Summary: After Naruto and Sasuke's fight at the valley of the end, Naruto has an epiphany and everything he thought about changed. Now during his training trip with Jiraya, the blond trains like crazy, returning to the village, two and a half years later, as a new shinobi. One who vows to protect the village even if it costs his life. However, those who knew his usual nature wished he didn't change

Chapter 1 – Epiphany

Hatake Kakashi considered himself the elite. Graduating at an early age, it didn't take long enough until he was promoted to chunnin, jounin and then straight to Anbu. When the Sandaime lined him for taking a genin team, he didn't like it one bit. It got worst since all the teams who were lined with him ended up failing from lack of teamwork. When Team 7 was given to him, at first he thought it would be just like all the prior teams. However, when Sasuke offered food to Sakura, he actually considered this team to be the only one who got the idea of teamwork. Clearly, he didn't expect to carry one of his students on his arms after a chidori wound on his chest from another one of his students. Channeling chakra to his feet, he needed to get back to Konoha as fast as possible; otherwise Naruto's life would be over.

On the way, Kakashi cursed Uchiha Sasuke for what he did both against the village and against Naruto, attempting to kill him with a chidori on his chest. Most of all, he was cursing himself for two reasons. First of all, he cursed his blind trust in Sasuke and second, he cursed himself for teaching his assassination technique to someone who would use it on his best friend. After a while, the gates approached and in seconds Kakashi passed by it. He couldn't afford to wait since he needed Tsunade or Shizune right away. In ten seconds, he barged in Tsunade's office with a bloody Naruto on his hands. At first, the Hokage objected as to the reason of the intrusion, however upon seeing whose body was on Kakashi's arms, the doctor in her sprung into action and within minutes, Naruto was in a hospital bed, getting all patched up and receiving some chakra incision in order for his wounds to heal faster.

-The next day-

The next day, all members of the retrieval mission returned home, although some of them almost didn't make it. Akimichi Chouji was suffering from the effects of his family's chakra pills; Hyuuga Neji came with a giant hole inches away from a fatal wound. The rest of the group sustained minor injuries and was already cleared from the hospital. The leader of the mission and only chunnin of the group, Nara Shikamaru was wondering about his first leading mission and how much of a failure it was. Truth be told, no one could blame him, seeing that his team was up against jounin level shinobi and somehow survived the assault. Also, they would be able to get Sasuke back, had one Kaguya Kimimaro not stepped in to aid the enemy. However, Shikamaru, even after both Tsunade and his father encouraged him to grow as a shinobi, still blamed himself for almost getting two or three of his friends killed.

That doesn't mean that the Nara heir would ever give up the path he chosen. Not because it would be so damn troublesome as he put it, but as his dad put it, not every mission goes according to plan and that the failures exists to show what needs to be changed or improved. Shikamaru, use this failed opportunity to improve your abilities as both a shinobi and a leader. Use this mission to be better prepared for the future so that mistakes like this can no longer occur – Said Shikaku at the time and Shikamaru acknowledged these words to heart. He would get stronger and he would improve his abilities. Man, this is troublesome but I'll ask Asuma-sensei to help me with training – Thought Shikamaru as he went home to rest after what seemed to be the longest mission of his life so far.

However, while Shikamaru found the answer to his questions, there was one specific blond who was lying on the hospital bed, not wanting to see anyone right now. He just looked outside as the sun was about to leave Konoha for the day and let the moon do its job. One would find it strange to see a usually hyperactive boy choosing, instead, to look at the window in pure reflection of the current events that occurred. However, one single event still didn't let his mind be. If it wasn't for the damn fox, Sasuke's chidori would've killed him by either piercing a lung or the immense amount of blood loss. Naruto wondered if truly, Sasuke was being controlled by Orochimaru as he as well as everyone presumed. Nonetheless, only Naruto himself could vow for who was in control of the Uchiha's body at the moment, simply because he was the one who fought him. For the first time since he met Sasuke, Naruto was in doubt over Sasuke's behavior. Of course, he knew Sasuke was a brooding bastard, but never did he think Sasuke would pierce his lung so ruthlessly before.

These events made Naruto realize that maybe he was the only one being delusional as to believe that Sasuke wouldn't be capable of something like this. Right before the chidori attack, Sasuke did admit that Naruto was his best friend, however after the attack, the blond questioned himself as to the Uchiha really understanding what meant the expression 'best friend'. Killing someone they consider a friend, it would be safe to say the person was mad, but to kill a best friend, it would be like saying the man didn't have blood running through his veins. He remembered how much the others suffered as well trying to bring Sasuke back and it sickened him to realize that had Sasuke not left, none of his 'real' friends would be injured in the first place. For the first time, since he met the Uchiha, Naruto became skeptical over his 'friendship' with Uchiha Sasuke. What if Sasuke was always like this and the cursed seal was just the push needed for him? If such a thing was true, then why did I ever bother? Why did I even bother to see if I surpassed him or not?

Those were the thoughts that now occupied Naruto's mind up to the point of him going through every experience that he had inside his mind and wondered why he focused only on beating the traitor than trying to improve the areas he lacked. Naruto immediately felt like he played the part of an idiot all this time. He was remembering every single screw up he ever committed and how delusional he was for thinking that with just kage bunshin and an incomplete rasengan, he would be able to grow as a shinobi. He now acknowledged that everything he ever thought about, everything he ever holds on to wasn't what it should be. Not focusing enough at the academy, not focusing enough to learn the basics before attempt the harder techniques. In fact, he remembered only passing the academy because he was able to do a technique that didn't even require a lot of knowledge to begin with. The Kage Bunshin no Jutsu (Shadow Clone Technique) did only require one hand seal and lot of chakra to waste. The only thing he needed for this technique was to be able to mold chakra and that he learned just after he entered the academy.

Now grinding his teeth in agony upon not applying himself when needed in the past, Naruto cursed his very existence and also his lack to concentrate on his goal. This was the scene that a certain silver-haired jounin saw upon opening the door. Kakashi knew Naruto didn't want to see anyone and he was worried for his student. Usually, Naruto wouldn't behave like this and truth be told, Kakashi was a little frightened that this event ended up closing Naruto's heart for good. He understood that Sasuke meant to Naruto just as Uchiha Obito meant to him and if Obito ended up wanting to kill him, Kakashi would be desolated right now. Naruto, upon acknowledging his sensei's presence, kept staring at him with a disapproving glare since he thought he told everyone that he didn't want to see anyone right now. "Can I help you sensei?" – Asked Naruto with a tone that showed Kakashi that his presence was unwanted right now.

Kakashi for his part awoke from his wonderings and turned to study Naruto's strangely dark blue eyes right now. Usually, Naruto's eyes displayed a bright ocean blue that could be quite enticing, however now the Naruto in front of him wasn't the real Naruto. "Well, can't a sensei come to visit his student? I happen to know that you didn't want to see anyone right now, but I just wanted to talk for a second" – Said Kakashi as he picked up a chair on the far corner and placed it so that he could seat right in front of Naruto. The blond for his part eyed Kakashi's movements and wondered what the hell Kakashi wanted to talk to him in the first place. Naruto assumed that Kakashi would try explaining a different version of the situation, maybe try running some damage control on it, but he allowed Kakashi to begin the conversation to which the silver-haired jounin nodded and turned to state.

"Listen Naruto, I'm here to talk to you in regards of what you're feeling right now towards your teammate?" – Asked Kakashi, but the look that Naruto returned to him was something he never thought he would see. Naruto's eyebrows were slightly lifted, as in Kakashi just said something 'curious' to the blond. Naruto was also smiling as well, but it was not even remotely close to one of his goofy smiles that everyone grew accustomed to. It was an ironic smile, particularly used when someone uses sarcasm to answer a question.

"Explain the word 'teammate' for me, Kakashi-sensei. I may not have much experience with this kind of thing, but I know that 'teammates' don't try to kill their 'teammates' with a chidori on the chest. It was ironic, though that just moments before he did this, he considered me as his best friend. If I he did this to his best friend, I don't want to know what he does to his enemies" – Retorted Naruto as in Kakashi just committed the biggest mistake of all times. However, he knew he was right and also Kakashi knew he was right. After hearing the response, Kakashi wasn't surprised nor was he shocked to hear Naruto speaking like this. Nonetheless, Kakashi's reason for visiting wasn't only related to how Naruto was doing, but also to hear the blond's report on their fight. When questioned, Naruto told him everything the occurred after he left Rock Lee to fight the Kaguya person. After Kakashi lifted himself from the chair, he wished nice recovery to Naruto and went for the door, before being stopped by the blond.

"Kakashi-sensei, I…I want to ask you something?" – Said Naruto to which Kakashi nodded and turned to stare the blond who by now was remembering what he was thinking just before his sensei entered the room. "Do you believe in the word 'regret'?" – Asked Naruto, earning a suspicious look from Kakashi, who clearly didn't see this coming, specially one coming from Uzumaki Naruto, the boy who always screamed his 'never giving up' slogan. After he returned to seating at the chair he once was, Naruto continued. "Tell me something, Kakashi-sensei and be honest about it. On your point of view, how I stand in terms of shinobi abilities?" – Asked Naruto once again, now showing Kakashi what was this all about.

Turning to think for a bit, at first he wondered why Naruto was asking said question, but thought about it either way. On a rational point of view, Kakashi didn't believe Naruto to have what it takes to become a ninja. Even though he was, indeed, a chakra house, his chakra control wasn't near as good as an average genin. His speed skills were mediocre at best and his taijutsu is close to street fight as possible. However, he knew that once Naruto fixated his mind on something, he was certain Naruto would manage to finish no matter what. When he looked at Naruto's eyes, he knew Naruto was waiting for a straight answer here, so he gave his point of view. "If you want an honest opinion about it, you have a long way in front of you if improvement is what you seek. Your chakra control isn't appropriate and your fighting skills are close to a street fight. Above all things, a genin level shinobi has to have at least the academy level taijutsu and above water walking level of chakra control. Your ninjutsu could use some work, but this area is the least of your concern" – Stated Kakashi before he looked to Naruto, waiting for him to explode and demand him to take everything back, but surprisingly he didn't.

Naruto just stood there staring at Kakashi for a moment, before smiling and nodding in appreciation. "I appreciate the honest answer Kakashi-sensei and I was wondering if you could help me with something. I can't leave here for another two days, so might as well get to training. Would you mind picking some books that will help me understand some concepts better" – Asked Naruto to which Kakashi looked at him as in Naruto grew another head. Naruto wanting to read books was really something he didn't expect. Nonetheless, Kakashi just nodded in affirmative and asked what he needed. "Thanks, well I was wondering if the library had any scrolls on after-academy taijutsu and chakra control. Also, I'm sure there is a book on ninjutsu I could learn apart from the two I already know" – Stated Naruto to which Kakashi nodded and said he would see what he could find and then return soon.

-A few hours later-

After giving Naruto some books about some forms of taijutsu, chakra control and D to C ranked ninjutsu techniques, Kakashi was in front of Tsunade explaining Naruto's fight to her and also expressing his concerns about the blond. Tsunade was impressed about hearing Naruto applying himself in studies and told Kakashi of what Jiraya wants to do with Naruto, once he received clearance from the hospital. "Kakashi, Jiraya is going to take Naruto with him for a two and a half years training trip. He plans to teach Naruto better deals with the kyuubi's chakra as well as focus on some points the blond lacked in his shinobi education. Now considering that Naruto is already studying to correct his flaws, maybe Jiraya can initiate him on more advanced forms of Ninpou (Ninja arts). Now, you're saying that Naruto is now skeptical towards Sasuke" – Said Tsunade, with the late statement sounding like a question.

"Yes, Tsunade-sama; According to him, someone who tries to kill him doesn't deserve to be called 'teammate'. It was clear in his eyes, how much hate and anger he is feeling right now. I can only worry about his path now, that whatever innocence yet left in him, now it was completely shattered by Sasuke's doing" – Said Kakashi, still looking down like he was considering the event to be somehow his fault. Looking at Naruto losing his innocence was enough to shatter whatever confidence Kakashi had in himself both as a shinobi and as a teacher. Also, when Kakashi laid out Naruto's flaws, Kakashi knew that he should be the one correcting it, since Naruto was his student after all. Also, he expected Naruto to shout about not receiving fair treatment, but instead all the blond did was appreciate his honest answer and ask for some books so that he could improve the areas he lacked at the moment. To Kakashi, if felt like Naruto didn't need him for much. It went without saying, though, that his pain was visible and Tsunade caught it easily.

"What are you thinking Kakashi? What is it on your mind right now?" – Asked Tsunade, a little worried about seeing Kakashi's dejected face looking down the floor as in he was the one to blame for this whole situation ever occurring. Tsunade was surprised to see Naruto asking for some books and wondering why he didn't come for Kakashi for help. It couldn't be that Naruto didn't consider Kakashi to teach him what he needs to know, however if that was the truth, then something happened to led him to think about this. Lifting his head to look at the Hokage in the eye, he answered with all honesty possible.

"Seeing Naruto asking for books to help him improve, made me realize where I made a mistake. Out of pointing out Naruto's mistakes, not one time I set myself to correct them. Not even when he managed to succeed in passing to the last phase of the chunnin exams, did I try to improve his abilities. Instead, I focused on Sasuke and placed Naruto under the hands of Ebisu, before Jiraya came up and taught him some stuff. Naruto must believe that he wouldn't get any help from me, so he chose to train by himself. I guess I'm not a competent teacher as I led myself to believe" – Said Kakashi to which Tsunade sighed, but she had already figured something like this happened. Speaking of Naruto as a subject, she could easily find a number of things that needed correction, however Kakashi ended up neglecting the boy training and that cost him dearly, had the kyuubi's chakra not helped Naruto.

"Kakashi, I understand how you feel, but bare in mind that not everything is lost. Naruto will receive the training he needs from Jiraya and I'm sure he'll come back an entirely different shinobi. I just hope that he doesn't come back a different human being, though, but that's something to worry for later. Also, since I nominated Sakura as my apprentice, I'm afraid team seven is adjourned until Naruto comes back from his training trip. Now, the village is soon to recover its financial support it once had and more missions request are coming. I'm placing you on some of them. Present here tomorrow at 10 for debriefing and I consider that you're not late this time, if you know what's right for you" – Said Tsunade, more like threatening Kakashi to which said man swallowed hard and left the place.

-With Naruto-

After Kakashi brought him the books, Naruto didn't waste time and took the taijutsu book. He initially thought about using kage bunshin all the time to do the fighting; however using said technique ended up misdirecting his concentration to the point of his attacks being pitiful to watch. As Naruto went through some advanced forms of taijutsu, he was remembering some aspects of the academy taijutsu style, which was good since he could practice now when he leaves the hospital. Defensive positions, offensive positions, Naruto was recollecting everything he saw at the academy and he was remembering that he didn't use it once during his missions.

It was already late at night, but the blond didn't want to sleep right now. He's been lying down for enough time to condemn sleeping, so he instead focused on studying and improving his knowledge. He considered sleeping later, since he wouldn't be able to leave the premises anyway, so he continued reading through several taijutsu katas, which consisted of attack and defensive forms of the fighting style. It didn't take long to finish the book, since it contained a number of images to explain the positions rather than an actual text.

Moving on, he took the chakra control book and was surprised to see that water walking and tree walking are just genin level chakra control. According to the book, the next level would be suspending a kunai on top of the ninja's hand using chakra to sustain the object in the air. Naruto learned that in order to attain this level of chakra control, he had to constantly exhale a thin layer of chakra off his hand in order to keep the kunai suspended. He also learned that this exercise is extremely complex to do, simply because just like all kinds of chakra control exercises, using too much chakra will send the kunai flying and too little, the kunai wouldn't even leave the ninja's hand.

He kept reading the book on chakra control all night and didn't even bother to look when the first ray of sunlight entered his room. He was few pages from finishing the book and his brain was already filled with valuable information both on taijutsu katas and advanced chakra control exercises. Minutes after, he closed the book and looked outside for a while. So many information being hidden and he didn't even bother thinking about reading this earlier. There was only one book left to read, but this one he could wait a little bit. His head was already hurting from reading two books all night and he guessed a little rest was a must.

Before, though, he turned to look outside one more time and managed to see a couple of ninjas jumping through rooftops in speeds he never seen before. They must be channeling chakra through their legs to accelerate their movements; I guess I could do that as well. That would improve my chakra control as well -Thought Naruto as he closed his eyes and slept instantly. Little did he know, though, that a toad sennin was observing him all the time, since he arrived in town. Jiraya heard from Tsunade and Kakashi that Naruto chose to study ways to improve some of his flaws and he couldn't help but be surprised about seeing Naruto reading not only a book, but two books all night.

Jiraya considered focusing more on controlling Kyuubi's chakra, however seeing the level of focus that the boy attained, he guessed that making him stronger, would be better. A stronger body had a stronger spirit and a stronger spirit wouldn't be subjected to being controlled by anyone. "This Naruto is a wild card, isn't it?" – Asked Jiraya presumably to no one at all, until Kakashi's figure appeared hiding in the shadows, nodding.

"I guess his last fight showed a lot to him and now he's correcting his flaws. Those books I gave him actually contained chunnin level material. I guess this way I can make up for the lost time with him" – Said Kakashi while reading his all favorite book, earning a smile from the pervert sannin who in turn, acknowledged Kakashi's feeling of guilt until Kakashi once again manifested. "Now that you're taking him with you, I believe he will improve a lot more than with me. After all, you were the one who taught him the rasengan, water walking and kuchiyose (summoning technique), where I, on the other hand, taught him only tree walking" – Said Kakashi to which Jiraya nodded.

"Don't be this way Kakashi. Regret is not a word ninjas should rely on. Also Naruto is now on his way to become a fine shinobi, which was quite surprising to me at least, since when I first saw him, the brat was impulsive and annoying. I wonder if I should begin elemental training with him during the trip. Wonder what element is his chakra aligned with?" – Asked Jiraya mostly to himself, but Kakashi couldn't help but smile, since he would know this information in a while.

Looking to the room once again, Jiraya saw Shizune entering and checking on Naruto's condition before writing on his file and leave the room. One thing that worried Jiraya was that Naruto didn't have visitors, but then he remembered someone saying that Naruto wished to be left alone, so he didn't bother. However, just as he was about to turn and leave, he saw someone entering the room and it turned out to be a few of his comrades, namely Sakura, Ino, Neji, Kiba, Shikamaru and Chouji. After sneaking in, the group turned to watch the sleepy Naruto and a few noticed the books next to his bed.

Sakura wondered why Naruto wanted to be left alone just like everyone else did. She eventually went to check the books and was surprised to see Naruto reading for the first time. The group considered waking him up to talk to him, however it seemed that all of them chose to just look at him and wonder how could someone so hyperactive could sleep so peacefully like that. The sunlight didn't bother the blond at all and the light brightened his hair up to the point of showing a different image of Naruto to those who knew him.

"He seems different, somehow" – Said Ino, standing next to Shikamaru and Chouji, getting nods from everyone present, except for Sakura who in turn, kept looking at him. Sakura wanted to hear confident words coming from the blond, words like 'next time they will be able to bring Sasuke back' or 'I won't rest until we bring him back'. With Sasuke gone, Naruto was now her only source for strength. She wanted Naruto to tell her about Sasuke's behavior, since the report on the mission was considered confidential to genin ears, apart from those who participated in the mission.

"I really wished to know more about what happened out there, though. Rumors had it that Naruto returned deeply hurt from the fight, but Sasuke wouldn't do such a thing to Naruto. They are teammates and friends" – Said Sakura, more like asking all those present for confirmation, but neither of them shared the same opinion. Neji, for instance, chose to reply against Sakura's comment, since he used to be like the Uchiha in some way.

"Sakura-san, I don't concur with your assessment over the Uchiha. It was because of him, we all came back with near fatal wounds. Also, Naruto fought with the Uchiha so it's only logical to assume that the injury was caused by him. Sasuke is in darkness right now and such a feat wouldn't be far from his kind of behavior. I happen to know that since until I fought against Naruto, I used to be like this as well. Naruto rescued me from the darkness, but he couldn't do the same thing for Sasuke" – Stated Neji to which Sakura looked at the stoic Hyuuga, but couldn't counter his argument. She knew how cold Sasuke became after the incident with Orochimaru.

"I don't mean to hurt you Sakura, but Sasuke's actions were appalling and constitute treason to our village. Maybe you should consider moving on and focus more on your training together with Tsunade-sama" – Said Ino, expecting to be contradicted by the pink haired genin, but instead Sakura just kept looking at Naruto and wondering what was in his mind right now. Was that the answer now, giving up? Truth be told, Sasuke never bothered asking for help or anything, so why was she so persistent on bringing him back. She didn't know whether or not Naruto gave up on bringing him back.

"I don't know Ino, I just don't know what to do. He always was distant to all of us, but as a team, we managed to form a little bond between us. I will let the choice fall on Naruto. If he decides to go after him, then I'll go with him, however if he decides to give up, then our bond is broken and things will never be the same as it once was. I….I think I'm going home now guys. I don't have the strength to hear what Naruto has to say yet" – Said Sakura before moving towards the door. However, as she reached for the doorknob, a certain grumbling startled her and she turned to see Naruto just waking up and looking at the ones present.

"Hey, how long have you been here and why didn't you wake me up?" - Asked Naruto, eyeing everyone and waiting for a response. It was Shikamaru who explained that since he was sleeping, they didn't want to wake you up and how troublesome would be to do such a thing. Needless to say, Naruto dismissed the issue since it was pointless to comment further. "So, how is everyone?" – Asked Naruto, though now the difference was plainly visible to all of them. Naruto's once crystal blue eyes now were like dark blue eyes and where he always smiled; now his face was akin to a bothered person.

The group exchanged a few monologues like 'I'm fine' and 'alright' to which Naruto nodded and stretched a little bit. Sakura's hear was pounding like crazy since she now would know about what happened with Sasuke and Naruto. However, she hesitated to come forward with the question and that was pretty much visible. She secretly appreciated when Ino asked Naruto as to why he didn't want to see anyone right now.

After hearing the question, Naruto explained his epiphany to everyone and also explained the book he was reading all night. Along the explanation, the group was stunned and now wondered what triggered him to think like this. When he was about to explain what happened, Shikamaru stopped him saying that the details of said mission was considered restricted to genin ninja apart from those who participated in the mission to which Naruto acknowledged and stopped talking. Naruto heard about Sakura being apprenticed to Tsunade and congratulated her.

However, everyone saw how Naruto addressed Sakura and all of them wondered where went that crush of the blond. Sakura, of course, was the first to notice and that came somehow as a higher shock than Sasuke deserting the village. Sakura often times found Naruto to be annoying asking to go out with her, but when he stopped doing it, she now missed it.

"Well, since Sakura will be training with Tsunade, I guess I'm on my own, then. Someone of Kakashi-sensei's caliber won't be held up to teach one single genin. No matter, though, these books taught me a lot and I can't wait to leave this place and begin training" – Said Naruto, taking his three books and laying them on top of his bed. The group, though, wondered about Naruto's training, since all of them concurred with him about Kakashi. Little did the group know, that said person heard it all and sighed before turning to Jiraya.

"Quite humble of him, wouldn't you say Kakashi? Quit worrying about it, when I'm through with him, he'll be ten times stronger, trust me on this" – Said Jiraya to which Kakashi nodded and left. After seeing Kakashi leaving, Jiraya turned to look at Naruto and wondered about a few things. I'm glad Naruto isn't fixed on rescuing the Uchiha boy. This way, his growth won't be hindered by simply overcoming the Uchiha. I guess my sensei days are up once again.

Back to Naruto's room, silence ruled the place. Sakura managed to ask Naruto of his intentions towards Uchiha Sasuke and he eyed Sakura with what seemed to be a sarcastic smile. Naruto thought quite a lot, but he acknowledged the fact that he didn't think of Sasuke at all, other than the fact that the Uchiha tried to kill him. Oh, he didn't need to think about it, since the answer was already clear in his mind, however because of the secrecy towards the mission, he had to hide some aspects of what happened and focus more on Sasuke's reasons.

"Sakura, in my opinion, you can't bring back someone who doesn't want to return. Sasuke left because he thought it would be better for him, than staying in the village. Any missions towards rescuing him would turn to failure simply because he doesn't want to return, nor do I wish to go after him. Some aspects of the mission led me to believe that Sasuke was a loose cannon just waiting for a little push. So, I don't intend to go after him anytime soon, unless the Hokage orders me to do so" – Explained Naruto before seeing Sakura lowering her head to looking towards the ground and left the room. She didn't expect Naruto's explanation to be so unnervingly accurate and she found no counter-argument for him.

The rest of the group wished him a good recovery and all of them left. After that, Naruto picked up his last book about ninjutsu and turned to read it. Inside, Naruto saw the three academy jutsus and even some advanced ones to use like Shuriken Kage Bunshin no Jutsu (Shuriken Shadow Clone Jutsu) and Bunshin Daibakuha (Clone Explosion Jutsu). Also, he saw a technique called Gyorai Shin no Jutsu (Torpedo Needle Jutsu) and read about the technique. So far, all of these techniques were relatively easy to do, since the first two required a technique similar to the kage bunshin and the last one Naruto just had to mold chakra correctly through a correct set of hand seals. However, the next ones were purely elemental jutsus and Naruto wouldn't be able to do since he didn't know how.

Seeing the rest of the book was divided into elements, Naruto sighed and closed his book. He was going to leave it at the table in front of him when two papers fell on his lap. Lifting an eyebrow, Naruto picked them and saw that someone sent him a message.


I see you noticed that apart from some jutsus, this book contains mostly elemental jutsus. So, the next paper is a special one. This paper is what we use to determine a ninja's element. Every shinobi has a link towards a certain element which means that he or she will be able to perform jutsus towards that element easier than others. As you know or don't know, there are five elements: Fire, Lightning, Wind, Earth and Water. Therefore, by channeling chakra to this paper, you'll be able to find which element you are best suited with. After channeling chakra to the paper, the paper will either get soaked (water), burn (fire), turns to dust (earth), crumble (lightning) or split in half (wind).


After reading it, Naruto turned to look at the paper and studied for a second. After a moment, he shrugged it off and did just like Kakashi's explanation said. He channeled chakra for a while, before he saw the paper splitting in half, indicating that he contained a wind affinity. "Wind, huh? It's very rare to have such an affinity Naruto" – Said Kakashi, earning the blond's attention only to see that not only Kakashi was there as well, but also Jiraya.

"What do you mean by saying 'rare', Kakashi-sensei?" – Asked Naruto to which Jiraya chose to fill in for him. "Since we're in Fire Country that means the majority of our shinobis possess a fire affinity, which is quite opposite to wind. Other affinities, although less common than fire, are also in abundance in Konoha like earth and water, with lightning being second last and wind being last" – Said Jiraya to which Kakashi nodded as well as Naruto.

"So that means any knowledge towards wind is limited in Konoha" – Said Naruto, gaining nods from Kakashi and Jiraya. Truth be told, he didn't need much to work with anyway. His book explained about fuuton chakra control exercises, so the techniques he could learn from someone with knowledge in the area. Lifting his head once again to face his senseis, he wondered why Jiraya was there and not focusing on his research as he often did. Upon voicing it, Jiraya snorted at the blond for his comment, but explained about the training trip.

Needless to say Naruto was surprised upon seeing that he would leave the village for that long, but he wondered why he needed to get out of the village to which Jiraya explained that aside from training, Jiraya would be protecting him from the Akatsuki, thus satisfying the blond's curiosity. Truth be told, Naruto wanted nothing more than train to correct his flaws and training under Jiraya would enable him time to correct them and also learn a lot.

Jiraya explained that they would leave as soon as he was cleared from the hospital to which Naruto acknowledged it and appreciated the opportunity to train. After the jounin and sannin left the room, Naruto picked up his book and turned to look at the fuuton section and how to manifest fuuton chakra.