The afternoon lunch rush was just winding down and Amanda looked up at the clock and looked over at Josh, "Hey my shift is over you got everything?"

"Hey last time I checked I have been here longer than you," Josh said in his usual use of sarcasm.

"I think she was referring to your general incompetence," Andy said as she sat down at the counter.

"Ha ha," Josh said not amused as he placed a banana guava smoothie with a shot of wheat grass.

"I am just going to change in the store room," Amanda said facing Josh before turning to Andy, "Oh and try and keep him here."

"Hey!" Josh said mockingly offended as Andy almost spat out smoothie laughing so hard, "I can't believe you all think I would even try that sort of thing."

"Can you blame her?" Lori said as her and Hilary also took seats at the counter, "you are the same person we found hiding porn magazines inside a Quija board."

"For your sake I hope were talking about your pre-Andy days here," Hilary said laughing.

Josh huffed and his cheeks turned a little pinkish, "Lori!"

"Well I guess its better than being like the typical guy who hides them under his mattress," Andy said deciding to continue the awkward situation for Josh.

Josh's cheeks got redder, "I got to go wash down the tables."


"So what did you do to Jessie after the party? Lori said she is in some kind of sleep,," Declan asked Kyle finally feeling well enough to meet with Kyle at The Rack.

Kyle looked around the back room to make sure he and Declan weren't within earshot of anyone, "It is hard to explain and it might be better to wait until Jessie wakes up. It might be better if you and her talk about it," Kyle said sympathetically because he could see Declan was genuinely worried.

"Kyle she has been asleep for five days now, shouldn't she have waken up by now? Maybe whatever you did has made her that way permanently," Declan's voice was on edge with the slightest bit of anger seeping out. He did not know why he was getting worried over Jessie like this, he didn't even know if Jessie felt the same way. Although Declan couldn't shake the feeling that this whole situation could be partly because of him.

Kyle put a hand on his friend's shoulder and looked him in the eye, "Trust me Jessie will be fine, and maybe since your so worried you should go see her."

Declan saw Kyle's genuine concern for him and knew Kyle was telling him the truth, "Thanks man," Declan said pulling Kyle into a man hug before leaving.


Hilary and Lori were still talking and laughing with Andy about some of Josh's less than charming moments when Amanda emerged from the back room, a duffle bag slung over her shoulder. Hilary was the first to notice and felt her mouth open in shock.

Amanda walked closer to group and stopped short finally noticing the look of awe on their faces, "Something wrong?" Amanda said unsure.

"Well apart from the fabulous exercising outfit, when did you get totally toned physique?" Hilary said gawking enviously at Amanda standing in front of her wearing a pink tank top and black tight training capris. "I would kill for arms like yours," Hilary continued on quickly squeezing Amanda's arm to see if what she was seeing was actually real.

"Thanks I guess… Kyle and I have been working out together," Amanda said casually.

"What kind working out have you two been doing?" Andy questioned, the discovery catching her attention.

"A little bit of everything actually and even some martial arts," Amanda said keeping her calm.

"Well whatever your doing keep it is working, you look amazing," Lori said knowing the scale of what her and Kyle were doing was more but had to say the comment to help Amanda's cover.

Before Amanda could speak Hilary spoke up, " Hold up how did you get your mother to allow Kyle and you to work out together?"

"Well I think my mom is starting to really warm up to Kyle or at least willingly tolerate. Besides that I told her that Kyle would be teaching me martial arts moves for self-defense and that it would look good on a college application she was sold," Amanda explained the cover story her and Kyle already worked out, most of it basically true.

"How can you put that on your application, Don't you have to learn from a certified instructor or something?" Andy questioned thinking something about this story didn't add up.

"Actually Kyle got certification in a couple different styles awhile ago. I never knew he was self-teaching himself but apparently it had been a hobby of his for awhile," Amanda said finally coming to the part of having to lie. Kyle actually did get certification in a couple martial art styles, mostly just to provide proof to her mother, but it only took a few days to have down all the knowledge and technique of a practiced master.

"So let me get this straight, you get to roll around on a mat with Kyle over there for college credit? I think I jealous?" Hilary teasingly said.

"It is a lot harder than you think Hilary," Amanda said without any animosity finding it amusing to see Hilary's take on the situation.

"Oh I am sure you work up quite a sweat," Hilary said still teasingly hoping for there to be even more to this story.

"Hilary" Lori said "Unlike what you would do in that situation I think they are actually working out."

Unnoticed by the other three Amanda blushed momentarily thinking of the previous days where her and Kyle stole some time for quick make out sessions while Foss and Adam were talking to each other.

"Well whatever the case Kyle may have to watch out I think you could take him," Andy said stopping Hilary and Lori's mini squabble.

"Not exactly one of my reasons but thanks Andy," Amanda said giving a thank you smile to Andy.

Amanda was relieved to hear a voice from behind her, "Amanda ready to go?"

"Yeah," Amanda said to Kyle before turning back to her friends, " See ya."

"Have fun and don't do anything I would do," Hilary said playfully as Amanda hurriedly walked towards the door with Kyle fearing where the conversation may head if they stuck around.

When they were outside Kyle turned, "What is Hilary talking about?"

"Not important trust me and besides we'll be late. We go to get going."

A/N: Sorry for the long gap college is winding down for the semester and I haven't had much time to write. Originally thus chapter was going to be longer and start Amanda's advanced training with Foss but decided this would be a fun transitional scene. Next few chapters will be Foss training Amanda the skills she will need to handle any situation. Also wanted to put this out to let you all know I am still here.