Not just Handsome

Chapter 16

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When the giant doors of the great hall opened Hermione could hardly believe what she saw. Everything was beautifully decorated and it looked as if she was walking through a winter wonderland. There were several huge Christmas trees and hundreds of ice sculptures looking like mermaids, hippogriffs and other mythical creatures.

It was simply stunning and perfect. It was exactly how she imagined it to look like and yet in some ways it even exceeded her expectations. Hogwarts had always been beautifully decorated for Christmas but this was breathtaking.

This should be the most important night of her life, this was how the other girls put it for weeks now, but something just did not feel right. She was here with the most famous and best quidditch player on the planet, or at least was this the impression she got from Ron who worshipped the ground he walked on, but she could not enjoy it because she was scared.

What if they had nothing to talk about? She was not interested in any kind of sport and he was a professional quidditch player. That was not exactly the perfect combination and in this very moment she regretted deeply to have ever accepted his invitation. Neville would have been the more reasonable choice.

All students were dressed in beautiful dressing robes apart from Ron. His dressing robes were really old fashioned but he still looked cute in them. He reminded her slightly of her first grade teacher, she loved to wear maroon and quillings.

She had been distracted for a moment from her fear of tonight, but when she saw their astonished faces it came back to her.

She was nervous again. On the one hand she wanted to make a good impression on Viktor but on the other hand she did have the tendency of making a fool out of herself in situations which included boys and a lot staring people, among them an angry looking Ron Weasley.

He could nit be mad at her, could he? She had every right to be mad at him for asking her out as a last resort. Maybe it was because of his dress robes.

When Viktor took her arm to lead her through the great hall she could have sworn, that she saw Cedric flinch out of the corner of her eyes. He was driving her crazy ever since the "the-brightest-witch-of-her-time-made-a-complete-idiot-of-herself-incident" but today she was going to forget him. Finally it was over.

Suddenly Prof. McGonagall gave them a sign to cross the hall, it was a miracle that she did not trip when Viktor started walking.

Well, it was my own fault because I didn't pay attention. Something was wrong with me today or rather lately. This has to stop.

She stopped thinking about anything but how to put one foot in front of the other and to look like she did not have to think about it at all. Apparently being a model had to be a lot harder, than she had always thought it was.

Hermione sighed in relief when they finally reached the table. She mastered the first challenge and there were only a few more to come. Viktor behaved like a gentleman and pulled her chair out so she could sit down. Unfortunately Cedric sat down right in front of her, but she would just ignore him.

Harry, who sat next to her, completely forgot to pull Parvati's chair out. He was really absolutely helpless without her. Boys!

Luckily the dinner passed uneventfully. She ordered her dinner and tried to teach Viktor her name. Then they talked about Bulgaria and the plates were magically removed from the table.

Now the champions had to open the dance. Surprisingly Viktor was a very good dancer, something you could say about Harry who was absolutely helpless and led by his partner, Parvati.

As soon as the slow the slow music stopped they left the dance floor. Hermione kept dancing for a few more songs until she was too hot and decided to find Harry and Ron while Viktor got them something to drink.

She found them sitting at some table. Padma and Parvati had already left them and were flirting with some other boys.

"Hey, are you having fun?", she sat down and asked them.

Harry opened his mouth to answer but Ron did instead. "No, but you seem to have a lot of fun with Vicky."


"Yes, or aren't you allowed to call him Vicky until you helped with the golden egg?"

"Why should I help him with the second task of then tournament? I want Harry to win." Now she was getting mad. Was he implying that Viktor had just asked her to the ball so she would help him with the egg?

"Really, you want him to win? You don't seem to, you're betraying your friend by helping Vicky."

"I did not help him and I would not help him. Stop calling him Vicky!"

"But he wants you to help him." Harry did not say anything at all but just kept looking from one to the other.

"We didn't even talk about the tournament for one single second. And Harry does not feel betrayed."

"Yes, he does."

"No, I don't:"

"Look what you've done, Hermione. Now he is confused and he does not know what he is talking about."

"No, Ron, Harry does not mind me being here with Viktor. And do you know what you could have done? You could have asked me to go with you before Viktor did and not as a last resort." And with that Hermione stormed out of the great hall into the garden.

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