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Three little guards stood watch outside. On the inside, two babies tried to protect her. A holding cell, they called her room. Ms. Yang wasn't impressed. She could definitely leave anytime she wanted. Silly little rifles could only think so far.

However, she finally found her Yin. The quest for an equal had ended, and she needed time to write their next adventure. After all, a good writer always outlines her next bestseller, and she really wanted to make her Yin happy. Until then, she would humor the baby officers and their cherub guards.

Poor Lassy-face, he hadn't made it through their little chat. He turned a lovely red shade and fled the room. She supposed she must have offended him a bit, calling him pathetic, but she had perfect justification. All those years of so-called training and the man still had to be spoon-fed a clue like a toddler. She could run circles around the baby gumshoe, and he still wouldn't find her.

But her beautiful Yin was absolutely wonderful. While the others cried uncle early on, Shawn had only begun to play. She loved every moment, every breath they took together. They interlaced and intertwined. She teased. He teased back. Her Yin had never shown any trepidation.

She never expected him to throw the phone into the sea. Up until then, she thought he was in it only for the waitress; but at that moment, she realized he was in it for the game, too. That's why she let the waitress live. Her Yin deserved a better prize. An Oscar.

His Mom had been a complete disappointment. At the police department, she had liked the older woman's encouragement to let her son play. Better than the Dad, at least. On the other hand, the mother only glared when she complimented her son. Maybe she was one of those moms who seemed nice in public but hit them in private. Her poor Yin deserved better. He deserved to be loved, and she did love him. After all, they created such a wonderful masterpiece. A Yin-Yang like no other. She and her Yin had made a complete circle.

Ms. Yang started humming. She knew the guards desperately wanted to know why, but the lyrics were only for him.

Yin-Yang, Yin-Yang, Yin-Yang, Yin…

She and her Yin would share another episode together, and another, and another. For love and stories only truly end when both characters are ready to press stop. He would be ready someday. They would share fireworks and then be together forever and ever.

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