Well, this is based on the song "Breathless" by Shayne Ward. As mentioned in my profile, I do not own anything but the story so I do not own the characters and the song.

He gazed lovingly at her petite figure whose back was facing him, his blue orbs taking in every detail of the female in front of him.

She wore a simple, white sundress that looked rather elaborate when really, it wasn't. It just looked elaborate on her. Her hair flowed gently in the evening breeze. They were on the beach and the sun was setting, casting an orange glow over them. Her tiny feet donned a pair of periwinkle-coloured sandals with flowers attached to the straps. She then turned around, jumping slightly when she noticed the blonde-haired kid standing there, watching her. A smile - a genuine smile, appeared on her face.


Her voice was music to his ears. He could swear that he almost fainted right on the spot. He replied back with a shy demeanor, "Hey there."

"My name is Namine," She introduced herself, the words flowing out smoothly from her pale pink lips. "What's yours?"

"I'm Roxas."

He felt relaxed, he felt that this lady could understand him. Being the type of person who can analyse personalities, he assumed that she was just like him - relaxed, calm, mature and melancholy, just like him but unlike him, she happened to be slightly more open. He examined her further.

Icy blue eyes that reflected kindness, a lovely face and pale pink lips.

"Isn't it beautiful?"

Those words broke his train of thoughts and he noticed her staring at the sky. He stood at her side and looked up only to be struck with awe.

Namine was indeed right. The sky was painted orange and it was so beautiful that it looked like the sky was covered with a blanket of flames. The clouds gave off a pinkish tint but overall, the scenery was fantastic.

"It's gorgeous," He remarked out loud. Namine giggled beside him and unconciously, she leaned her head on his shoulder, causing him to blush.

"It's breathtaking," She commented. "I wish we could stay here underneath this blanket forever."

He remained silent before finding the right words. "...leaves me breathless."

"I know."

No, Roxas thought to himself. It's you.