He's grinning crookedly at her, eyes glinting in the moon, teeth as white as pearls, and she smiles happily back. Zuko grabs Katara's hand and kisses it as he sets her down onto the dew-bladed grass, her layers of robes billowing beneath her as his thumb traces the contour of her cheekbones.

"Quit it." Katara bats his hand away as she hooks her hands around his neck to pull his face closer to hers. "You'll ruin my make-up." And it was very pretty make-up too. Bone-white powder, sea-green eye shadow and the prettiest lip paint, rose-red and gleaming beatifically in the moonlight.

Zuko laughs rebelliously as his lips hover near hers, but as soon as their breaths begin to mingle he drops his head down to lay butterfly kisses along the hidden concave of her neck. Then, suddenly jutting his jaw upwards, Zuko starts grinning again as their eyes lock and match.

Only this time is was more feral. Dangerous. Seductive.

And as sexy as hell.

"So, Fire Lady," He purrs as his mouth trails lightly against the course of her jaw to the tip of her earlobe, where little gold ear bobs rest. "Now that you're one of the most important, influential political figures in the entire Fire Nation, what do you want to do now?" Zuko kisses her lightly on the tip of her nose before touching the tip of his lips to Katara's temple. She growls in annoyance. He resists the urge to laugh.

"I think you know exactly what I want to do, Fire Lord." He catches the scent of jasmine tea and fire lilies as Katara suddenly sits up and buries her face in the side of his neck, murmuring silkily into his tightly-bound hair. Her fingers tiptoe across his face—skewing wildly over his nose, slowly tracing his jaw line, artfully skimming over the skin of his cheeks—before they draw themselves up his forehead, into his hair and smoothly remove the crown that sits regally in his newly re-grown topknot.

"Mm." Katara hums deep in her throat as she casually tugs at the band holding his hair in. Then she stops and looks him dead in the eye. "Exactlywhat I want."

Zuko smiles at her, cups her cheek, and in one swift motion closes the gap between their lips. When they separate she's already pulling down his shoulder pads and he's loosening the sash around her waist as he kisses her cheeks and jaw and collarbone.

He grins. "Well then; I'm yours."

And by the way Katara's already straddling his waist; he knows she's fully prepared to take every advantage of that little fact.