A/N: Let's hear it for perverted! Zuko! (dances)

"You know, Katara." Zuko smirks at her, pushing a sheaf of hair from his eyes. She feels infuriated and pleased at the same time. "There's something about you I've never noticed before."

Katara raises her eyebrows as she continues to wade in the fountain to get ready training with Aang.

"You train in your underwear."

Even the fly-crickets stop chirping as they wait for the anticlimax. She feels the overwhelming urge to land a water whip in a very private part of his anatomy.

Zuko smirks. She catches her breath.

"And it's totally hot."

Eyes widen. Nostrils flare as weapons from over protective males are aimed at Zuko's head. Aang drops his glider in shock. Toph laughs maniacally. All hell breaks loose.


"Seriously, Sparky? Who'd think you have the hots for Sugar Queen—"

"Uh, Zuko, I don't think that was—"

He ignores them all, watching for the only reaction that matters: a certain blue-eyed, brown-haired Waterbender.

Katara blushes. Deeply.

Zuko smirks. Wider.