"The Bickering B's"

MISSING SCENE at the beginning of the "Princess And The Pear" episode.

Scene begins in Booth's apartment – 7:00 am - Brennan has already been talked into giving Booth's back another one of her magnificent manipulations and is in the process of doing such as this missing scene begins. Note: The B's of course stand for Booth & Brennan

Booth is talking while Brennan is behind him, her small hands coming up from under his arms, holding his neck and swirling their hips around together in a circular motion - "Believe me, I really am not going to forget. . CRR-AAA-CCCK. . (as Booth's voice then goes up about three octives). . . thisss..." his eyes widen in surprise of a new, sharper pain, he freezes in place. Something didn't feel right about his back now – in fact, something felt seriously. . . WRONG.

Brennan senses it too, that something is wrong, different from when she adjusted him in the past. "Booth?" she says as she eases her hands out from their position behind around his neck – noticing he is frozen in place.

"Booth? - say something...anything...are you alright? Pause - C'mon Booth answer me, you are making me nervous!" she cries out, to which Booth finally responds, "Uh-oh...oh my gosh,. . .ohmygosh, ohmygosh ohmygosh. Help get me over to the couch, fast!" he says, his voice betraying the unbelievably worse pain that he is now in.

Brennan quickly moves her hands to around Booth's firm waist and half carries him to the couch, trying to support him as best she can. "Booth what's wrong, you have to tell me, or, or I am calling an ambulance immediately." she said, knowing that would get his attention. "Where does it hurt the most?" she asked, as she helps him to a reclined position, getting him on his back on the couch w/ his knees bent upwards to take the pressure off his spine and disks.

"NO!" Booth exclaims, "No way – why would you call an ambulance? Don't call one or I swear to God I will find a way to leave here before they get here, even if I have to crawl out in order to do it!" he threatens.

"Okay, okay," Brennan replies, "I won't – but I need you to talk to me then and tell me what's wrong so I can better assess the situation. I feel bad Booth, reeaally bad. I hurt you didn't I?" then before he can answer her, she adds, "I TOLD you I didn't want to do it, that you should see a Specialist! But no, you had to turn that ridiculously effective charm of yours up to full blast and give me that puppy dog smile that you know I can't resist!" this really is your fault she finally declares.

"MY fault!" Booth argues, "MY fault, now just how do you figure this is MY fault?!" he yells, then stops. . . as even raising his voice causes him increased agony, "Ok, I guess maybe I did force you a little bit." he states as he closes his eyes tightly as if trying to shut himself off from the immense pain he now feels in his low back, just below his waist line.

"Yes Booth, that is exactly what you did, you practically forced me." she responded, trying to convince herself that she was not fully responsible for hurting her Partner and friend worse.

Now, c'mon, we're getting you to the Hospital – now." she exclaims, "You are probably going to need an MRI to check for a slipped disk or other problems that can provoke the kind of pain you appear to be in now."

"Alright, alright," he conceded, "But right now the thought of getting from this couch to your car, sounds worse than getting tortured again as a Prisoner Of War! In fact, if I had a choice, I would probably have to go with the POW."

Brennan rushed over to the freezer in Booth's old fashioned, or as he called it – 'classic' – refrigerator, and pulled out one of the ice packs she knew he had in there – used for previous injuries that each of them had obtained at one time or another. She had some in her freezer as well, for the same reason.

"Okay Booth hold on a second, I am going to place this ice pack on your low back and then I will tie it around your waste with one of your ties." As Booth started to whine about how his ties were expensive, some even made of fine silk, he complained. "Booth, for Pete's sake! I will BUY you another tie. Now, can you help me by lifting up your shirt?" she asked.

"Okay, thanks Bones." he said, as he then grunted in pain trying to do as she asked. "Oh, and can you help me get into some sweats?" he asked her in the almost childlike, sweet voice he sometimes used when he was hurt and Bones was helping him.

"Yeesss, I will help you put some sweats onnn." she answered, slightly grinning at how helpless her Partner could be when hurting. That was part of his charm she supposed.

Approximately 15 minutes later, they were struggling against each other trying to get him to the car. They had to move painfully slow, (no pun intended) because with each cautious & pain filled step, Booth was breathing in & out through tightly clenched teeth, not unlike a pregnant woman doing Lamaze breathing during the contractions of labor.

She finally got him into the back of her SUV so he could lay down, bend his knees again, and keep the ice pack in place on his injury.

Within minutes, she was pulling up to the emergency entrance to the closest Hospital, where thankfully the Doctor whom had worked on Booth before, was positioned. She just hoped he was working today because it would be easier than breaking in a new Dr. - one unfamiliar with Booth's dangerous lifestyle and lengthy list of previous injuries and X-rays.

As Brennan ran around to help Booth, a hospital Paramedic saw the man in the back seat looking as though he could barely move. He then grabbed an empty stretcher from behind his nearby ambulance that he had just finished prepping after bringing in a heart attack victim only minutes before.

He proceeded to bring it alongside the open SUV door and starting to assist Brennan in getting the man into the ER. Booth saw the stretcher and immediately balked, "Oh-ho ho no. No way." he said firmly, "No way am I getting on that thing. No, you just go on and get me a wheelchair or something and I might agree to get into that."

Brennan knew that Booth must be in severe pain to even agree to a wheelchair." so when she spotted two of them sitting near the exterior entrance to the ER, she ran over to get one - and pulled it up to her car, then pushing the stretcher away while she ignored the complaints of the Paramedic whom was still saying it would be best in the event of a spinal injury, to be placed on a backboard and transported on a stretcher.

The man might as well have been invisible the way Brennan all but ignored him. She was too focused on her immediate task at hand, getting her injured partner inside for treatment – as quickly as possible.

The Paramedic finally resolved to helping her by supporting most of Booth's muscular weight, but once he was in the chair, Brennan again somewhat pushed the medic aside – pushing the wheelchair herself, in through the automatic doors and into the ER.

"GeezzzSlowdown there Bones!" You already injured me once, I don't need you to finish me off!" Brennan stopped dead in her tracks causing Booth to uncomfortably jerk forward slightly, yelling out with his loudest grunt yet! "Bones, what the. . .?!"

"Booth, do you really think I meant to hurt you? Do you really look at this as – me. . . injuring you?!"

She looked more sad than angry, "I am sure if you weren't in so much pain, you would clearly recall you all but forcing me to fix your back, what with your puppy dog charm - that can be quite frustrating to me when you do that you know. Because you know I can't resist that. I swear Booth, sometimes I think Parker is more mature!" she concluded.

By this point, many heads in the waiting room had turned to see where the sudden bickering was coming from – some of the people actually chuckling in amusement as this was the most entertaining thing to happen in the ER waiting room, during the 2-3 hours that some of the less critically injured patients waited to finally be seen.

"Okay, Bones, first next time please warn me that we will be coming to a screeching halt before you practically jerk me right outta the chair and paralyze me! And second, I'm sorry, that was a bad choice of words on my part, I know you didn't intentionally cause my back to go into spasm and get worse. Okay? I'm apologizing, now can we please just get moving again - SLOWLY – and just get this thing over with?" he said noticing the audience they had now accrued.

Brennan quietly started pushing the wheelchair towards the Admittance desk but then, not being able to resist getting the last word as she always had to have, she added "Apology accepted. . . and I'm . . .well I'm sorry too. I'm sorry I stopped so fast and caused you more pain, and I'm sorry that my normally safe technique wasn't as successful as it has been in the past. But next time I tell you no, and that you need to see a Specialist, I need you to promise me that you will do what I say – no more trying to 'coerce' me just so you can get your way - alright?".

"Alllriiight," replied Booth reluctantly, "I promise, no more of the Booth charm, no more puppy dog eyes, no mo. . ."

"Okaaay Booth, that's enough . . . I GET it!" Brennan said as she smiled widely in amusement of her silly friend. She knew Booth wasn't able to see her from his position in the chair or she would have kept her smile hidden away. She couldn't very well let him see the effect he had on her, or that she loved his charm and his puppy dog eyes. She knew very well he would not stop using those adorable traits of his, to get his way, she also knew they worked on her every time!


A/N - I will probably just go to the point where Brennan goes into the ER cubicle with him, then leaves when he goes off for his MRI so she can get to work. So this will prob be a 2-3 shot.