24/02/2009 15:45:00

Amanda slowly awoke from the beams of sunlight passing thru her window and coming into contact with her eyes. She felt like she was in a daze, had the previous night actually happened? When Amanda came a little more to her senses she smiled to herself seeing a pair of familiar arms wrapped around her, overjoyed to know it was not a dream. She could feel Kyle's presence right behind her, trying to be as close to her as possible as if to say that he would never let her go.

Amanda fought were herself but finally decided it was time to leave the warmness of his embrace and carefully rolled over to look at her boyfriend still heavily asleep. As she looked at him an amused smile came across her face the look on Kyle's face looked so peaceful and happy, exactly how she felt herself. He was deep in sleep but Amanda decided there was more then enough time for sleep later and took a finger and moved it across Kyle's cheek.

The reaction she hoped for came and Kyle groggily opened his eyes and immediately smiled when Amanda's face came into view, very amused over the small trick she pulled on him. "Morning", Kyle said heavily trying to keep himself from yawning. Amanda amused her smile automatically turned flirty and her eyes softened at the sound of his voice, "Morning" she said slightly seductively. Amanda felt more playful than anything and fought back a giggle, "You know I thought you had a naturally smooth face but I guess I wrong wasn't I?, Amanda said in a light flirty voice as she ran another two fingers slowly across his cheek feeling the sensation of every hair on his light morning stubble.

If it had been any other tone of voice Kyle would have panicked and thought Amanda didn't like his face that way but the moment was perfect and knew Amanda was only toying with him. Kyle decided two could play at her game, "I guess that is just one of the things I forgot to mention last night", Kyle playfully retorted.

At these words Amanda got a little huffy but realized he was kidding when a smile came across his face, 'I am going to have to teach Kyle about playfully flirting sometime' Amanda thought. Amanda had another playful thought "I thought you could only feel comfortable enough to sleep in a tub?", Amanda teased.

Kyle thought about her words and realized he was in her bed, he was too wrapped up in the moment with Amanda he almost forgot. "I guess I only needed the right person next to me to make me feel comfortable", Kyle said honestly with a small smile.

Amanda blushed, 'maybe we don't need to work on his flirting' Amanda thought loving how honest Kyle was in his answers of how he felt about her. "Well that's good", Amanda said still a flirty tone, "that is another thing we won't have to worry about anymore. I love your tub but it isn't conducive to all the stuff you can do in a bed". 'Did I just say that' Amanda thought realizing what she just implied. The close romantic atmosphere was having an effect on her.

Kyle got confused at Amanda's last statement not knowing what the difference was between a bed tub was but decided to hide his bewilderment, Lori would tell him what she meant later.

"I still can't believe everything that has happened it is like a dream. I mean last night in the park and the ring you gave me, Amanda lifted her and half to just to see it again and half to make sure she hadn't imagined that, "and waking up to have you sleeping right next to me", Amanda's voice still light.

Without thought Kyle answered, "Yeah I can't believe your mom allowed me to stay here with you."

A look of shock came over Amanda and she propped herself up on one arm and looked at the closed door, "Oh! I almost forgot my mom. Kyle you have to go", Amanda's voice full of fear.

Kyle was innocently confused, "Why are worried? your mom knows that I am here".

Amanda slightly shook her head, before last night she would be exasperated Kyle didn't know the answer to this social situation. "Kyle what we saw last night was a momentarily lapse of judgment from my mom. Whether it was her usual glass of wine or all the good news yesterday I don't know but one thing is certain you can't be here when she gets up".

"Amanda I think your mom will be okay with this you don't need to worry", Kyle said because he thought the best of people and just wanted to lay there with Amanda all day.

Amanda couldn't help but give Kyle a light kiss for being so endearing but naive, "Kyle it just isn't the right time for you to sleep over and then have breakfast with my mother and be okay. I know you can heal yourself from almost anything but if my mom catches you in here she will put that to the test. Please don't argue with me", Amanda paused when she saw how upset Kyle was over her tone and lightened up, "eventually we will try to get my mother to accept you staying over but not now."

Kyle still had a face of disappointment but knew it would be pointless to argue with Amanda. Kyle kissed Amanda harder and more passionately than he had that morning, "Okay but promise me you will se me later".

Through the short time spans their lips were not touching each other Amanda managed to whisper, "Promise", softly back in response.

Kyle withdrew his lips a few inches and looked her in the eyes, "Then I know it will happen". With that Kyle got up and went over to Amanda's window and opened it up.

"Kyle what are you doing!", Amanda yelled slightly higher than she wanted to hoping she did not wake her mother.

Kyle looked back once again confused, 'Had he done something wrong' . "You said your mom couldn't find me in here", Kyle stated what he thought was obvious.

"But you can't jump out of my window", Amanda said scared but as soon as she said it realized the stupidity of what she just said.

Kyle saw her embarrassed look, "Amanda" Kyle said trying to get her attention "I love you.

Amanda got up off her bed and walked over to Kyle and gave him one last kiss, "I love you too", Amanda said with passion in her voice.

With that Kyle gave Amanda one last looked and jumped out her window.

Amanda couldn't help but gasp as he fell but smiled to herself as he landed on his feet like it took no effort. Amanda laughed a little to herself for how she reacted but truly happy Kyle and her had no secrets.