Choosers of the Slain

A Star Trek: Voyager Fanfiction

Copyright 2009 by Vyrexuviel

Disclaimer: This story is an original work of fiction set in the Star Trek Universe. All characters from that universe used here are the property of Paramount Pictures. All original characters and story lines are the property of the author.

This story depicts a romantic and lovingly sexual relationship between two women. If this disturbs you, cease reading now.


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This is set in my Valkyrie timeline, approximately five years after the end of that fic. For background on who these people are and why the timeline is so different, read that fic. If you do, please review it!

Note, there are a few Mary Sues / Larry Stus in this fic, but it was unavoidable. Also, I was inspired with the idea for the starsuit after watching the

Iron Man movie, so please don't sue me there either.

Cadets Lisa Thomas, Gerald Taylor, and M'lara stood with the twenty one other recruits in the shuttlebay on an unknown asteroid in the forward Trojans, awaiting the arrival of their commanding officer. The cadets had been tapped for special duty at the end of their third year, and had been sent to an unmarked shuttle for transport to their assigned post. None of them had any idea what facility they were on, but they could guess. Lisa was a human, from the colony world of Tendara. Gerald was a half-Betazed, and an empath. Betazeds are full telepaths, but his mother had been human, so he was limited to sensing emotions, not thoughts. M'lara was the tallest of the trio, standing head and shoulders over her shorter companions. The tough Klingon girl had formed an unlikely friendship with the two other cadets, a friendship she defended as fiercely as her personal honor.

"I think it's some sort of scientific research base, probably studying how to integrate Borg technology with our own without letting the Borg stuff assimilate ours." Gerald, Gerry to his friends, had always been a bright student. Gifted with great intelligence and an almost psychic ability to diagnose circuitry faults, Gerry had hoped to be assigned to engineering on one of the Sovereign-Class vessels.

"You're nuts, Gerry, it has to be some sort of super-secret piloting school. Why else would they pick me?" Lisa had been the top pilot of her year every year since she came to the academy. In one blatantly unfair attempt to get her to fail, one of the other cadets in her class had programmed in a trio of Jem-Hadar attack fighters into her supposedly-routine shuttle piloting test. The fact that she managed to not only survive the assault, but also managed to disable all three of the attackers had gotten her a record score on her exam.

"It's obviously some sort of weapons training ground. They must be developing a new class of hand phaser here." M'lara's tall, graceful form belied the physical strength of the young Klingon woman. Although M'lara had always been a top pilot, top of her particular class in fact, she was rather reckless in her piloting, and preferred ground combat to space battle.

One of the five Vulcans raised an eyebrow at the trio. "It is illogical to speculate on the purpose of this facility without data."

Lisa grinned at the young man. "That doesn't stop us from trying though."

At that moment, the large door to the chamber opened, and a young man in an Operations uniform stepped through. He cast a level gaze over the assembled Cadets, who all snapped to attention. He nodded in approval as a new figure stepped in. Spines straightened all over the shuttlebay as the cadets attempted to stand straighter than they already were. The dark skinned Vulcan nodded to the Lt, who stepped back through the doorway and out of sight. Turning to the assembled cadets, he began.

"I am Commander Tuvok. You have been selected to undergo advanced training in preparation for an offer of joining a new branch of Starfleet."

The cadets murmured softly at that revelation, all but the Vulcans.

"You will be tested strenuously in all possible ways, then those chosen few who meet our requirements will be given the offer to enter the new organization. You will be tested on physical endurance, mental acuity, and psychological profile. Those who pass will be given the choice. You will not be told what you are joining until after you have made a pledge of secrecy."

Subdued whispers among the cadets were silenced as the legendary Commander spoke up again. "You were chosen because you have the traits we need for this new organization. Those who prove they have the stamina, patience, and aptitude will be given a place among the few who will lead the new organization."

He dropped his voice slightly. "Cadets, move out. Lt D'bonias will give you your assignments."

The next four weeks were perfect hell.

Lisa, not a particularly strong human, found herself sparing with M'lara on a regular basis. In that particular match she should have been knocked out easily, but she found that she had a slight advantage in speed that she used as much as she could.

In addition to the combat training, they were required to exercise and run around a large track encircling the asteroid's equator. They were also paired off to test each other in technical and philosophical disciplines. One group session ended with four of the participants being given honorable discharges from the program. The discussion had been about the ethics of combat, and if the infantries of old earth had been the deciding factor in that planet's numerous wars.

In the fourth week, they had begun training in variable-gravity fields, not only having to exercise in such conditions, but fight and work on computer circuits too. One exercise had them performing some minor repair when the gravity shut off, the area began to decompress, and the repair turned out to be a major one under a sudden time limit. Only Gerry got full marks in that test.

Also in the fourth week, they had a complete physical examination, down to their neural patterns. After that test, a surprising number of the cadets were sent home. They were down to a mere 12 out of the initial twenty four cadets by the end of the fourth week.

The cadets were waiting in a small classroom, waiting for their instructor to appear, when Lt D'Bonias entered. He called them to attention and the cadets snapped to.

Commander Tuvok himself entered the classroom, not their usual teacher. As the Lt passed out padds, he began to speak. "Those of you in this room have completed our training and tests to our satisfaction. You will be called in the order on your padds to meet with the commander of the unit you will be joining, should you accept her offer. You will either accept her offer, or you will be sent back to complete your fourth year at the academy. If you choose the later option, you will be required never to divulge what you are about to hear."

The first cadet was called, a Bolian, who moved to the door and stepped through. Of the three friends who had begun the training, all three of them were still here, the half-human, half-betazed Gerry almost dancing in his chair in the excitement he could feel in the room.

Eventually, he was called, spent five minutes in the room, and came back with stars in his eyes, reclaiming his place as Lisa Thomas was called. She rose, moved to the door, took a deep breath, and stepped through.

She was not expecting the person she saw in the small conference room.

Clad in a variant of the standard Starfleet uniform, the woman had heavy-soled boots, the usual pants, and a thicker jacket over her command-red undershirt. But what caught Lisa's attention were the swirling design of metal over the older woman's left eye, a similar design over the right hinge of her jaw and along her jawline.

The woman gestured to the only chair in the room, and Lisa sat heavily, staring in awe of the woman. She had recognized Annika Hansen instantly.

"Cadet Thomas. You are hereby invited to join Valkyrie Flight."

Lisa almost couldn't believe her ears. Join Valkyrie? She remembered the news stories at the time when Voyager returned from the Delta Quadrant, but she couldn't believe that she, SHE was being asked to join the famous Annika Hansen in the rumored Flight of the Valkyries.

"You are no doubt aware of the existence of the Valkyrie ATIAS-"

"Um, pardon?"

Annika smiled slightly. "ATIAS. Advanced Tactical Integrated Armor Suit. The Valkyrie was the prototype for the suit you will be fitted for, should you choose to join. If you prefer, you may have a Starwind configuration instead, but I'd like you as a Valkyrie."

Lisa was stunned. A starsuit of her own? Never in her wildest dreams had she imagined anything like that. Her dearest dream was to someday fly between stars with nothing between her and the deep black of space, but she knew that was a dream she could never accomplish. And now, the next best thing to her heart's desire has been offered to her. She stared unseeingly at the woman before her for a few seconds before shaking herself and beaming at the older woman.

"I accept."

The corner of the older woman's mouth pulled up slightly, ruining the line of her elegant frown as she nodded. "Welcome to Valkyrie Flight, Cadet Thomas."

The famous woman held out a hand and Lisa only hesitated a moment before grasping it and being pulled to her feet. Annika nodded once and shooed her to the door.

Lisa didn't remember the rest of the wait, so lost was she in one thought.


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