Chapter 1: The Great Winter

A great winter storm came through the forest. The animals called it "The Great Winter" Every one of the animals are seeking new shelter to keep themselves warm and safe from the huge winter storm that could last a long time.

Vinny, a young Chipmunk mother of 3 boys Alvin, Simon and Theodore wanted to find somewhere safe from the story as well. She was sick from the weather and started carrying her 3 boys in a basket and followed the animals.

But it was no use; she realized her babies would never survive the winter at all. Then she got any idea. She remembered a man who treats the animals kindly who lives in a warm cabin. So she decided to carry them to the cabin to have the man take care of them until she returned for them.

Her sickness was getting worse from the cold weather, but she made it to the door. She then sang her boys' favorite lullaby to them the best she can. Then she knocked on the door. She was about to run off to catch up with the animals, but the illness finally took over her. From there she finally fainted and lay in the snow.

The man opened the door and first saw a basket with 3 little chipmunks. Then he saw another Chipmunk in a dress lying in the snow. So the man brought in the basket first, then he came and picked up the Chipmunk woman and brought her inside to get her warm.

Vinny lied on a warm bed still has not waked up yet. She has a warm cloth on her head to get her warmed up. The man looked at her and thought she was a really beautiful young Chipmunk and he never thought one would look that way. He waited by her side to wake up and was making soup for her and also trying to take care of the boys which are mostly tired from the cold.

Finally Vinny woke up a little and when she opened her eyes she saw the man face to face. The man was unsure what the Chipmunk would do, so he just waited there nervously.

"You're that man I wanted to care for my boys, where am I?" asked Vinny a little confused where she is.

"I see you can talk, I had a feeling you could since you are a little different from the forest creatures I know" began the man, "The answer your question you are at my home, a cabin and my Name is Dave Seville, what's your name?" asked Dave.

"Oh, I see" said Vinny, "Well my name is Vinny and I'm the mother of the Chipmunks and I think I need to meet up with my friends" said Vinny and tired to get up from the bed.

But Dave then gentle forced Vinny to lie back on the bed. "Settle down Vinny, everything will be fine, besides you are in no condition to go anywhere and the weather is terrible outside, let me get you some soup" said Dave and walked to the stove to get Vinny her soup.

"You're right Dave, I just wish I did not get this cold, I would be with my friends by now…" said Vinny a little depressed she can't be with her friends.

"It will be fine Vinny" comforted Dave carrying the soup to Vinny, "You should be thankful you are still with your boys and have me to take care of all of you guys" Then Dave placed the bowl of soup on a tray in Vinny's lap.

"Yeah, I guess I'm happy that I'm still with my boys" said Vinny smiling a little; she took a few slips of the soup with her spoon, "This tastes strange, but good, what is it?" asked Vinny.

"Oh it's just Chicken Noodle soup in Chicken broth, my favorite kind of soup and just something to make you feel better, sorry that is strange since you never eaten human food" answered Dave, "By the way, what are your boys like?" asked Dave.

"Well Alvin seems to like music and gets into a little mischief, Simon seems to be the logical smart ones who loves to study stuff and Theodore likes to eat a lot and seems to want to learn to cook" answered Vinny.

"I see I bet they are a handful for you" said Dave.

"Yeah, a little, but I am curious of what you do, you seem to have a piano over there" asked Vinny.

"Well I am a music writer and I have been trying to get a song put together, but it's a struggle for me" admitted Dave.

"Don't worry Dave, it will come to you, I love music myself, I could help you a little" said Vinny trying to comfort Dave.

"We'll see, right now I think you'll need your rest and I'll need mine, hope you don't mind we share this bed together" said Dave and started to yawn.

"I don't mind Dave, well good night" said Vinny.

"Good night Vinny" replied Dave then gave a little kiss on her forehead. Then he walked over to the little Chipmunks and said goodnight to them and kiss their foreheads as they finally feel asleep. Then Dave went to bed and fell asleep next to Vinny. He wonders what the future holds taking care of a Chipmunk family.

To be continued…

Author's note: I had this idea for a while but I wanted to get the "Mother Moves In" fanfiction down first, which for those who never read it, I recommend reading it and even reviewing this. I just thought this would be an interesting idea for an alternative to what if Vinny would stay behind in a way with Dave as well. I did try using "The Chipmunks Story" episode, but it will not work on this fanfiction, so more inspiration is from "A Chipmunk Reunion" Hope you guys look forward to updates on this. Also if any of you guys have ideas for me, just PM them to me.