Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or the Warrior books. By the way, The Warrior books are where I got the entire idea for this story. Okay, these are just the short descriptions of the characters in this story and what clan they belong too. The first chapter will come soon.



Leader: Blondstar(Tsunada)- Light orange fox with a blond tipped tail and a purple diamond on her forehead.

Deputy: Liontail(Random character I made up…)- Slightly-bigger-than-average orange fox with a tail that resembles a lion tail.

Queens (Vixens that are expecting or nursing kits)

Speeklefur(Random character)- Light orange fox with a black spotted head. Expecting kits.

Limptail(Random character)- Orange fox with a broken tail from a recent clan battle. Nursing kits.

Longfur(Random character)- Lighter-than-any-other orange fox with longer-than-normal fur. Nursing kits.

Medicine Fox: Blackear(Shizune)- Smaller-than-normal darker orange fox with a black right ear.


Snaketail(Orochimaru)- Darker-than-any-other orange fox with a tail that is shaped like a snake.

Whitestorm(Jiraiya)-Very light orange fox with completely white legs, tail, and muzzle.

Greenfoot(Gai…)- Deep orange fox with a single dark green paw. Over-reactive.

Apprentices- Sharppaw, Birdpaw, and Greenpaw

Redeye(Kakashi)- Average orange fox. Left eye has a scar and is red.

Apprentices- Cherrypaw, Blackpaw, and Firepaw

Smokeclaw(Asuma)- Orange fox with dark grey claws.

Apprentices- Largepaw, Purplepaw, and Lazypaw (You will see why…)

Redfur(Kurenai)- Dark orange fox with a streak or red going down her tail.

Apprentices- Fangpaw, Shypaw, and Bugpaw


Fangpaw(Kiba)- Dark orange fox kit with longer-than-average fangs. His pet, 'Akamaru' is a normal dog.

Shypaw(Hinata)- Really light orange fox kit with a single purple claw on her right front paw. Very shy.

Bugpaw(Shino)- Larger-than-normal orange fox kit with a sliver 'bug' on his right side.

Largepaw(Choji)- Always fat light orange fox kit with overly-large paws.

Purplepaw(Ino)- Orange fox kit. Both hind paws are light purple. Obsessed with Blackpaw.

Lazypaw(Shikamaru)- Very lazy orange fox kit. Always yawning and saying 'troublesome'

Cherrypaw(Sakura)- Small light orange fox kit. Her front right paw and hind left paw are cherry pink. Obsessed with Blackpaw.

Blackpaw(Sasuke)- Dark orange fox kit with a black muzzle.

Firepaw(Naruto)- Dark blood red fox kit (Only fox that is not orange in any clan) with a black tipped tail and black dipped paws. Ears longer than normal foxes. Parents died when born. Container of Kyuubi no Kitsune. A former Kitpet. (Basically mini Kyuubi)

Sharppaw(Tenten)- Light orange fox kit with sharper-than-normal claws and fangs.

Birdpaw(Neji)- Orange fox kit with a dark gray flying bird on his left shoulder. (Olny because of that mark on his forehead in the real show.)

Greenpaw(Lee)- Deep orange fox kit with a green tipped tail. Over-reactive like his sensei.


Leader: Redstar(uh…Gaara's father…)- Light orange fox with a red ear.

Deputy: Deadfoot(Random character)- Light orange fox with a dead foot.

Medicine Fox: Blankeye(Random!)- Light orange fox with a white, blind eye.


Windfur(Random)- Light orange fox with a silver streak going down her back.

Apprentices- Sandpaw, Woodpaw, and Windpaw

Lightfoot(Random)- Light orange fox. Walks as if on air.

Silverstream(Random)- Light orange fox with a silver leg.


Sandpaw(Gaara)- Darker-than-any-other-in-the-clan orange fox kit with a kanji for 'love' over his left eye. Front paws are the color of sand. Container of Shukaku. Brother to Woodpaw and Windpaw.

Woodpaw(Kankurou)- Light orange fox kit with a tail the color of wood. Brother to Sandpaw and Windpaw.

Windpaw(Temari)- Light fox kit with a white muzzle and tail. Walks as if on air like her sensei. Sister to Sandpaw and Woodpaw.


Leader: Brokenstar(Random)- Dark orange fox with half a tail because of a battle with another clan when he was a kit. Hated by many in the clan.

Deputy: Twistedfoot(Random)- Dark orange fox with a twisted paw.

Medicine Fox: Spottedtail(Random)- Dark orange fox with a spotted tail.


Darkstorm(Random)- Dark orange fox with streaks of black on his legs.

Apprentices- Shakenpaw, Thornpaw, and Silverpaw

Lionfang(Random)- Dark orange fox with two, overly-large fangs.


Shakenpaw(Random)- Small dark orange fox kit that shakes with fear in even a friendly battle.

Thornpaw(Random)- Dark orange fox kit with thorn-thin claws. Even though his claws are thin, they are strong and sharp.

Silverpaw(Random)- Only female fox kit apprentice. Dark orange fox kit with silver paws. Jumps into any battle without a plan.


Leader: Tallstar(Random)- Orange fox that is the tallest in the clan.

Deputy: Longclaw(Random)- Orange fox with longer-than-average claws.

Medicine Fox: Shortfur(Random)- Orange fox with short fur.


Redtail(Random)- Orange fox with a light red tail.

Apprentices- Bluepaw, Spotpaw, and Tigerpaw

Bluefoot(Random)- Orange fox with a blue foot.


Bluepaw(Random)- Orange fox kit with all blue paws.

Spotpaw(Random)- Orange fox kit with spotted paws. Loves to talk.

Tigerpaw(Random)- Orange fox kit with black-stripped paws.


I'm just trying to see if this is a story I would like to continue. I'm already working on the first chapter. Um…I might delete this story for a while. But just to finish one of my other stories. So…yah…bye.