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A tale of two cities

One was carved out of ice that swayed and shimmered under the arctic sun. The other was bricked together with blocks of ash and hardened crimson flame. When the sun and moon eclipses them, shadows dance, winds howl, and nothing has ever been more beautiful.

For despite those differences, those two cities situated at opposite ends of the world -fused together with passion and determination and ambition- had more in common than one thought.

A pair of spirit koi

Round and round they circle each other, black against white, white against black, in an endless circle they will never grow tired of. The pond ripples with their magnificence, and the trees sing of the harmony they are grown in. Sparks festoon the space where they nearly touch. Peace is laced like arsenic in the air.

Round and round, round and round, as they continue to balance the precarious corners of the earth with each other.

A cave of two lovers

His golden gaze sizzles in steam and evaporate like paper butterflies when they meet her cool blue one. The flame that pours out in torrents from the liquidated sunshine ore can only combat the thick, azure jets of icicles that are hidden behind her river-water orbs.

His hands are shockingly pale against the tan skin of her shoulders; yet they smolder with an unnatural warmth that seems to fray every nerve in her body.

"We're on opposite ends of the world, Katara." Zuko whispers, and then he is kissing her. He is kissing her with a fierce intensity that threatens to overwhelm her if she hadn't promptly thrown her arms around his neck and is kissing him back with passion.

Then they stop and separate their lips, stare at each other for a shell shocked moment, then glue their lips back to each other again, hands roving through hair and hips as the chaos dissolves.

Harmony stirs, flickers, and finally reigns.