Chapter 5

After all the excitement of Dave receiving a huge paycheck on the successful Chipmunk Christmas song and the fairly secure financial future with earning money from the song being played across the U.S. for Christmas time and albums to be made to buy by Christmas, he decided to look for a better home for himself, the Chipmunks and Vinny. He found the perfect one pretty quick and was able to quickly sign the papers, pay to amount needed and can move in right away.

Again they needed to head back to the cabin in the forest, but are able to hired a good moving service that even handle snow pretty well. Vinny's animal friends were heading back to their homes since it is safe again and they are all willing to help Vinny and her friends pack up for the new home. With their help it took no time to pack up everything needed. Vinny let her close friend Ally take charge of this part of the forest and make sure their friends are taken care of and promise to see them as much as they can.

They all got to their place and Dave realized maybe he should shop for new better furniture. So with Vinny and the boys they went out shopping for the stuff they need and had plenty of help to move and arrange the new stuff for the place. Then the place pretty much looked like home and the Chipmunks even have their own room for the years to come.

Weeks passed and Christmas morning came for them. The Chipmunks received presents from Santa Claus which did not surprise Dave nor Vinny since they know he is really. The boys started playing with them.

Dave gave a small box shaped wrapped gift to Vinny. She unwrapped the gift and saw it is a jewelry box. She is surprise to see something this, but she opened it and saw it is a beautiful ring. Then she looked up and saw Dave one knee with his arms out, "Will you marry me?" asked Dave.

This caught Vinny off guard; it took a little time to think, but she thought of the answer, "Yes" answered Vinny. Dave became excited of the answered and hugged and kissed her. All the Chipmunks heard of this wonderful news that their mother will be official are part of the family with Dave.

After Christmas both Dave and Vinny decided they need to tell the news to both of their families. Both families are glad to hear it, even though it is strange to have a human and a Chipmunk marry together. Both knew this would be a unique wedding, so they needed to handle the press and make sure it does not invade their privacy.

The wedding day came. The pastor side his lines and they official became Dave and Vinny Seville. After the reception they went on their honeymoon to Florida and have Ally take care of the Chipmunks.

To be continued…

Author's notes: I guess I'm moving this story really fast, even for a short chapter. It may take time for you guys to absorb the info. Hopefully I will slow down in future chapter. I just did not feel to make too much description to the chapter. But now they are a whole family. And I forgot that Dave does adopt the Chipmunks before the wedding, unless that is unnecessary to do that. Hopefully you guys look forward to more of the fanfiction!