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Everybody was still as they each tried to process the news they had just received. SecNav simply sat there, waiting for a reaction.

"Paris?" Jenny repeated flatly.

He nodded in response, then continued, "You'll all be flying out tomorrow, 13h00."

"The op?" Gibbs questioned, keeping his focus on the mission ahead as best he could.

"Highly classified, in case anyone else asks. We have a major security breach. Someone or a group of some ones, rather, have hacked into a few Navy ships and stolen vital intel. We've also found that it was an inside job, and four sailors were murdered in the process. I've managed to gather some scarce information on the situation, and it has led us across the ocean to France."

Gibbs and Jenny sat silently for a moment, feeling the eyes of the team boring into their skulls.

"Why are we just hearing about this now?" Gibbs asked, a hint of an edge in his voice.

The secretary looked out the window and said, "Nothing you needed to know until now."

Gibbs sighed in frustration, he hated politicians of any sort.

Abby raised her hand, nabbing everyone's attention.

The SecNav raised an eyebrow, "Question, miss?"

Abby put her hand down. "Yes, well not really. Wait no kind of. It's more of a comment, then followed by a question. Okay so you do know I'm a forensic scientist," she started, eliciting smiles from the team, and a nod from SecNav.

"Okay so if I'm not a field agent, then why do you need me?"

The SecNav had no trouble answering, "There will probably be tests you'll need to run, and it'll be much easier if you are there. Besides, you're all going to be posing as different couples, coming to site see."

The room went silent for a few moments before he continued.

"You'll each have another partner there with you. Everyone will be in the same hotel, but with different rooms. Who goes with who is a matter you'll have to sort out."

Jenny opened her mouth to ask another question, but the SecNav cut her off.

"Director Shepard, I need you there because I'm only sending in the best. Assistant Director Leon Vance will be acting director in your absence. I know you already have previous knowledge of the city as well, right?"

Jenny nodded as both her and Jethro shifted in their seats uncomfortably.

SecNav stood up and headed for the door, "You'll get the rest of your information once in Paris. I suggest you get believable fake ID's."

With that he turned and strode out of the office.

All attention was on Gibbs and Jenny.

"Tony, you'll be with Ziva," Gibbs said. As much as he felt that this would come back to bite him in the ass, he knew that they worked together on a completely different level. There was no denying how in tune they were to each other. His two agents nodded without a word.

He turned to McGee and Abby. "You two are together. You'll need to work on all the digi-computer stuff," he told them.

Finally, he turned to his director. "That leaves you and me." She looked back at him with raised eyebrows, but nodded.

The rest of the team looked away uncomfortably as Jenny and Jethro locked eyes.

"McGee and Abby, new ID's, now. Make them good. Tony and Ziva, you two down in Abby's lab with them," Gibbs commanded, not taking his eyes off Jenny.

The team filed out, DiNozzo shutting the door behind them. Gibbs and Jenny stood a few feet apart, staring at each other.

"We've been down this way before, Jethro," Jenny said with a small smile. "Things can't happen the same way."

Gibbs kept his eyes on her as he spoke. "Things never happen the same way twice."

Jen gave a slight nod, and her eyes followed Gibbs as he exited.

"Even if you want them to," she finished softly.

"How about you guys use the same names you used on your last under cover mission?" McGee suggested as he typed furiously on Abby's keyboard.

"Sophie is okay, but Jean-Paul is too French," Ziva told him.

"We're out-of-town tourists, McGee, not French locals," Tony agreed.

Abby scrunched her face up as she thought. "Okay, how does Seth sound?"

Tony grinned, "Perfect."

"Wait, guys, that's boring, leaving Ziva as Sophie. She already used that one!" Abby interjected.

Ziva shrugged. "I do not mind. You may change it if you like."

Abby squealed in excitement. "Okay then how about...Camille?"

Ziva smiled at her friend's enthusiasm. "That will be great, Abby."

McGee's eyes never left the computer as he created their new ID's. "Abby, I was thinking Amy and Thomas, for our new names."

Abby nodded, and filled in their backgrounds, so that if anyone were to look them up, they would find legitimate answers.

"Deep Six," Tony coughed.

McGee turned to glare at him before returning to the computer. "What about Gibbs and Jenny?"

Tony thought for a moment and then said, "Garrett and..."

"Diana," Ziva supplied.

The quartet was silent for a few moments, and all that could be heard was the sound of fingers tapping keys.

"Hey guys, what's it like to go under cover?" McGee asked, turning away to face Ziva and DiNozzo. Abby stopped typing as well and looked at them for an answer.

Tony and Ziva shared a look before Tony spoke.

"It's different at first. You just have to become someone else. You put on a convincing act. It's hard to explain."

"It is part of the job. You go to great lengths to sell the cover," Ziva put in.

Tony nodded, then gave her a DiNozzo grin. "You know, speaking of going to great lengths, if we're going to be a couple again maybe we should sell it like last time."

Ziva thought about slapping him, but decided to play the game.

"We will see," she told him in a sultry tone.

Tony's smile didn't falter as he leaned in closer and said, "I guess we will."

McGee rolled his eyes and went back to work. Abby was beaming at them.

"Okay well if you guys will finish the geek stuff, we'll be upstairs if you need us," Tony said. He and Ziva headed for the elevator, but Tony stopped and turned, and Ziva came to a stop as well.

"No funny business, McGemcity."

McGee got a glint in his eyes and shrugged.

Tony narrowed his eyes. "Abs.."

Abby turned and saluted. "Scout's honor, no pranks. I'll keep McGee in line."

Tony saluted her back then followed Ziva to the elevator. He must have made another comment about going under cover because this time, both Abby and McGee heard her slap him lightly, and Tony feign hurt.

"They are so hooking up on this mission," Abby stated with a grin.

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