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I'm so addicted to

All the things you do

When you're going down on me

In between the sheets

Or the sound you make

With every breath you take

It's unlike anything

When you're loving me

White knuckles, clenched sheets, gritted teeth and glazed over eyes, not things he thought he'd have, all at the same time at least but the subtle and mind numbing tongue on his throbbing length just made him come undone. "Dude..." His voice strained with want as his hips rose, not even an inch before large hands held them down.

"Chill Dustin" His voice held a humorous air to it, he was enjoying the torturous motions his lips trailed over the top of the head. How was he suppose to calm down enough to fight the urge to choke his friend, he needed this that bad. The wind ninja had never felt like this, he didn't know how to explain it in words...no surprise there, his vocabulary was a bit limited right now and that sweet mouth sucking on the very tip wasn't helping but he didn't need to talk, he just needed to release and scream.

That oh so gifted mouth sucked on the head for what felt like the longest time, the earth ninja just felt like he was becoming numb to the feeling. Just as he was about to open his eyes his member was swallowed to the hilt, "Oh...God" He groaned, his head pressed into the pillow as his back arched off the bed. It was seconds before he became hyper aware of the soft vibrating coming from the back of his friend's throat...not friends, friends don't do things like this. Do they? His train of though was derailed when the suctioned mouth around him moved up, slowly, too slow, ivory teeth grazed him the whole way up.

Again, as his eyes were about to open they closed even tighter when a finger prodded at his entrance, he winced at intrusion. He knew there had to be a less painful way of doing this because this...ouch. Soft lips press to his and his brows pulled together for a second, the kiss was so...out of the blue, this was their first kiss. The same tongue that was being so cruel to him pushed past his lips and flicked his own. If the flesh in his mouth wasn't moving with such knee weakening precision, he'd say he had a fish flopping around in his mouth. Dustin dug his hands into thick hair and he pulled hard, he felt the other ninja's brows come together in a split second of pain and discomfort. He pulled him closer and when he tried to move their bodies closer he also forced the three fingers in his body to move deeper causing him to break their kiss and wince. The earth ninja had forgotten about the seeking fingers inside of him. The man over him locked their lips again, sucking on the wind ninja's swelling bottom lip, warm copper spilled into his mouth; he was pulling it from a small bite.

Dustin let his hands slip from the other's hair and let then rest on his neck, "Ready?" His voice was trembling; he was trying to hold back from violently pounding into him, he didn't want their first time to be like that, maybe later...but not right now.

The earth ninja nodded and pulled his friend into a kiss, causing his length to near smoothly slide into the prepared hole. His back arched off the bed as his hands moved to the broad back and red lines followed behind his raking nails. As his dragging nails neared the front of his ribs the ninja inside of him buried his face in the crook of Dustin's neck as he pushed further inside of him, both of them crying out.

They lied there for what felt like hours until a steady rhythm started then it built up in a matter of seconds as the earth ninja turned his neck slightly so the trailing lips would have more ground to cover. Heavy eyes opened only slightly but he couldn't see much; his arms around his friends back and the soft sheet and heavy blanket that covered them from the waist down. He tried turning his head but a rough bite to his neck made him clench his eyes shut and his body arch into a sweet thrust that had him nearly scream. The lips that were pressed against his heated skin pulled into a smirk, "Do you love me?"

The question would have seemed totally random if this was a one night stand but it was equally random, to him, when he a completely naked in his bed, with his friend inside of him, "Of course...man" His voice, unlike his friends, was strained and parted by hitches in his breath with each time the rock hard length pushed back inside of him.

"Say it" The hot breath was right next to his ear and he tilted his head slightly.

Dustin's lips pressed against the older ninja's ear, "I love you dude."

In almost an instant a warm liquid rushed into his body as his friends continued to thrust inside of him. "You just-!"

"Ooops," The other laughed a bit as he licked the outer shell of his ear, "Didn't think...I'd get off...like that" He grunted as his hips continued to move.

Dustin moved against the rhythm so he'd meet his friend's thrusts, driving him even deeper. The point hitting length coupled with the soft feeling of the seed sliding from inside of him made the earth ninja come with a long moan.

Short breaths, cool air, the warmth between his legs and the man that was nowhere in sight became apparent when he sat up in his bed. It happened again. He had the same dream...the same dream for months now.

After a cold shower and a quick solo run on the track Dustin was feeling back to normal. Well as normal as one could be after having some seriously intense dreams. He went to Storm Chargers in the late afternoon, Blake and Hunter had been working all day, Tori was doing home work and Shane was there as well.

As the earth ninja walked in the shop he smiled as a couple of people that were standing around. He made his way to the back of the shop where his pride and joy was, there was nothing wrong with it, he just needed to replace the chain and the oil. He got down next to his bike and started working the chain off, "Hey Dustin..."

The voice behind him was familiar, well of course it was his friend he saw every day, but he remembered it specifically...from his dream.

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