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Firepaw stood and shook his fur. Since the night before, Firepaw had returned back to the camp, went out hunting, catching only a meadow mouse, and slept for a few hours. Firepaw pushed his way out of the apprentice den and into the clan clearing. Firepaw scanned the grounds, taking in the sights. Foxes were wobbling weakly through the clearing. The apprentices looked like they were only fur and bone, and were chewing on bone, trying to digest the marrow and other sections of bone. Firepaw forced himself to look over at the fresh kill pile, and was horrified. The only animal that lay there was a dead ShadowClan warrior. His throat had been torn open. Lazypaw walked out of the den and stood next to Firepaw.

"I heard that a scout of ShadowClan warriors broke into our camp last night and stole all of our fresh kill. We only managed to kill this one." Lazypaw informed the confused red fox. Firepaw nodded.

"Thank you Lazypaw." Naruto mumbled. Lazypaw cocked his head.

"What's eating you?" Lazypaw questioned. He glanced over at the other foxes that gave each other looks that made it look like they wanted to eat each other. "Then again, if you stay plumper than the other foxes, they mightbe the ones eating you." Lazypaw said. Firepaw sighed.

"Nobody wants me here." Firepaw mumbled. Lazypaw sighed.

"Just give everyone else time. They will come to like you eventually." Lazypaw assured the red fox. Firepaw smiled happily.

"Thank you Lazypaw. You are one of the only ones to show me kindness since I got here." Firepaw said. Lazypaw smiled warmly.

"Hey, Fire dude, wanna go huntin' later?" Lazypaw asked after a while. Firepaw smiled that he was not being called 'Kitpet' by every fox.

"Sure Lazy fur." Firepaw barked. Lazypaw grinned, showing off his gleaming fangs.

"We are going to be great friends, aren't we?" Lazypaw asked. Firepaw nodded his head, his ears twitching.

"Of course." Firepaw said. The two trotted side by side over to the ShadowClan warrior and aided other ThunderClan warriors in moving the corpse. Blondstar and Blackear watched from the shadows as Firepaw and Lazypaw chatted while helping the clan.

"He is becoming a great warrior and a great friend." Blondstar observed. Blackear glanced at her leader.

"But he has not been trained in fighting yet." Blackear objected. Blondstar nodded.

"Yes, but in his battle with Longtail, he was very strong. And he was able to catch a squirrel on his first try." Blondstar said. Blackear could not help but agree. Blondstar turned and trotted away with Blackear right behind.

Firepaw and Lazypaw walked side by side, talking and watching for unsuspecting prey. "Really? I always thought that the difference between a Hoagie and Sub was that a sub was eaten warm and that a Hoagie was eaten cold." Lazypaw said. Firepaw shook his head.

"Nope. A Sub can be eaten hot or cold, not just warm." Firepaw replied, flicking his tail. Lazypaw nodded. Hours seemed to pass before Lazypaw spoke.

"You wanna know what creeps me out the most?" Lazypaw asked. Firepaw shrugged.

"What?" He asked.

"How the heck we even know this much about Twoleg food." Lazypaw said at last, and the two nearly broke down laughing. Suddenly, Blackpaw jumped out of bush, snarling.

"What are you doing Lazypaw?! What are you doing with the Kitpet?!" Blackpaw yowled, while the other apprentices filled out of the bushes, Purplepaw being the last.

"Awe, is the Banshee still angry about the time a ripped her face?" Firepaw asked. Purplepaw backed away from the red fox.

"I'm with Firepaw cause he is nice and he is my friend." Lazypaw growled. Blackpaw wore a look of anger. Purplepaw suddenly took up a look of vengeance.

"Why don't you tell the little Twoleg fox how you were just faking it?" Purplepaw asked. Lazypaw's jaw dropped, and Firepaw wore a look of anger, hurt, and surprise.

"You were faking the whole time?!" Firepaw roared.

"No, Firepaw, she's-" Lazypaw began, but the feeling of hatred and power clogged the air, all coming from the red fox Hanyou.


"Hobknocker?" Sharppaw asked. One of the other apprentices, Largepaw, leaned over and whispered what the word meant into the other apprentices ears. The others gasped. Naruto turned and, in a swirl of dust, blasted off into the bushes.

Firepaw ignored the yells from Lazypaw. The young red kit remained in his place, on top of the large pile trees he had slashed down with only his claws. Firepaw thumped his tail against a tree trunk. "There you are Firepaw!" Lazypaw said. Firepaw lifted his head.

"What?" Firepaw asked.

"I've been looking everywhere for you!" Lazypaw replied.


"Because Purplepaw was lying! She made that stuff up so we would turn against each other!" Lazypaw replied. Firepaw stood up to his full height.

"Really?" He asked.

"Yeah!" Lazypaw yelled. Firepaw grinning evilly.

"We should pull a prank on her to get her back!" Firepaw yelled. Lazypaw's eyes narrowed.

"What're you planning?" He asked.

"Throw her into ShadowClan territory!" Firepaw yelled.

"That's a good idea…but probably would get us in trouble. Got anything else?" Lazy paw asked. Firepaw thought for a minute.

"We could paint her neon pink." Firepaw said.

"No. We should paint Blackpaw neon pink. Got anything else?"

"Hm…we could…I don't know. You wanna just pain Blackpaw pink?" Firepaw asked.

"Hell yeah. But how bout we shave Purplepaw as well?" Lazypaw asked. Firepaw and Lazypaw walked side by side back towards their camp.

"I like the way you think, Lazypaw." Firepaw laughed. Later that night, Firepaw and Lazypaw busied themselves to slathering paint on Blackpaw's fur, and taking the fur off Purplepaw's body. All the while, they were laughing to themselves happily.

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Title: Vizard Shinobbi

Category: Naruto/Bleach

Summary: Naruto dies at the age of 15 in the middle of a battle with Sasuke. Naruto was condemned to live a life of loneliness, but will death be any better? And who would want to hang around someone who is a monster, with a monster inside his soul?

Title: Legends

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Summary: The world has many strange happenings that nobody can explain. But the group called 'Legends' can explain almost everything. They have strange powers that humans cant even begin to comprehend. And they're the only ones who can save the world.

Title: Ryuukage

Category: Naruto/Inheritance Cycle

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