I'm falling, falling through, Nothingness? Darkness? Light? I can't feel anything not my hands, feet… there is nothing to hear, nothing to see, nothing to feel, in several definitions of the word.

How long have I been here? I think forever, Or just now? I can't remember, remember… The word echoes in my consciousness. Whoosh, whoosh thesound of waves I can hear them close, relaxing me. Me, who is me? What is my name? Am I no one? Do I not exist? Am I dead? I don't remember… again the word echoes. I feel warmth and something smooth, yet a little grainy, something like sand. The sounds of the waves are closer now. Suddenly I feel my legs and my arms, I'm wet. I felt fabric on my legs and chest I was clothed at least. It was uncomfortable laying face down in the warm sand but I didn't know if I could move yet. So for the time being I focused my energy into trying to remember, anything. My mind seemed clearer as if the tides went out uncovering all the little pools of things to look at and poke. I was a girl I was sure, my name was drawing a blank still. I knew I was unconscious laying face down on a beach somewhere. I tried to move, I couldn't. I must be close to waking if I'm aware like this… or not. God this is annoying I don't even know my own name, although I can guess I'm a teenager… I guess I could guess what my name is… um Sarah? No that's not it, Mary? I went through a plethora of names before I finally gave up. I even tried some boy names but of them worked either. I sighed mentally this was getting aggravating and repetitive. I'm going to try and wake up now… Now!... Now! Damn it! It's not-. Suddenly my eyes snapped open and I rolled over on to my back. The sky is twilight oranges and reds starting to fade into blue and midnight purple. I stayed like that until most of the sky was blue. I sat up and looked around. It was a tropical island as far as I could tell, there were a few wood buildings among the trees there was a dock to my left and an oasis like pool of water a little higher up it had a water fall, I could hear it quite well. I stood up slowly and tried to take a step I stumbled and fell onto my knees on to a small piece of wood which punctured my right knee.

"Ow!" I winced I got onto my feet again then I noticed that I was bare footed. I inspected my knee a small bead of blood was forming preparing for its journey down my leg, before it could though I wiped it with my finger and then licked it off, the strange metallic taste seemed familiar to me somehow. I pulled out the little piece of wood and dropped it into the sand. I wetted my finger and cleaned the small wound, which now wasn't there? I couldn't feel it anymore. Oh well at least it doesn't hurt anymore. I straitened my back and tried to walk again I didn't fall staring at my bare feet I took step by step by step by-, smack I ran into a tree I rubbed my nose until it didn't hurt anymore. Note to self; look up while walking. I walked up the small incline until I reached the little oasis type thing. That water looked really fresh and clean… I suddenly found myself extremely thirsty so I walked into the small pool the water was a bit warmer than I had expected it to be. I put my hands under the waterfall brought them to my face and drank. Most of the water splashed down on to my already wet shirt just then I noticed a small white thing in the bushes surrounding the pool I went toward it and found that it was a small plastic cup. I picked it up and turned it around in my fingers no cracks or holes; I could use this to drink from! I bent down and washed it out with some of the water swishing it around and around, and then I dumped the cleaning water out and went back to the water fall. I put the cup underneath it and it very quickly overfilled I brought the cup to my lips and swigged it down in a second. I went to take a second cup, then a third, then forth. The burning thirst in the back of my throat didn't go away and I couldn't drink anymore water, so I put the cup back where I found it. I then noticed that night had fallen completely. The only way I could tell was that there were stars and a moon in the sky, the world just seemed really bright not daylight bright, just bright enough to where I could see really well. I can see in the dark?

I stepped out of the pool and the sand stuck to my feet. Just then I noticed that there was a small opening in the rock wall right next to where I was standing I crouched down and looked into it. It was an opening to a cave. A wave of curiosity came over me and I was on all fours crawling through it to find… a small cave with a little skylight in the ceiling, also there was an oval shaped door with a yellow trim there was no doorknob. I walked over to it and felt along the edge trying to find a good grip to see if I could open it, I couldn't find one. A voice then emanated from somewhere inside my head. The door to the heart of this world. Something inside me clicked into place and I realized that the voice came from a memory. Have I been here before? Have I seen this before? Probably. Out of the corner of my eye I saw white on the stone gray wall. I walked over there and bent down the whiteness was a drawing made by someone scraping a sharp stone against the wall. The drawing was child like the one on the left was of a spiky hair boy, smiling he had a hand with a star in it as if giving it to the other drawing, which was of a girl, also smiling, she was giving a star to the boy. I could see that the drawing of the heads was old probably years. The arm that was going to the girl was just a little new probably by a few years. The arm from the girl was the newest it was probably a few months old give or take. I reached out to touch it, when I made contact the stone was slightly wet, from dew and it was cold. I suddenly felt that place again, the place you go to when you're unconscious, and I was passing out… again. I fell over sideways my head hitting on something hard and that sent me in to complete unconsciousness.

Author's note: I'm finally writing something yea! i don't need reviews to continue this story i don't know how long it will take to write chapter 1 but i will try hard too do it fast!

Flames will be use to roast marshmallow to make sandwiches!