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"Gibbs. My office. Now," Vance barked from above the bullpen.

"Kinda busy," Gibbs said, gesturing to his Chinese take-out.

"It wasn't a request," Vance replied.

Gibbs sighed, tossed his lunch onto his desk, and made his way to the stairs.

So far NCIS had been having a pretty quiet week. No murders, no bombs, nothing.

As soon as his boss disappeared into the directors office, Tony smiled, "I smell a case!"

"All I smell Is your cologne. What did you do? Bathe in it?" Ziva said crinkling her nose.

"What do you think they're talking about? Vance usually announces to all of us when we've got a case. Not just Gibbs," Mcgee asked before Tony could retort.

"You know Vance. Always has to be in control," Tony replied, " But back to our previous conversation, before Mcgee butted his butt in; What's wrong with my cologne?"

Which of course led to a heated debate about Tony and his cologne usage. Of course until Gibbs came back down to the bullpen with a file in his hands, along with a very pissed off look on his face. He sat down, grabbed his take out, and resumed eating.

All was silent in the bullpen until, Ziva, being the brave soul that she is, spoke up, "Everything okay, Gibbs?"

"No, it's not," Gibbs replied bluntly.

"You wanna talk about it?" Tony asked smiling.

"Yeah, DiNozzo I would! If you were the Director of NCIS how far would you go to get information?" Gibbs asked.

"As far as it took, I guess," Tony replied getting serious.

"Of course you would. But would you deliberately put a civilian or more importantly a child into danger?"

"Of course not," Tony said without missing a beat.

"Well apparently the England, Australia, and our very own intelligence agency would," Gibbs replied.

"What are you talking about, Boss?" Mcgee asked.

"MI6 has hired a teenaged British child to do their dirty work, and apparently the CIA and ASIS has used him too,"Gibbs said.

"And just how has that worked out for them?" Ziva asked astonished.

"Apparently its been successful. The kid hasn't failed a mission yet. And I'm not talking little here or there missions. I'm talking about real adult missions. This kid has been shot in the chest for God's sake," Gibbs said opening the file again.

"Damn," was all Tony could reply.

"What about this kid's parents?" Mcgee asked.

"Doesn't have any is what the file says. They died in a plane crash. He was living with his uncle who was a spy himself, but he died on a mission and now he's living with his housekeeper. Apparently they both got real close over the years and she took him in," Gibbs said looking at the file.

"I don't get it. What does that have to do with NCIS?" Ziva asked.

"Apparently he's in trouble with some international terrorists, and he needs to go into hiding until MI6 gets it straightened out. And the CIA mentioned us and our track record. The head of MI6 just called Vance," Gibbs explained.

" How young are we talking here, Boss?" Tony asked.

"A fourteen year old, by the name of Alex Rider. He'll be here early in the morning along with his guardian," Gibbs said getting up tossing the file onto Tony's desk for them to look over. Then he walked out of the bullpen and headed for the morgue to talk to Ducky.

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