what she saw made her face fault.

Pikachu was lying on his side, picking his nose.

"Pikachu! What are you doing?! Get down here and help me!" she shouted, stomping her foot on the ground, causing Pikachu to look away from her.

"Alright then, if that's the way it's going to be, I'll catch that Pidgey without you!" she said, grabbing her backpack. Digging into the pockets of her backpack, she found the Balls she was looking for.

Grabbing a Pokeball she took aim at the Pidgey before throwing the ball, happy when it opened up and absorbed the Pidgey into it, only to be horrified why the Pidgey popped right back out of it, sending the Pokeball back into her hand.

"What?! Why didn't it work?" She asked, getting an answer from her Pokedex.

"To capture a Pokemon you usually have your own Pokemon battle with it first." it said, making her feel very stupid.

"Great, now he tells me." She said, a vein in her forehead throbbing slightly in annoyance. "But unfortunately, I have to do everything my self." She said, pausing when a thought came into her head. "Oh! I know!" She exclaimed, digging through the pokeballs again, and grabbing one of the Air Balls.

"My Air Balls should do the trick!" She said, grabbing one and clicking the button on it. She took aim at the Pidgey once again, and threw the Air Ball at the the bird like Pokemon.

Pidgey was once again absorbed into the Pokeball. The Pokeball clicked several times before turning it finally stopped, indicating that the Pidgey inside was now hers. She had caught her first Pokemon.

Tears of happiness welled up into her eyes, she was so happy that she had finally caught her first Pokemon. She quickly walked over to the Pokeball with he new Pidgey in it, and picked it up.

"I can't believe it... I caught a Pidgey!" She shouted, giving her signature victory pose.

When she looked over to where Pikachu was now sitting, she noticed that he seemed to be a little annoyed about something.

'Huh? What's he angry about? It's almost like hes... Jealous! I knew he liked me!' she thought, a slight smile coming onto her face.

"Chu!" Pikachu said, looking away from her while trying to ignore her.

A sudden scratching sound caused her to look over at her backpack. At first, it seemed that nothing was there, but after a minute, a very curly purple tail appeared out of her backpack.

"Ah! Get out of there!"She shouted, chasing a purple mouse like Pokemon out of her backpack. After it was a short distance away, the mouse like Pokemon turned to glare at her, annoyed that she had interrupted it's searching.

Seeing the death glare it was sending at her, Ashley growled in annoyance and flipped open her Pokedex to see what it had to say about the purple Pokemon.

"Rattata, a forest Pokemon, it likes cheese, fruits and berries. It also comes out into open fields to steal food from stupid travelers." It said, emphasizing the word stupid.

This statement caused both Rattata and Pikachu to fall over laughing.

"Gr! I'll show you!" Ashley yelled, grabbing the Pokeball with her new Pidgey and throwing it at the Rattata. "Pidgey, I choose you!" She shouted. The moment Pidgey was out of the Pokeball, the ball flying back into her hand instantly. When the ball came back to her hand, she made a mental note to figure out how Pokeballs did that.

When Pidgey was out of it's Pokeball, it instantly took to the air and started flying around, waiting for an attack to be called.

"Now lets see, according to Dexter, the attacks you know right now are tackle, sand attack, and gust. So lets go with gust!" She shouted, pointing at the Rattata, which was now taking off in fear.

'Oh yeah, some birds eat mice. I forgot.' she thought, watching as Pidgey used her gust attack on the small mouse Pokemon.

Rattata got hit with the attack, but didn't stay down, it quickly got back up and climbed a tree. Once it was up high enough in the tree, it jumped out of it and onto Pidgey's back, biting and scratching at her over and over again.

"No! Pidgey!" Ashley shouted, as her new Pidgey hit the ground thanks to the attacks from it's opponent. Rattata was thrown off of Pidgey the moment they hit the ground, causing it to roll slightly away. Pidgey and Rattata both seemed to be in a bit of pain, and were both unable to attack anymore.

"Pidgey Return!" Ashley shorted, returning the unconscious Pokemon to it's Pokeball, while reaching for another Pokeball, this one a normal one. "Pokeball, go!" She shouted, tossing it at the purple mouse.

Rattata disappeared into the Pokeball with a slight flash of red light. The Pokeball shook and clicked several times before finally coming to a rest, causing Ashley to smile happily.

"I caught my second Pokemon!" she shouted, picking the Pokeball up and once again going into her victory pose. "I caught ratatatata..." She said, trying to say the name correctly, only to give up and simply shout something easier."I caught a Pokemon!"

Ashley was suddenly electrocuted by something. When she looked up she found that Pikachu was trying to look as innocent as possible, a little to innocent in fact.

"Pikachu! Why did you do that?!" she demanded while sticking Pidgey and Rattata's Pokeballs on her Pokemon belt.

"Pika." (Translation: Because.) Pikachu said, glaring down at her from his place in the tree.

"Pi-ka-chu!" Ashley growled out, wanting to strangle the small yellow mouse. Pikachu simply sent a small thundershock Ashley's way, which missed and went right past her.

"Hay! What was that for?!" She demanded, shouting up at the electric mouse.

Pikachu was about to reply, but was cut off by the shout of a very angry flying Pokemon.


Ashley and Pikachu looked over to where the shout had come from, only to find a slightly extra crispy Spearow shouting at the top of it's lungs. It took a moment for Ashley to figure out how the Spearow had gotten so burnt up, but it quickly came to her as she realized that it was Pikachu's stray thundershock that had fried the poor thing.

Wanting to know a bit more about the Pokemon, Ashley opened her Pokedex and had it exam the Pokemon.

"Spearow, Unlike Pidgey, Spearow has a terrible attitude. It is very wild and will sometimes attack other Pokemon and humans." it said, clicking closed when it's cometary was done.

"Oh, that's nice." Ashley said in a slightly fearful voice as a huge amount of Spearows suddenly appeared, only to see a really large one come into sight as well, which could only be Spearow's evolved form, Fearow. All her life, Ashley had been able to get out of just about any problem, and she knew that there was only one way to get out of this one.


Ashley quickly grabbed her backpack and took off running with Pikachu staying a little ahead of her. As she and Pikachu were running for there lives away from the Spearow's and Fearows, Ashley couldn't help but feel a little annoyed at the fact that she had just run past a bunch of sandshrews, which meant that she wouldn't be able to catch them for a while.

'Great. My Pikachu hates me, I'm being chased by some really angry birds, which are trying to catch me instead of the other way around, and I just missed a chance to catch a Sandshrew. This sucks!' she thought as she ran through the forest with Pikachu, trying to get away from the furious birds. As she was running, she was lucky that she failed to notice the Mankeys that were watching her, or it would have made her day even worse, knowing that she wouldn't be able to catch them either.

"Don't worry Pikachu! I'll protect you!" She shouted as they ran, trying to catch up to Pikachu, who was getting farther and farther ahead. "Hey! Don't run ahead!" she yelled, trying as hard as she could to run faster. " If you do that I can't protect you!" She added, hoping that Pikachu would understand and slow down.

It was at that moment that the Spearow's decided to attack, pecking at ash and Pikachu as much as they could. When Ashley saw how badly Pikachu was getting beat up, she ran over to him and picked him up, she then ran off with Pikachu in her arms, trying to get away from the crazed Spearow's, and feeling slightly glad that the angry Fearow was hanging back away from them slightly.

She ran as fast as she could, not paying attention to where she was going, which turned out to be the wrong thing to do. She suddenly came to a complete stop, having run right into a dead end. There was only a waterfall and a rocky mountain side in front of her, all leading down into a river.

She was trapped.

She looked behind to see what her choices were, and decided that she would rather take the waterfall then get caught by the Spearow's, or the Fearow.

"Well, here we go!" she shouted, jumping off the edge of the cliff and into the river far below.

When she hit the water she found that the current was to strong for her to even move in, it sent her far down stream and didn't seem to want to let her go anytime soon.

When the current finally stopped moving her, she was surrounded by several Magikarp, and a Gyarados.

The Magikarp she was fine with, but the Gyarados was another matter completely. The moment it saw her it tried to eat her, making remember her comment she made earlier about idiots trying to catch Pokemon with there bare hands.

As she tried swimming away from the Gyarados she got herself stuck on something that was making it hard for her to swim away. It was almost as if something had attached itself to her blue jacket.

She suddenly found her self being pulled upwards by whatever it was that had attached to her jacket, when she finally broke the Surface she went flying onto a rocky shore. When she rolled over she started coughing up water, trying to see what it was that had dragged her and Pikachu up from the water. When she looked up, she found that it had been a girl with a fishing rod.

'Oh my Dratini, how the heck was she able to pull us out with her own strength?' she thought, amazed that the girl had even had enough strength to pull her out.

The girl in question had red hair in a small ponytail on top of her head. She was also dressed in really short shorts with 2 red jumper bands, and a yellow tank top.

"Nah, it's just a kid. Oh! And a Pokemon! Oh, are you ok?" the girl asked.

"I-I think so..." Ashley said, looking down at the yellow bundle of fur in her arms, wandering if it was ok.

"Not you! The Pokemon! Look at what you've done to that poor little thing!" the girl yelled in annoyance and anger. 'How can anyone do that to a poor Pokemon?' she thought, thinking that Ashley had attacked the poor thing.

"Me?! I didn't do this to Pikachu! We were attacked by a huge flock of Spearow and then by a Gyarados!" She said defensively, standing up and walking off, trying to get to somewhere that could take care of Pikachu.

"Oh! So that's why those birds are heading this way." The Girl said, pointing over at the cloud of birds over the horizon.

"Ah! There coming back!" Ashley said, running off as fast as she could, but pausing when she thought of something. "Hey, do you know where the nearest Pokemon center is?"

"Yeah, it's right up the road in Viridian city, it's that way." she said, pointing up the road to the left, where a bike path was.

Ashley nodded her head and took off running up the road towards a bike that was siting there, only to hear a roaring sound come out of nowhere accompanied by flash of red light. When the light faded, both Ashley and the red haired girl stood in shock, where the bike had once been there was now just it's burnt remnants, a while and the light that had been on the front of it.

Both girls turned in unison to see where the blast had come from, and were horrified to see a Gyarados sticking standing tall in the water, glaring at the pair of them.

"AH!" The both screamed, turning around and running up the road as fast as they could, misty stopping only for a second to grab her burnt up bike before continuing again. They were both very relieved when they realized that the Gyarados was not following them, they they both still had a strange feeling of dread as the cloud of Spearows got closer and closer to them.

"AH! This is all your fault!" the girl with red hair shouted, clearly aiming the comment at Ashley.

"It's not like I meant for any of this to happen! Pikachu sent a thundershock at me which missed and hit a Spearow, that's how all of this started!" She shouted back, trying to stay as far away from the flock of Spearows.

While they were running the heavens decided to open up and let the rain it was holding back poor down on them.

"Great, now it's raining! We are running for our lives in the rain!" The girl shouted, try to use her bikes remains to bat away the Spearows.

The rain was making the ground slippery and muddy, causing the girls to loose there footings every few minutes, and making them trip just as ofter. It was during one of these slips and trips that the Spearow floor finally descended upon them, along with the Fearow as well. The girls where both laying on the ground, Ashley covering Pikachu to try and keep the Spearows and the Fearow from hurting him.

"Don't worry Pikachu! I wont let them hurt you. I promise." she whispered, still shielding the poor little electric Pokemon from harm.

Pikachu was looking up at her with a strange, sad look in his eyes. It was almost as if he finally believed the words that came from Ashley.

"Pika-chu?" He asked, blinking slowly at he.

Pikachu slowly crawled out from under Ashley, wanting to stop the birds from attacking her again. As Pikachu stud up, he gave a shout at the Spearows and the Fearow to stop, which was ignored completely. He then did the only think he could think of, he sent the largest Thundershock he could manage at them, knocking out each of the Spearows that it thundershock touched almost instantly. The Spearows that weren't knocked out flew away as fast as they could, not wanting to be electrocuted like there friends, the Fearow, on the other hand, was coming back around for another attack.

As the Fearow drew closer, Pikachu started building up as much electricity as it could, while the red haired girl and Ashley both slowly got up to see what was going on.

"Pikachu!" Ashley yelled, afraid for the little Pokemon.

"PIKACHU!" Pikachu released a massive thundershock at the Fearow, one that was even bigger then the one that had taken down the Spearows.

The moment the thundershock hit, Ashley's body seemed to move on it's own, she instantly had a Air Ball in her hand, and sent it at the Fearow the second the attack was over. Fearow was absorbed into the Pokeball in the usually red light, and appeared to fight for a few minutes before finally surrendering to the capture.

Not stopping to check on the Fearow, Ashley started throwing pokeballs at the knocked out Spearow, happy when the clicking finally stopped, but horrified when some of the pokeballs started to disappear.

"Wha?! What happened to all the Spearow I just caught?!" She shouted, seeing that only three pokeballs still remained on the ground, the Fearow and two of the Spearows.

"Don't you know anything? A trainer can only have 6 Pokemon with them at any given time, the rest all get transferred to wherever you got your starter Pokemon at." The red haired girl said, watching as Ashley picked up the Pokeballs and put them on her belt.

"Oh, so that means they went to Prof. Oaks lab." Ashley said, looking around to see where Pikachu had gone off to. What she saw horrified her. Pikachu was laying in the mud on his side, blinking at her weakly.

"Pikachu!" Ashley yelled, running past the other girl and over to her injured Pokemon. "are you alright buddy?" she asked, slowly picking him up and cradling him in her arms.

"Pika... Chu?" He asked weakly, wandering if he had managed to end the attacks.

"Pikachu, are you alright?" Ashley asked, whipping some of the mud off of Pikachu's face.

"Is he ok?" the red haired girl asked, trying to find out of the little Pokemon was ok or not.

Ashly was about to answer, but stopped when a sound from over head caught everyones attention.

When they all looked up, they saw a strange flying Pokemon fly right over the rainbow. It was a strange golden color and appeared to not only fly over the rainbow, but to also seemed to take the rainbow with it.

"Wow..." Ashley and the red haired girl both said, looking up at the Pokemon.

Dexter choose this moment to open up and start analyzing Pokemon again.

"There is no data. There are still Pokemon that have yet to be discovered." it said, before shutting off and closing again.

When Pikachu started moving slightly in Ashley's arms, the two girls looked down at him in Ashley's arms, only to find that he seemed to be in pain.

"Hold on buddy, I'll get you to a Pokemon center, I promise!" Ashley said, spinning around and taking off in the direction that the city was supposed to be in.

"Hay! Wait a minute!" The red haired girl shouted, grabbing her bike and Ashley's forgotten backpack and chasing after her.

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