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Not just handsome

All students at Hogwarts were so excided about the upcoming Triwizard Tournament. Everybody speculated who would become Hogwarts champion, everybody but Hermione Granger.

Hermione did not understand why the whole school was absolutely crazy about the tournament, even Professor McGonagall hardly stopped talking about it in class.

A true Gryffindor would be the right champion to represent the school because he would be brave, responsible and heroic, bla, bla, bla.

Honestly you could think there was nothing else to talk about than that. Just like after the Quidditch World Cup, they could not stop talking about quidditch.

Now Harry, Ron and Hermione were on their way to Hagrid's cabin for Care of Magical Creatures and had the amazing luck to walk exactly behind Ernie MacMillan who was talking to Hannah Abbott about the perfect Hogwarts champion.

"I think the Hogwarts champion should be a Hufflepuff. We never get the attention we really deserve."

"No Hufflepuff has just the slightest chance to become the Hogwarts champion, Ernie."

"I bet Cedric Diggory will become our champion. I at least hope so." Hannah had a dreamy look on her face now and giggled.

"Cedric is so handsome. I hope he does not get hurt. That would ruin his good looks."

As soon as Harry and Ron heard that they groaned. How can two people be so unforgiving?

Just because he beat Gryffindor in some stupid quidditch match they could not stand Cedric.

That had to be something girls did not understand.

Not that she knew him that well, they just talked a little bit before they had to use the portkey and he helped her up after she fell when they reached the campsite, but she felt the sudden urge to defend him.

He had not done anything wrong, had he? Cedric would not hate Harry just because he had caught the snitch. He was way to mature for that.

"Everybody nut Diggory and a Slytherin should be our champion." , Ron said disgusted.

"Honestly, you just say that because he won the quidditch match last year. It is just a game and I think he would make a great champion." Little did Hermione know that Cedric was on his way to the green house so that he was right behind them, with a goofy smile on his face.

Who would have thought that she would defend him?

"You just like him because he is handsome."

"I do not like people because they're handsome", she said, her angry voice getting louder with every word. "that's your job already, Ron. And for your information, he is not just handsome and captain of the quidditch team, he also is a prefect, has excellent grades and he is very nice and interesting. You are both so narrow-minded idiots."

They both looked at her dumbfounded, when she turned around and ran straight into Cedric Diggory. She hit him so hard that they both fell on the ground, Hermione flat on top.

In the moment she realized who it was under her, she just wanted to vanish. Has he heard everything she had said? Could life be any more embarrassing than this very moment?

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