Supernatural Meltdown

Chapter 4: One Down, One to Go

At the time when Sam was collecting information Dean decided he would indeed stick around the motel and do some research there. – If he was completely honest the town kind of freaked him out, everything spreads like wild-fire and he couldn't risk and entire town finding out about them, the less they knew the better.

Dean had no clue what he was looking for exactly so he decided to start off with a call to Bobby.

"Hey Bobby, we're here. But we don't have a clue what we're looking for, could you give us a specific area which we can work with?" Dean asked.

"Well I've been researching; I know I didn't give you boys a lot to go on. Seems it was scattered into Stars Hollow, whoever it is has been there a lot, but the main source is in Hartford" Bobby explained

"Do you know what could be causing such a rift?" Dean asked.

"Well, apparently it's said that something or someone coming back from hell can do it however, one that's been put on a tracker. Whoever it is must have some sort of job to do, if they do the job they will be able to be free from hell and to live the life they were living before. This one they must not trust because they know how obvious the tracking is, so they probably think that this one is the type to try and double cross them" Bobby explained.

"So I should look for new faces around Hartford, shouldn't be too hard" Dean remarked sarcastically.

"Hey kid, I did the best I could without actually being their myself"

"I know Bobby, thanks. I'm sure it'll help in the long run"

"No problem, do me a favour and keep me in the loop?"

"Will do Bobby, do me a favour and keep an eye on the area"

"Way ahead of you"

"Bye Bobby"

Dean hung up. So the phone call wasn't a complete waste of time. He sighed and made his way to Sam's computer.

He typed in Google 'Hartford new people 2009' 'Need to start somewhere' he thought sceptically.

He started scrolling down speed-reading the headings of the websites. Several links down one caught his eye.

"19th June 2009" he read aloud, he thought back to when he got the phone call from Bobby. Dean called him back.

"Two phone calls in two minutes, I'm touched" Bobby answered.

"This is serious Bobby, when did the changes start occurring?" Dean asked.

"You want a specific date?" Bobby asked, amazed.

"Would be useful" Dean replied

"Well must have been about a week ago, so 18th, 19th June maybe, why do you ask?"

"Just following up on a lead, I'll call you when I know more" and he hung up.

Dean immediately clicked on the link.

He started reading and almost instantly recognized a woman in the photo, although he couldn't quite believe is eyes, he'd recognise the woman anywhere.

"Son of a-" he started but was interrupted by a knock on the door. He closed the page and cautiously approached the door.

Dean's head shot up and eyed the door suspiciously. He checked in the draw to make sure the gun, salt and various other innocent looking weapons. He closed the draw satisfied and answered the door.

"Can I help you?" Dean asked, frowning at the unfamiliar people in uniform

"Dean Winchester?" A man asked

"Who wants to know?"

"Sir, you're under arrest" the man said beckoning another man with handcuffs "You have the right to remain silent anything you say or do can be held against you-"

Dean blocked the rest out, sighing looking bored. 'Not again' he thought.

As he was taken outside he saw Sam running towards the motel.

'Look up Sam, don't come any further' Dean thought, begging his brother. Though they had done it before, this time they had no plan, both of them in jail would be useless.

Sam did indeed look up and noticed Dean in the police car looking more annoyed than worried. Sam dived into the nearest hiding place.

"I want a perimeter around this whole building, the brother is bound to come back we just have to wait it out" an important looking man ordered.

'Sorry to disappoint you' Sam smirked.

Sam focused on Dean, who was looking at him. Sam knew he had found something out by the look in his eyes.

Dean mouthed something to Sam.

Phone Bobby.

As soon as Sam saw this he sneaked off, making sure he couldn't be seen by anyone. When he was sure he was in the clear he ran for it. When he was in a clear road he got out his phone and called Bobby.

"Wow, I'm getting so many phone calls from you boys. What can I do for you Sam?"

"Deans been arrested, he mouthed for me to phone you from the police car" Sam told rushed out.

"He's been arrested? Is he Ok?" Bobby asked, worriedly.

"You sound more worried than he looked" Sam almost laughed.

"How'd he look?" Bobby asked.

"Pissed, I think he might have found something out."

Bobby told him about the two phone conversations they had.

"Yeah, well I'm going to find out what he did. Thanks Bobby"

"How? They'll be looking for you all over, and your laptop is in the motel"

"Internet Cafe Bobby, I'll ring you back when I find something out" Sam told him.

"Yeah, yeah, I've heard that before. Be careful" he warned.

"Will do, bye" he hung up and headed for the nearest Internet Cafe.

'Right, what would Dean have typed in' Sam thought.

'18th/19th June 2009 – new faces in Hartford' Sam tried

The first link caught his eye, he clicked on it.

Sam's almost choked on the water he'd ordered.

"No way!" Sam nearly yelled moving closer towards the screen making sure his eyes weren't deceiving him.


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