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And without further adue, something Zutara-ish that you can think about: :)

Then they look into each other's eyes.

(Something clicks in place)

Stars shift. Planets orbit in elliptical squares. The sky rearranges itself into a convoluted jigsaw puzzle. Ice meets flames, burnished copper meets melting snow on summer days

Why, hello there, stranger.

"I want my necklace back, Zuko." She whispers as her fingers inch towards the blue ribbon that hangs limply in the cushion of his hand.

"Not a chance, Katara." His hands grab her wrists, lightening splits the sky in two.

Their eyes draw each other in like magnets, or a spool of thread, their hearts balanced precariously like amateur tightrope walkers upon it.

(Hot, cold, hot, cold. Fr ze buuurn. Icebergs chafe against the flames of hell as their bodies mold against each other like ice cream melting over the pavement.)

He groans. Her heart skips a beat. So many emotions their heads feel like splitting apart.


Her fingers twine into his hair and his hands cradle her back. Tension laces the air like drops of acid and arsenic.

(The heavens halt to a stop, crumbles into something wonderful, and smiles)

Then Zuko's chin jerks up and Katara's face tilts and their breath mingles.



Then their mouths fuse together and her hands cradle his scarred cheek while his rest on the curves on her waist, and as they kiss, the sun rains drops of gold.