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And then I crashed into you,

And I went up in flames.

Could've been the death of me,

But then you breathed your breath in me.

And I crashed into you,

Like a runaway train.

It wasn't a competition, it wasn't even a big race with spectators and cameras, it was just a race for fun with a couple of guys. Dustin looked up at the sun, pulling on his body armor then he smile a bit in anticipation as he pulled his helmet over his head. The race was short ten laps, it was going to be five but a lot more people had agreed to race then originally figured, maybe ten or eleven guys but almost twenty-two agreed to a quick race.

Hunter and Blake pulled up on either side of Dustin and the thunders pulled their helmets on then put their riding goggles in place. Lucky for them, Lothor hadn't been seen for a while so when they were away from the shop, the three of them got in a lot of track time. The signal to 'GO' got dirt flying and the bikes took off Blake took the turn first, followed closely by Hunter then Dustin and the other riders close behind him.

The earth ninja glanced over his shoulder when the faint sound of a crash came, it wasn't a bad wreck, from what he could tell, the three guys involved got up and got back on their bikes. Dustin turned his attention back to the track a head of him and at the back of the crimson and navy rider.

Hunter went over a table top with Dustin close behind, too close. Their back tires hit and the earth ninja's front tire continued through the bike before him then the both slammed into the ground. The thunder ranger was the first to roll off the track, not a reaction, it was practically a golden rule, if you fall on the track you need to move immediately. "Dustin?" He looked to either side of him then back at the track, the yellow clad rider slowly sat up in a sort of daze, "Dustin!"

The earth ninja didn't have time to move or even think on it, a rider the missed the wreck at the end of the slope hit Dustin, his back tire connecting solidly with his chest. His back hit the dirt while the rider drove off scot clear though he continued to look back till he pulled off the track. Hunter quickly got to his feet and ran out to the track, getting in the way of three riders, one veered to the left the other managed to jump the two rangers while the other lost his bike and the weight slammed down on the wind ninja. "Dustin!" Hunter ripped his helmet off and pat his friend's helmet. The remaining riders passed around them a few feet before pulling off the track. "Someone call an ambulance!"

He didn't take the time to look around to see if someone had, he just focused on getting the bike off Dustin's chest. Thanks to ninja training, lifting the bike was simple, he knew he showed no strain and that would be questionable to bystanders, but he didn't care. The bike landed off to the side and Hunter carefully pulled the yellow detailed helmet off and set it down, "Dustin..."

"What happened?" Blake let his own bike fall to the ground, his helmet lying next to it.

"He...He got smash bro and-and I-"

"Hunter, he's gonna be fine," Blake checked the earth ninja's pulse then carefully but quickly pulled the clear body armor off his friend.

"What are you doing?"

"You gotta breathe for him" The thunder instructed and he pulled his gloves off.

"What? Like-"

"CPR? Yeah," He moved Dustin's head where it needed to be then opened his mouth slightly before he brought one hand over the back of the other and laced his fingers then brought them to Dustin's chest, "Okay, two breaths...go"

Hunter bit his lip, hesitant, a million thoughts running through his mind but this just wasn't the time for any of them. He ripped his gloves off then closed the younger ninja's nose then pressed their lips together, his lips were soft and warm, though that wasn't the point, the thunder couldn't help but notice. After two breaths, he pulled back and watched his brother push in his chest, the words 'be careful' sat on the edge of his tongue but he knew Blake was being as careful as he could while still performing this effectively. "Twenty-six...twenty-seven...twenty-eight...twenty-nine...thirty, breathe again"

He pressed his lips back to Dustin's and gave two breaths then pulled back when the earth ninja's brown eyes fluttered open. "Dustin...?"

"Excuse me!" A man in a uniform moved passed the forming crowd then closer to the three men, "What happened?"

"He took a fall then got hit and-"

"Alright, watch it," the man and his team moved the earth ninja into a brace then onto a stretcher before they carried him back to the van with Hunter in tow, "Stay back kid" He ordered as he moved to close the door, but Hunter put a hand to the metal, stopping the movement.

"He's not going anywhere without me" The thunder gave a steel glare at the man before he climbed in and moved past him.

The hospital room wasn't a place that Hunter liked to be in, simple as that, Hunter did not like hospitals but with Dustin checked-in for a good week, he was going to stick it out. Why? That's what Shane would have asked, he didn't understand. Blake on the other hand knew, he knew why Hunter would sit in the hospital twenty-four hours, fighting off anyone who tried to drag him out. He had a thing for Dustin. Has had a thing for him for a while now.

The thunder ninja looked out to the ocean with a small sigh, he knew he was no help to anyone by sitting here but he wanted to be with his friend. Sure he could be at Ops, training his butt off but that's not where he wanted to be. A soft sigh passed his lips as a wave crashed onto the shore and specks of people ran from it then when the water calmed a bit they herded toward it.

"Hunter..." The ninja's lips pulled into a small smile as he turned around and walked over to the hospital bed.

"Yeah? What's up bro?" He looked Dustin over, he looked much, much better, his face was unmarred, thanks to the helmet, thanks to all his armor he was saved. The only thing serious was the fact that his sternum had been cracked and he had three fractured ribs, other than that he was fine. The first few hospital days were spent on oxygen but basically Hunter saved his life, at least, that's what the doctor had said.

"Water dude"

"Sure" Hunter smiled as he filled the plastic cup with water and put it to his friend's lips so he could drink. Once a slurping sound filled his ears he pulled the cup back, "How are you feeling?" he asked as he set the cup to the side and sat down in a chair he had by the bed.

"Like crap dude" This pulled a small laugh from the thunder, the first one in days. He quickly moved to help when Dustin tried to sit up, "Thanks"

"Sure..." Hunter sat back down and watched him for a second before looking outside.

"Where's everyone else?"

"Blake's with Tor, Shane and Cam are at Ops...only one of us could stay so the nurse kinda kicked everyone else out" He vaguely explained.

"Oh, that's cool," Dustin tried to figure out why Hunter would stay in a room…why didn't Shane stay. That was logical right? He and Shane have been friends for years….The earth ninja made a face and leaned back into his pillow a bit more…all that thinking made his head hurt. After that was said, there was a long moment of silence it was awkward, the two men knew exactly why. Before the incident you could lock them in a room and they'd be fine, but now, "I-"

"Um-" The ninjas looked at each other and laughed, "You first…"

"Okay, I just wanted to say thanks man, you totally saved my butt"

"...You didn't...think that was...weird or anything?" His voice was a bit unsure.

"No...I mean better you than some weirdo, right?" Dustin chuckled, animating his face and hands to further his point.

"Yeah," Hunter laughed, "I guess you're right"

"So-so thanks"

"You're welcome" Though the thunder regretted the circumstances, he was glad he was able to lock lips with his friend; he knew it probably wouldn't have happened otherwise...and that's what killed him.

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