The Bickering B's continued . . .

Chapter 8

Booth's POV:

Booth was now completely caught up in his untamed craving for her, and the frenzied and heated fury that had all but enveloped he and his partner-turned lover, their desire threatening to swallow them up whole.

He knew in his heart that what they had, and what had slowly been allowed to develop and flourish over time, was genuine love in it's purest form.

Strengthened only by the fact that it wasn't merely a matter of lust or even just an infatuation at this point. It took him a while but he eventually realized that, though they were opposites in almost everypossible way, they had gradually become more and more in sync with each other to the point that eventually, it became harder and harder for each of them to function as an individual when they were separated from each other.

Booth had been thinking a lot about this lately, he had begun to somewhat analyze the subtle changes he was noticing starting about 8 or 9 months ago. The majority of the changes he was picking up on, had to do with the way they interacted with one another. He began to realize that each of their opposite personality traits, their thought processes and work styles, all seemed to fit together perfectly in unity to create one fine tuned partnership.

He noticed how his own street smarts combined perfectly with Bones' book smarts, his own ability to almost psychically read people, filled in any gaps that were left from the physical details that Bones could not determine by her examination of the victim's bones.

Where Booth's unique strengths made up for any of Bones' weaknesses, Bones' own unique strengths in return, just as perfectly made up for Booth's weaknesses. They have become so accustomed to this combination of their strengths that eventually, neither of them were able to function at 100% of their ability when they were apart, yet when you brought them together - all of their opposite qualities and traits - melded together into a perfect blend making them unstoppable!

Booth felt ecstatic over finally being able to show Temperance Brennan just how mush passion he was capable of and finally allow the desire that he had secretly felt for this woman for sooo long, to finally transpire and hopefully evolve into something even more magical than anything he could have dared to imagine.

Brennan's POV . . .

Wow, this is so much more amazing than I had even fantasized about, she thought as she allowed her mouth to roam freely all over Booth's magnificent face and body. How could we have denied ourselves of this for so long?! Given all of the talented lovers I have been with in my lifetime, nothing and no one can compare to this, and to . . . him.

She was experiencing so many different sensations all at once that it felt as if her every sense was on fire. Whenever her piercing blue eyes looked into his own velvety brown ones, she would get lost completely in their sparkle. She practically melted whenever she laid her eyes upon the crevices of his dimples. Or when her fingertips caressed his body, feeling every ridge of his firm, strong muscles and running them along the defined edges of his chiseled jaw. The seductive whispers of his sultry Alpha Male voice and the hearty laugh that was so uniquely his, were some of the best sounds her ears had ever heard.

Then there was her sense of taste, her lips and tongue were becoming almost addicted to savoring the sweetness of his kisses and the slight salty, yet heavenly taste of his skin and finally her sense of smell that was bombarded with the essence of his aromatic manly scent, a scent that was as unique to him as the sound of his laughter.

"Booth," she finally forced her lips to pull away from his only long enough to utter that single word, then her lips were drawn back to his again, back to the incredible, magnetic draw that seemed to force their lips towards each other as if they had no control whatsoever.

"Your back . . . I don't . . . want. . ." she was having trouble finishing her sentence as Booth's mouth engulfed one of her earlobes, sucking on it while grazing ever so slightly with his teeth. The feeling of his hot breath on her neck and face prevented all coherent thoughts from forming.

"Bones," Booth said as he started trailing her neck with hot, wet kisses, "what do . . . you mean . . . I'm back?" he said as his mouth moved down to rapture her breasts as he began flicking her taut nipple with his tongue. "I'm not . . . goin' . . . . . .anywhere!" He said as he massaged her breasts in return for the one she had given him, snaking one arm around her, circling her back and pulling her closer to his overheating body.

Their hips were forced against each other as their most private parts began to tingle with anticipation of a release that their bodies instinctively craved. Booth felt as though his manhood would explode just by the very touch of their still clothed lower bodies that were aggressively pressing together, her leg had come up and wrapped around his thigh, hooking her bare foot just underneath the curve of his ass.

Brennan arched her head back in pleasure, thrusting her body further into Booth's, which in turn pressed her breast further into his face. "No Boo- . . . . I . . . mean . . . your spine!" she forced the words out finally, trying to force her concern back to the forefront where her own lust and need for him had all but taken over. Her head came back towards him, she already missed staring deeply into those eyes that were like pools of chocolate syrup. Her mind seemed to be on autopilot as she struggled to gain control over the animalistic hunger that had all by taken over.

They then both simultaneously forced themselves to stop for just a moment, staring at each other in absolute awe. Both panting heavily from the building passion that had easily raised their heart rates.

Booth leaned his forehead towards hers until it rested against her own forehead, so close that he almost felt he could see beyond her crystal Blues, into the depths of her soul. "Wow, that's all I can say right now, wow." Booth muttered, smiling the biggest full on smile she had ever seen on him.

"I know, Bones replied softly, "I feel the same way. But Booth, I just want our first time to . . . well, to be unrestrained and well, you being free of pain would be nice." she laughed as she let her mouth fall forward searching for his own, lightly peppering kisses all over his well defined mouth. Her lips that had felt cold the moment they had stopped themselves, warmed in an instant.

"I know Bones, I know you are right. He was still laying on his right side, she on her left. Booth brought his left hand up and gently pushed back the hair on the side of her head that had fallen forward, storing it back behind her ear so he could have full view of the her face. Her angelic and perfect face. "I know you are right because my brain is telling me that you are, but there are other . . . parts of my anatomy . . . that are begging my brain to shut the hell up!" he laughed, the laugh that she couldn't get enough of, the sound of which drove her wild. Probably because that meant he was happy and she was at her happiest, when she knew that he was.

Brennan was shocked back to her senses when she felt Booth reaching his hands down to undo the buttons of her black jeans, "Hey, was I the only one listening to that conversation we just had?" wondering why he continued to undress her when they had just decided they would wait to take this further. To which Booth grinned his most mischievous grin, continuing with his mission and sliding the metal edges of her zipper, down it's puzzle like path, then reaching his hand in the back of her waistband, cupping her derrière with his large hand and rubbing the smooth skin firmly.

"Well, I figure it is too late for you to go home at this hour, and I also figured that you would be uncomfortable sleeping in denim jeans all night." he then winked at her, with his dimples seemed to be deeper than she had ever seen then – oohhh he was turning his charm up full force, she realized.

"Okay Booth, now you're just not playing fair!" she said as she reached her hand up and rubbed her fingers across the dimples that were now causing her to cave right in. "You think you can just flash your dimples, wink and me and charm me with that dam sexy grin that makes me lose all coherent thought! And I'm just here to tell you that . . ." she stated, trying her best to be firm with him, "that . . . it's . . . okay it's working! She caved completely as she reached around his back, grabbed the top of his already lowered sweats and white cotton briefs, and pressing her hand into the rounded cheek of his own backside, she used the strength of her forearm to rather frantically, press the material down - freeing his flesh from the cotton material.

She then brought her hands to the front of him, pressing the rest of his sweats all the way down as Booth brought his knees cautiously up and towards her, careful not to move fast and jar his sensitive spine, then using his feet along with her hands, to push the sweats over his feet and off completely.

They weren't kissing, nor were they speaking. They only stared into each other's eyes soaking in the view. Their eyes were speaking volumes conveying what their hearts had longed to say.

Booth proceeded to seductively remove the jeans that held her skin captive from his own flesh. Once they were both freed of every piece of material that acted as a barrier between them, they wrapped their legs around each other, laying there in silence, Booth rubbing his finger in a circular frame around her face, as if tracing the outline so it was permanently etched in his memory.

Booth pulled the pillow out that he had been laying on during his massage, sliding it over to share with his partner, his . . . girlfriend. From there Brennan turned around to spoon her back up against Booth's massive chest. They seemed to fit together perfectly like neither of them had ever noticed in prior relationships, then they simply fell asleep after all, that had been one lonngg and exciting day for both of them. But there was one thing they had failed to notice, they hadn't bickered over anything for over 3 hours so it seemed there was something they both had in common after all, it was their astounding love for each other – and no one could argue with that!