NOTE: I still think this is within the T ratings criteria but let meknow if anyone thinks otherswise. I don't personally like the in your face kind of writing in regard to scenes that are somewhat sexual in nature. I do believe some things should be left to the imagination. So I hope I have tastefully captured just the normal exploration of two people in love getting familiar with each other on another level. Enjoy!

Holding Onto The Hero

Continues . . .

{Scene Twenty Eight}

Brennan knew that Booth had more than pushed himself today, insisting on being his independent and stubborn self, thinking he could overcome anything almost overnight. But the body can only tolerate so much before it starts to break down. Especially when you combine that with the added stress of almost losing your life and the pressure of knowing you have only a short amount of time to save yourself.

But she also knew from experience how a traumatic experience can later manifest in so may ways and the sense of smell being one of the most powerful reminders of a horrifying experience. She wasn't joking when she mentioned the way she was tormented for weeks by the very scent of dirt or anything associated with the gritty soil. She knew all too well how he was now being tormented in that same way - by any remnant of lingering scent on his body that would remind him of the ship, such as the smell of explosives, the damp, musty smells of mold and mildew that had overtaken the old vessel, and even the scent of rusting metal. Every odor amplified the impact of the terrorizing experience that he had gone through in that floating time bomb that almost became his grave.

Because of this empathy she had for him, having gone through a similar event herself, she only wanted to help him now, just as he had helped her after she herself had been buried alive, or when he helped in New Orleans after she was left without memories of an evening that left her battered and bloody. He was always there for her and now it was her turn.

She and Booth were moving towards the shower stall, while they were locked together arm in arm to give Booth added stability in case another wave of dizziness overcame him. It was at that very moment that Brennan's mind suddenly reflected back on something Angela had said to her just a few days back.

*** Angela had pulled Brennan aside right before they delivered the evidence to the Gravedigger inside the park. "Listen to me Brennan, someone you love is buried alive, you're allowedto save him, no matter how irrational! To which Brennan quickly denied; "I don't love Booth." causing an already anxious Angela to snap back, "Yes, you do! So do I, so do all of us! ***

Maybe Angela had been right, maybe she did love Booth. But where Angela had been wrong was, in the way she insinuated that Brennan loved Booth in the same capacity as she and rest of the team did. Brennan was finally realizing that she did love Booth, but she loved him in every capacity. In fact, how could she have denied her true feelings for sooo long, she wondered. Her eyes were wide open now, she finally knew that she loved him in every sense of the word!

As she reached into the stall, turning the shower spray on to the perfect temperature, with Booth nuzzling and nibbling on her shoulders, oblivious to the rather serious feelings his partner was finally admitting to herself. When he finally realized she had stopped kissing him back. Her focus was not just on turning on the shower – he knew her better than that.

"Okay Bo-ones – penny for your thoughts?"

"Booth, I don't know what that means. Are you supposed to give me a penny, or am I suppos - To which Booth stopped her immediately with a powerful kiss on her lips. He knew from past experience that whenever he tried to explain even the simplest of cliche's to her, it never ended well!

"Never mind Bones." he said, smiling. "I just meant what are you thinking about right now? And don't try to tell me you weren't." he added.

"Nothing, I am just worried about you, that's all." she said, chickening out on opening up to him. Now was not the time or the place. "Let's get you rinsed off because I don't know about you, but I am hungry!"

"Okay, you got it. I can't have my own private Nurse falling over herself from lack of nourishment, now can I?" he said as he grabbed her around her tiny waist and quickly pulled them under the soothing mist of the shower, completely immersing them both under the warm waterfall.

Once Brennan recovered from the shock of Booth's sudden action, she laughed heartily finally letter herself go for the time being. She was tired of sadness, worry and stress and for just a few moments she decided to only focus on the relief and happiness she now felt in every cell of her body in knowing that Booth had made it out alive, and in knowing she was unabashedly in love with him. She only hoped that he loved her on somewhere near the same level and that he wasn't just getting caught up in the moment.

Booth pulled her tightly against his body, their muscles now defined by the slippery wetness of the remnants of the shampoo still in his hair, mixed with the spray of the shower. His hand moving down to cup her bottom, further pressing their hips together. He wanted her like he had never wanted anyone.

Brennan automatically lifted one of her legs, cautiously balancing on one foot, while she wrapped the other leg around Booth's upper thigh, hooking her calf around him just under the curve of his own behind – pulling him closer towards her in the same uninhibited way. Together they continued the exuberant kissing and they weren't even fondling each other in any other way. There was something so satisfying for them to simply taste each other's deep kisses and hold onto each other with as much unbelievable ferocity that was comparable only to the hug they shared after Booth climbed into that helicopter when she rescued him from the ship!

Booth suddenly felt a stinging all over his chest, causing him to snap out of the haze of sheer ecstasy that he fell into whenever he was kissing her. "Owww, dam*!" he suddenly cursed.

"Oh my gosh Booth! We completely forgot about your dressings! How could I have been so careless?!" she hollered, taking on all of the blame herself. She she brought her leg down and turned Booth's body so he was just out reach from the penetrating wetness of the shower spray. She began to eye his torso up and down inspecting the damage, stopping only momentarily to take in his now fully awakened – lower half ;).

"Bones, this is NOT your fault so stop saying that. I am the one who carelessly pulled you in, before even thinking of the repercussions." Booth assured her. "So please, it's nothing. All we need to do is, and it pained him to say it because he knew it meant the end of this amazing physical manifestation of their true feelings, dry off and redo the dressings. It was almost time to do that anyway." he added.

So Brennan just nodded in agreement and reached up and removed the part of the shower head that was attached to an extended, coiled silver hose, and helped to rinse away any remaining evidence of soap and shampoo until they were both almost squeaky clean.

She hoped that would help him begin to go longer and longer without being forced to think about what he went through, now that at least the smells that were torturing him, were gone.

She reached for a towel which she used to gently pat his otherwise fit body dry using a touch that was so tender it could almost be compared to how a new Mother cares for her newborn baby. Lovingly making sure he was first and foremost, feeling safe and cared for. She patted the bulging muscles in his chest, the iron firmness of his biceps, the narrowing tautness of his waist and 6-pack ab muscles – reaching around to dry off the soft skin of his backside.

Then moving the towel up and down his long – legs, to dry them off completely leaving her with only one portion of his body that she had yet to finish. The minute she began to dry the 'rest' of him off, he responded to her touch instantly. But before she could do anything that might- start something up again so to speak - he reached out, taking the towel gently out of her hands. He knew that when he finally allowed himself to fully let go, he wanted it to be special and only after he had regained his physical stamina.

Booth then took the towel from Brennan to return the favor. He took even more time as he lightly rubbed the terry cloth towel along the hollows above her collarbones, over her delicate, defined shoulders and arms, moving it in a seemingly fluid motion across the toned flatness of her stomach, torturing her a little with the lingering attention he paid to her most private of parts – causing her to lose touch with reality as he lovingly worked her to a shivering release that she had never had happen so quickly.

She felt her own knees go weak from his talented ministrations. He then dropped the towel quickly moving his arm to circle her waist again, supporting her as she recovered and he felt pleased with himself for being able to satisfy her in any way to show her how important her happiness was to him.

They stayed there like that for what seemed like forever until they sluggishly, almost drunk from the passionate feelings they had just shared. Brennan then began to peel off all of his now ruined bandages, applying antibiotic creams and ointments and sealing them all back up in fresh and dry gauze, taping in just the way she had been instructed by the hospital staff.

Then they helped to redress each other in complete and peaceful silence, neither one wanting to break the spell that seemed to have taken them both by surprise. And headed into the living room to relax, continue with their emotional healing and finally, eat! :)

I might end here so I can start my Sequel where they go after the mystery person that Booth still feels had helped Heather Taffett in his kidnapping and possibly all of the others as well. But let me know what you all think and want!